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Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Tiy, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. Tiy

    Tiy Lead Developer Chucklefish

    Hi guys.

    I wanted to set up a thread for forum Q&A.

    This is how the thread will work. It will be locked and stickied the majority of the time. When I have some spare time I'll unlock it, wait for a few questions to appear and lock it again. Then I'll spend some time answering those questions by amending the end of the post.

    **Please note**

    - I'll try to answer everything reasonable. I'll probably just delete anything unreasonable to keep the thread from becoming cluttered.
    - I'll delete questions that I feel ask for a spoiler.
    - Responses that aren't questions will be deleted.
    - Please only ask one question per post.
    - I'll delete questions that have already been asked previously in the thread.
    - Answers to questions are not set in stone, things change.
    - You can use the 'watch thread' feature to see when the thread opens again.

    With that said, lets give this a first go!
  2. ihartsnape

    ihartsnape Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    You posted a way cool picture of a space station awhile ago. Is there any chance we will see these implemented in-game, even if it's post launch?

    [​IMG] It's currently a weekend project. That means we sometimes work on it in our free time and it could well end up in the game.
  3. Faughn

    Faughn Title Not Found

  4. Zain Hallows

    Zain Hallows Existential Complex

    well I will ask the most provocative question....why all the fluff? I know you guys are trying to make your game perfect, which I love....but why the extra instead of the actual ground work? I think if this was done, we would already have a beta...

    love zain :3

    [​IMG]The ground work stuff is always being worked on. There's usually at least two programmers adding essential features at any one time. Given that they're major features however, we tend not to post about them daily. "We did a little bit more work on..." doesn't make for an interesting daily post.

    We of course do also add things that aren't absolutely essential for the game to function. But calling them fluff understates their importance. A game with only the bare minimum of features is a game without a soul. The impression you get when you play the game for the first time can be driven just as much by small, unessential features as big, required groundwork.

    Who decides what is and isn't required anyway?

    We have an experience we want to deliver. The features we choose to add ARE essential to creating that experience. It's a question of tone, charm, atmosphere. These are the things that take a game to the next level.
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  5. Tiktalik

    Tiktalik Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Are you working on server stuff? It seems to be rather low on the roadmap.

    [​IMG]We are working on server stuff. Most of the time it's ensuring the server runs hiccup free and improving it's performance. Extra server features like admin commands, etc will come at the end. Those are easy to implement.
  6. J-block

    J-block Pay it Forward

    Less about the game, and more of a personal question,
    How do you feel about the community you have amassed and the way they react to the information you put out? ~

    [​IMG] I absolutely love this community. I think for the most part everyone is very supportive and enjoy the information we put out. I know some people are finding the wait hard, but I know they're excited about the game too.
  7. reversePsychologist

    reversePsychologist Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I've been meaning to ask: are the example weapons and hats we see represented in the pre-order page going to be in the game?

    [​IMG]They were made just as examples but I have been meaning to put them in.
  8. Nerva

    Nerva Parsec Taste Tester

    Will the Novakids be ready come beta? Or should I be looking at an alternative to play on until the Live release is ready?

    [​IMG]The Novakids are going to be a release feature rather than a beta feature. I don't think we have time to get them into beta I'm afraid.
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  9. Bosses.
    Without spoiling anything, can you tell us how we'll encounter them?
    Dungeons? Items? Random events?

    [​IMG]All of the above. You'll encounter them in a bunch of different ways. We're looking into special boss room dungeons too.
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  10. The Demon of Borders

    The Demon of Borders King Homestuck 4.13

    Any support for Oriental pirate Hylotls on the devs end?

    [​IMG]No pirate Hylotl, it doesn't really fit their lore. There are air-pirate style Avians though.
  11. Kish

    Kish Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Can we expect information on the upcoming beta release a few weeks in advance from it being released to those who pre-ordered?

    [​IMG]We'll let you know as soon as we know. You'll definitely get a heads up.
  12. Arrem

    Arrem Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I originally preordered for the early access it brought, and am perfectly fine with the game taking until December 31st 2013 (or longer if needed) for release. please take as long as you need. However as the year goes by I find that the window of time I have with the early access I originally preordered for shrinking as time goes by diminishing the value of my purchase.

    My question is, How long will beta access be for?

    Thank you for the answer!

    [​IMG]It's hard for me to say exactly how long the period will be between beta and release. There's a fair bit of additional content going in for release so it should give you some beta time.
  13. Middleman93

    Middleman93 Star Wrangler

    A lot of people are worried about how the race-specific item descriptions will affect roleplaying, since their character will actually be saying it. Will there be an option to disable this feature for those people?

    [​IMG]If you don't want your player to say anything you simply don't inspect an item. The old tool tip descriptions are still there. You mouse over an item in your inventory to see them. You won't be forced to talk at any point.
  14. Combine_Kegan

    Combine_Kegan Phantasmal Quasar

    Hello Tiy, I've got a weapon related question: Will we see throwing weapons? Such as javelins, knives, boomerangs and such?

    If not I'd be okay with an absurd gun that shoots knives, as well as one that fires boomeranging bullets.

    [​IMG]You might see some of these.
  15. MunsterVan

    MunsterVan Orbital Explorer

    How BIG will bosses be?

    [​IMG]That is a spoiler if ever I heard one :p
  16. mooncats5

    mooncats5 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Will there be a goggle headgear?

    [​IMG]There aren't any right now. It wouldn't surprise me if someone adds them before beta though. We have a bunch of wonderful contributors (some of which prefer to remain nameless). Who enjoy spending time adding fun and interesting items to the game.
  17. Marche100

    Marche100 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    On any given planet, will the amount of unique creatures cap out at a certain point? I'd like there to be a bit of realism about it and have the planet populated by several varieties of creatures, of which there are many. I guess what I'm asking is, every time you kill a creature and a new creature spawns, will it be completely different from the others you've seen? Or will the newly spawned creature be of a species of which there is already a population of on the planet. (In my opinion, the latter is superior)

    [​IMG]There are unlimited creatures on every planet. However there are only a small number of types per planet. For a medium sized planet, there are currently two different types of creature above ground. A couple of additional ones at night. One or two types of fish and then a selection of walking/flying/swimming npcs per layer. So your latter choice is the way it works.
  18. dhxmg

    dhxmg Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Are there rapiers in game?

    [​IMG]The random weapon gen can make them.
  19. Arubin

    Arubin Void-Bound Voyager

    How much attention do you pay to the Community Suggestions, and how likely are to you implement some of our ideas?

    [​IMG]A lot of attention. We'll begin looking at implementing these kind of ideas post release.
  20. matt3214

    matt3214 Orbital Explorer

    Tiy, a bit of a programmy question: what render strategy are you using? SDL, SFML, Allegro?

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