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RELEASED Automatic Doors 3.9

Makes all doors open and close automatically!

  1. SweFox

    SweFox Guest

    Wire all doors you dont want to open automaticly!
  2. sosmic

    sosmic Pangalactic Porcupine

    i did and about the jump bug it's fixed thx a lot !!
    you are the boss !!
  3. Dark0flare

    Dark0flare Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Ok,it works great with doors,but hatches......that's another story.They open when coming from the top,but not with the bottom.....Plz fix.My base depends on this...
  4. lornlynx

    lornlynx Cosmic Narwhal

    there are hatches in the game?
  5. Dark0flare

    Dark0flare Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I use module in a box,and the bases it prints have hatches.
  6. lornlynx

    lornlynx Cosmic Narwhal

    give me the link, then I might be able to make it compatible
  7. sosmic

    sosmic Pangalactic Porcupine

  8. lornlynx

    lornlynx Cosmic Narwhal

  9. CommanderWasp1x

    CommanderWasp1x Big Damn Hero


    Although I've not yet tried this mod cause I'm currently at work, the mod sounds great and I have transferred it to my Dropbox ready for my Pc to sync with it.

    While I've been working I had the thought that if your mod made it into the full game some people might not want Auto Doors all the time, so in this case, Would you be able to add an Auto Door On/Off Keybind in a future update? It could be bound to "numpad *" for example. Then during the game players could decide whether they want Auto or Manual doors at anytime during play.

  10. lornlynx

    lornlynx Cosmic Narwhal

    That would certainly be the best way to implement, better yet a box to tick in the options whether you want them to behave. If they add keybinding support to the API one day I could certainly add such a thing (they keybinding now, not the tick box, that would require even more freedom).
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  11. CommanderWasp1x

    CommanderWasp1x Big Damn Hero

    A Check box would be cool and as you said when they add Keybinding API's then adding it then will be cool :-D

    Thank you for replying :-D
  12. lornlynx

    lornlynx Cosmic Narwhal

  13. lornlynx

    lornlynx Cosmic Narwhal

    lornlynx updated Automatic Doors with a new update entry:

    quality of life changes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. Tassii

    Tassii Cosmic Narwhal

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2014
  15. Kiyotaka

    Kiyotaka Void-Bound Voyager

    Doesn't seem to function with, at least, the door you receive by default on your ship. Don't know about others(yet).

    I tried unpacking the modpak, but the result was an empty folder. Not sure what's up with that.

    EDIT: Situation resolved, it appears my client didn't update from 639. It updated to 643 recently, and it works like a charm.... Except for doors already open, of course.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2014
  16. KamikazeDuck

    KamikazeDuck Void-Bound Voyager

    Is this mod compatible with mods that add new doors? I'm using MadTulips spaceship mod, and the doors added by the mod do not open automatically. Small nuisance, but I was just curious if it is supposed to be compatible with modded doors or not. Love the mod btw =D
  17. lornlynx

    lornlynx Cosmic Narwhal

    madtulips doormod doesn't work on purpose, I had to make it not work because the horizonal doors of the mod would make no sense if they opened when you walk over them, I can't remember everything but I think I was not able to determine if his doors are now vertical or horizontal, so I made the mod just not work at all with them

    though I also added support for the better doors mod, which features properly done horizontal doors, which don't open when you walk above them but open automatically when are under them

    and thanks for the feedback :)
  18. Azraile

    Azraile Ketchup Robot

    when NPCs open dorrs they stay open
  19. lornlynx

    lornlynx Cosmic Narwhal

    yes, that's intended
  20. Azraile

    Azraile Ketchup Robot

    yes but they stop opening and closing on there own after that untill you fiddle with them a bit... they are glitched up a little bit after that, if you close the door after them it will open on it's own and stay open some times or not close at all or close and not open for you atomaticaly... you have to open and close it a few times to reset it...[DOUBLEPOST=1410804017][/DOUBLEPOST]and thats EVERY time an NPC walks close to a door, they don't even have to intend to go through it they just walk close to it and it dose it

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