Building/Ship "Asteroid Fortress"

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    i just started playing starbound again, and i heard that you could build on asteroid "planets", so i thought, why not, didnt build an asteroid homebase before, at least not in starbound ^^

    this is how far i am right now (not far at all lel)

    any tipps/recomendations so far?


    this is part pretty much finished, its the arrival hub

    i am not sure what i should do with thos room tho
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  2. M_Sipher

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    I'm guessing you're gonna be putting rails/lifts in the vertical shafts?

    One thing I would suggest for the more metal-wall built-up areas, like the last pic, is an an airlock and ventilation, power generators, etc. You can do a LOT with background pipes for that effect, running through the walls, with the various vents and fans the game offers. You don't need to go crazy with them, but enough to give the impression that people are supposed to be able to live there without special protective gear makes the place look more alive.

    Also, the 1-block Avian datascreens are great for random blinky-light tech greeblies.
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  3. Maethendias

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    the one thing i want to accomplish is a cold look, uninviting but habitable.

    guests are "allowed" not welcomed :rofl:
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    An unforgiving industrial look is very accomplishable with the right use of materials and decor items...


    Experiment with some unconventional blocks and the paint tool. Window Lattice painted white/black ends up looking like a very nice metal crosshatch, like the kinda flooring you get in naval ships. Actually, a LOT of blocks painted white/black end up looking like metal greeblies to really "tech out" a build. Even things like Glitch plates and certain storage devices will add to the look. (I won't post more image examples here, but you can check out my old Satellite of Love build for more examples. that's way more piecemeal and cobbled than you're looking for I'd wager, but you can see what I'm on about.)
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