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    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank


    Just east of the greenhouse (the entry is literally like two blocks left of this capture's border), got my water garden going.
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    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank


    Man I kinda wish there were invisible rails but that would look silly. A super-foreground layer that hid stuff on he player layer would be neat tho... Ah well. I think this is an adequate way to make an elevator look okay in the limited space provided.

    (Not much done this weekend, got the new-new compy built between helping a friend with his place, most of what I did was mech fiddling.)
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    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    I've never been super-happy with how the Ramshackle looked inside. But the new panel blocks REALLY inspired me. Got the cargo bay looking nice, with the wall lockers for actual storage (for stuff to later be taken to the planetside storage) and the back room for... well, mostly to look nice.
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    ramshackle v3-1.png
    Progress! Just got those last three "normal" rooms to de-normal. The very top one will certainly be a crew quarters. Middle, likely the workshop. The bit where the Picel Printer and Pet Station are right now? Not totes sure.

    And yes, there is a sorting mechanism to the storage devices in the cargo bays. Care to guess?
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    ramshackle backend.png
    I wish there was a larger light-colored door for the door between the workshop and engine room...
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    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank


    Some light reworking of the structures, plus a repainting of all the tree bark/inner wood. I was increasingly less fond of the rock filler, as that was feeling like a very heavy thing to prop onto a tree. So I went with a raftered roof thing... and thought it needed a bit extra.

    Also, June doesn't know what "tacky" means outside of "many ssmall pokey bitsss".
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    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    Someone wanted a Hylotl neighbor. I thought it might be a good idea to use some of the abandoned buildings on my homeworld for that. I had one of those stone-and-leaf towers next to a bridge-thing and thought "yeah, nice."

    Also I've started livestreaming on twitch, "msipher", so iunno. I've been considering livesteaming/recording a store-by-sight tutorial and build ideas and etc.
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    Okay so tonight at like... 7ish EST I think I'm'a livestream another conversion project. Probably taking the prison's "office" building and converting it to a garage & landing pad. It's something I had in mind already but another Tenant wanted a Tungsten-based Tenant (?) and this felt right.

    Shortish 2-hourish stream.
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    That's a very interesting adaptation to that abandoned structure. Well-done.
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    garage 03.png

    The garage is looking better. Doing minimal inner-wall reworking since it doesn't really need it. Gonna get oil and grease everywhere anyway.

    Expanded the rooftop area to accommodate a starter-class ship because why not. Also a rooftop tool room.

    Below is repair areas. I kinda wish there were large rail platforms. I MIGHT look into wiring up like three so they move at the same time, creating the elevator to the upper area repair bay. I'm debating admin-ing in the mech stations to the areas east of it, moving the lockers and whatnot around. I'm loathe to use anything not available in normal "vanilla", buuuuuut...

    It's not done yet, but close. I'm pretty happy with the results.
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    man that really look awesome!

    but what i'm wondering, is that a metal lily pad???
    where did you find that?
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    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

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    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank


    Parked just west of the garage is a Novakid Steamwagon. That's Saddle in the saddle. She travels across the planet bringing supplies to the outlying huts and camps.
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    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    Oh yeah, "final" garage...

    garage 04.png

    The lift does work to raise a mech up to the claw area, but the floor collision detection is a shade wonky so the mech won't always lower when the lift does.
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    apts 8-20-17.png

    I was getting annoyed with how uniform this build was. The idea is an old USCM prison that’s been “abandoned” (cough cough) and taken over by a motley assortment of refugees, rebels and gray-market types. But when I was building it, all the rooms had the same layouts, just different pieces of furniture. I can do better.

    So doing some reworking, and got a start. I got some inspiration from the Lego Ninjago City set, and looking at pics of various “stacked cities” like it, so I started punching holes in the outer walls and adding porches and whatnot.

    A few interiors I will probably drastically rework, like the Floran guard room. The Steamspring room will probably get less homey and more workshoppey. The bottom-right Avian room, probably make it look more like a shop. Being careful though since some of the Tenants I got I actually wanna keep cuz I like their looks.

    The stairwells, well, the stairs stay. The decor? Gonna work on that.
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    wow, looks really nice. i can tell you put so much love into this xD
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    maggot garden.png

    It struck me that Hive is a Biome found only on cold planets. And in my head, the Maggots are an alien race, not costumed dudes. So therefore a Maggot Tenant should ideally be in a cold area, right?

    So... Maggot cave! Jesper is nice and cool underground, and he tends the really cold crops of the greenhouse so those more disposed to warmer climes don't have to. He likes it. Gives him plenty of time to think deep thoughts as his kind are wont to do. Give him a few bugs to contemplate and snack on and he's happy as an arthropod can be.

    Not sure who's gonna take his spot in the apartment tower.
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    You can find them in just about any Hylotl underwater city.
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