Boss Asteroid Spewer Boss Concept art

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    This is the asteroid Spewer. Once hailed as a God by an alien race known as the Krallan a subterrainian race.

    The attack Mechanics

    1.Shoots 3 asteroids from its back at a time which explodes on contact and one asteroid from the three will create a magma on the ground that lasts for 5 seconds before it recedes and disappear.

    2. Creates an area of effect wherein it makes the surroundings hot and deals damage overtime. (Players will need some sort of "heat repelant potion" or something before fighting this monstrosity.

    3. When Down to 20% health the asteroids waves became 6 at a time and three of which are magmga asteroids and increases in damage.

    4. When down to 1% health it will became invulnerable and will fall to the ground. While on the ground it will charge for at least 9 seconds then it will explode releasing a magma mist for 7 seconds which deals damage overtime. (Players will need to dig underground to escape this attack or build a block barrier ,running away and using heat repelant potion will not work because the Aoe is global but it will not pass through blocks and kill biome monsters only players).

    Biome Where it can be found

    Planet: Epsilon Indi (Not a procedurally created planet can be accessed only through a wormhole or portal on some sort of alien ruins dungeon

    Loots you can get
    1.The asteroid Spewer rifle
    2. Krallan magma (Material)
    3. Magma Repulsor Field ( a Tech that creates a field around the player which damages monsters who come in contact with it and pushes them back a little (monsters can only be pushed for a maximum of 4 times before the barrier disappears). larger monsters are damaged but not pushed.)

    The asteroid spewer concept art is made by this guy

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    Interesting, this would be an endgame boss guessing by the difficulty.
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    Holy s*** the concept art looks amazing bdw nice suggestion.
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    Iam happy you guys Liked it
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