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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by OllyOllyBennett, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. blackjack01

    blackjack01 Space Hobo


    I'm a video game developer and I am actually interested to trying to develop 2D games with Unreal Engine 4.

    I have seen your video "Develop Brighton 2016 - Using AAA 3D Engine Technology to Enhance 2D Pixel Style" here and I'm am asking myself a question, may be you can respond to me...

    In the video you say you have edit Unreal Engine source code because Paper 2D wasn't too polished by the Epic Games team, can you tell me what you have really edit and for what features ?

    Sorry if my english is bad, this isn't my natural language & thanks in advance if you response me :D !
    • OllyOllyBennett

      OllyOllyBennett Cardboard Sword Developer

      Mostly just quality of life fixes for the editor and extra tools for speeding up making levels with the tile map editor; like multi layer copying and correct copying between windows. Also additional tools for handling occlusions for our fog-of-war system.

      There are a couple of ways to do this: you can modify the source version of the engine directly (including plugins like Paper2D) or you can make another plugin that sits atop the existing built plugin/engine as described here:
      • blackjack01

        blackjack01 Space Hobo

        Much thanks for your response.

        Do you consider the modifications you've made have been hard to do ?
        I'm pretty afraid about have to edit code of engine, in my mind it's a too big software and very complicated to modify...
        • OllyOllyBennett

          OllyOllyBennett Cardboard Sword Developer

          Here's a reply to you from our lead coder, Rex:
          I hope that helps!
          • SilverCatChuckles?

            SilverCatChuckles? Void-Bound Voyager

            What does Seal Broken mean?
            My current title i mean.
            • OllyOllyBennett

              OllyOllyBennett Cardboard Sword Developer

              Hi. It's just one of the global Chucklefish forum titles, so is not unique to The Siege and the Sandfox forum. I'm going to guess it's for getting past a certain number of posts.
              • blackjack01

                blackjack01 Space Hobo

                Thanks you very much :catnod: !
                • FrandyJimenez

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                  Hi I'm working on my first game in UE4 is a 2d game I'm strugglin with pixel point positions/sub-pixel offsets glitches it creates some flikering lines . want to know how your team do it, unreal have one tool "Condition tile sheet" but its buguet and it glitch all the tilemaps I follow your videos its seems you use other way
                  • LambTaktak

                    LambTaktak Cardboard Sword Developer

                    If its the same flickering/fracturing problem, we had a similar problem in the early days with our tilemaps. You need to give each of your tiles within your tilesets a bit of UV padding, Paper2D has the functionality to take the UV padding into account in your tilesets by default, I don't know how well it handles the actual pixel padding automatically, so I drew the padding in our tileset source art myself. We have a couple 2k textures for our front and rear tilesets and as we are 'nearest neighbour' pixel perfect I gave each tile a 2 pixel pad on all sides, if you are doing non pixel art you might need to give yourself a bit more space between each tile. I dont know why the UE4 examples and documentation doesnt really mention this at all, its kind of important in tile map asset creation.

                    Hope this helps, if something doesnt make sense or you aren't sure just ask.
                    • agent_sckit

                      agent_sckit Space Hobo

                      Hi! I'm currently in development of a 2d game using UE4 too and looking for possible roadblocks in the dev process. I saw your fog of war like culling mechanism so that enemies can not be seen if out of sigh or blocked by terrain in your demo. Can I know how did you approached this method? Is it expensive? Thanks in advanced!

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