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Bug/Issue "assetDirectories" how get it recursive?

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Nikoh, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. Nikoh

    Nikoh Space Hobo

    Hello there, i am always setting up my SB server on cloud and now i have this strange (and stupid) problem....
    I installed Starbound through steamCMD then mods are placed on ../steamapps/workshop/content/211820/ but sb server look for these on ../mods/ so i tried with syslinks but is a manual way (adding and removing), i would want make environment that server mods are auto synced with subscribed but i can't succeed to get mods path recursive.
    I already added ../steamapps/workshop/content/211820/ in sbinit.config but nothing changed.
    I tried with some wildcard symbol like */ **/ **/* but nothing when server start it give me:
    Detected unnamed asset source at '../steamapps/workshop/content/211820/1088459034' (this for each mod folder)
    As you can see server don't look into mods sub folders like, in this case, 1088459034 where .pak file is....

    There is a syntax way to obtain that or is blocked anyway from sb code?
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  2. Nikoh

    Nikoh Space Hobo

    Investigating more and looking into client log i see:
    Root: Scanning for asset sources in directory '../mods/' (ok there is also in the server log)
    and below i see:
    Loading mods from user generated content with id '821455287' from directory '/home/nikoh/.steam/debian-installation/steamapps/workshop/content/211820/821455287'
    So, this second log line is not on the server log, there is only the first; where this path is defined? And why this path is recursive so client enters on the final directory to read .pak file and on first case doesn't the server do it with the mod directory?
    I looked on starbound.config, sbinit.config, run-server.sh, run-client.sh but nothing....
    a little help from devs would be appreciated :catcry:
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