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    Fair enough. It's a good read. Btw, lemme know if you ever get discord working. We've a server for us fictional creative types.

    Also, I meant the one I posted. :p
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    I'll need a new computer before long, that'll get discord working.
    Ah, of course. As I said, I'm not a linguist, so I'm not sure what input I could give. If we were talking about science or technology though, I could go for miles.
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    So the Avikan grand Nomada, but avali?
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    I guess? I can't call that an inspiration, it just seemed appropriate for a nomad race or clan to wander from planet to planet via ships.
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    Because this thread is dedicated to sharing ideas and everything related to fiction, I dare to post here an idea about my ongoing project.
    I'm not going to absolute details like backgrounds for each character nor their relationship, detailed description of events and such things.
    * Protagonist is a normal 20 years old man. He and his friend lives in one small town in America and visiting a high school.
    One cold evening, when he sits in his room, he decide to do some chemical experiments but he has a lack of wax, so he leave his house and he set out to the cemetery, As soon as he came, he saw a weak purple-pink light, emiting from nearby bush. After he came closer, he saw a crystals, just laying there without anybody's notice. So he just grab all of them, and go home. When he arrives to his house, he decide to inspect them. But accidentaly, he scratch himself by one piece. After that, he knows he is... different.
    * Later, he is contacted by woman with wings. Together they travel to underground city on other planet, where he encounter strange, alien lifeforms, living in happy society, and where he should learn, how to use a magic. After while, the city is attacked by dead dragonling. The protagonist reveal his magical power inside him, and accidentaly kill the dragonling.
    * On this planet, he meet another young woman, who accidentaly traped herself on planet, without clue, how to get back.
    One day later, he and his new friend, travel to school in another city, where should began his learning. But everything went horribly wrong... Necromancers, their experiments, invasion of ancient race...
    * After destruction of this school, and after fall to the cave complex, he and his friend find a spaceship. When he start the engines, he begins to drill through rocks and -on the end- they escape from planet, alongside with woman with wings, which was hiding in the hangar. Accidentally, they return to the Earth without anybody's notice.
    * The next night, they was attacked by the Necromancers. During this attack, his human friend suffer heavy injury. He stole a car, load up his friend and rush to the hospital.
    * Later, when he show his new skills and abilites to his friend, he find out, that his injured friend escaped from the hospital to say Goodbye to protagonist... But unexpectedly, when she died on the floor on the spaceship, she becomes a inteligence of his spaceship.
    * Several days later, he and his 8 friends -two of them aren't from Earth and one is inside the spaceship as a living intelligence- decide to travel to a distant planet to buy some information. But unfortunately, they lost themselfs in the uknown space, amongst strange lifeforms,, space monsters, pirates, hostile races. mysterious magic and technology... without prabability to return...
    Keep in mind, that this is only VERY rough storyline. Actual story is much more deeper, with more complexity, and events.

    And now to the concept itself...
    It's genre can be classified as Action/Fantasy/Sci-fi/Comedy/Drama, with small amount of lovestory.
    The narration is from 1st person in a style of diary, so he doesn't know, what happening elsewhere, or what kind of thoughts has his friend. He comments on things,, that he saw or events, that he witnessed personally. It contains records of protagonist, and then actual thoughts.
    Small example:
    This is records, which protagonist write to his diary in mind: his opinions on previous events, thoughts about their future, ideas, concerns about this and that, et cetera...
    And this is his thouhts, that he creates during his 'living' : ramblings, current actions and their progress, opinions on propositions from others, swaring, et cetera...
    Characters are separated by different colours. There are many characters, so I decided to make this for better understandings, which character says what.
    Each character has his/her opinions on other characters, They have conflicts, concerns about his/her actions, or fear from certain things and they relationships shape next 'development' of story.

    I have this concept for a long time. I'm writing it privately in my native tongue and also creating some images for it (which is much worse, by the way), but I feel like: Maybe some people on this forum may like this or like the idea. I don't think I can re-write my entire progress in english, because... some words or sentences cannot be said like I want, or they mean something, even sligthly, different.

    But... if there is someone interested, I can provide more informations and details about my work, a maybe -if requested- make some short stories from this world.
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