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    It's on pause. I'm having some vicious computer issues (the machine is really starting to show its age) and will actually be replacing my machine with a brand-spanking new rig in the coming month, so no Starbounding for me til then.
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    Enjoy the anticipation :)
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    That bites that your old PC is dying, but I can't wait to see the updated world. I think I found a nice place where you can start, that has a prison and a glitch castle... but I'm using a mod called frackin' universe and it might not work for you.
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    Desperately searching icy planets with the Outpost-style buildings in search of the Chic Cooking Table, since apparently you can't scan-and-print the one from the Outpost proper. Dammit. I do wish the old wooden one was an option, the default is neat-looking but really better suited for outdoors.

    Also an oddity I found when building... one I can get around but still. Sometimes placed background blocks resist paint. It's weird. If I place a foreground block in that spot then paint THAT, both layers will take the paint.
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    Playing with some options. I'm liking the middle one, both the under-stair and the handrail posts.
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    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

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    Oh my god I would never have thought of that! Im so stealing this :D
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    I might swap the materials storage and the smelting room. I think that would make more sense.

    May replace the lights with Geode lights once I get those.
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    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    Swap made. It does make more sense.

    Though this does mean the chimney stack from the stone smelter now doesn't line up with the living room fireplace's chimney above... but that just means I make two chimneys at surface level.

    Fascinating, I'm sure.
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    grand trunk wip.png

    Reconsidered how the spiral staircase works. And she's gonna have a lot more random art & stuff around in the main room.
  13. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    Getting around to the storage rooms underground, and I'm finding myself re-evaluating the block storage. Surprisingly, it's gotten smaller. No pics of this at the mo as I work stuff out.

    That you can craft just about any block in the game with a pretty minimal cost of "natural" blocks, plus the natural blocks reverting to one color that you then paint rather than collecting tons of different-colored same-type blocks, really kinda cuts my need to store lots of any particular block. (I kinda thought I'd not like that latter bit, but no... honestly, I'm good with how colored blocks work, especially with normal dirt naturally changing color when placed next to native dirt. Mind, I still wish we had more than one Cobblestone option.) Those 32-slot Cool Cabinets, previously I'd store only 8 slots each for 4 different block types per, but now I'm flipping it: 4 slots each for 8 block types. It's all I really need, thus, less cabinets.

    Re-considering my attached decor storage too. Biome-decor I'll probably keep stuck together, but likely not in a "separate" room like before. And in general, I'm trying to keep the look of the underground part consistent with aboveground, so there's no big metal rooms here. I'm sticking with stone and dirt and wood as the primary materials, with metal only being used as a skeletal accenting, and any higher tech is gonna look more cobbled-together.

    Weapon storage will certainly not be as extensive as before, and I'll probably not bother with the poison trap. That was fun but ehhhhhn, I'm kinda RPing this one a bit more than I was last few iterations, so super-high-tech crap in the tree doesn't feel right. The complex area, where other characters would live, sure. Probably will keep just a small handful of any type of weapon just for the look of the thing. Same with the Danger Museum. There's an Apex tower on this world, not terribly far from my tree home, and I'm thinking of keeping it, gutting it, and turning that into the new Museum. Or I might put it underground under the former prison and go ahead and scrap the tower. I dunno. The changes in what deadly dungeons exist will certainly play into the thing. It may end up being less specific-dungeon-themey and more general-treasure. (Oh yeah lava core storage room area is also super-unlikely.)

    I can, though, share a screenshot posted to Tumblr concerning the living area...


    More kitschy kludged-together decor. Being more magpie-tacky here. Expect more posters and hanging crap soon.
  14. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    A little something old, a little something new...

    (Annoyed that the clean Outpost tank is not available in vanilla. I'm avoiding anything you can't get through normal play.)
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    dirt rooms.png

    So I said to myself, "Self, you're building in purple dirt. So why are your dirt blocks not purple?"

    Also I was growing more unpleased with using moderny brick for these lower rooms, and having seen some images of real-life underground-tunnel living spaces, went looking for some nice natural blocks to do in purple to make the rooms look more like they were carved/made from natural elements... but keeping SOME steel and stuff to play up the intertwining of nature and tech your more well-traveled Floran might enjoy.

    I just wish there was a cleaner platform style that wasn't sectioned. The Mossy Platforms in white I'm not quite sold on as blending into the concrete.
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    Asgarden 3.0 moves along slowly as I sideline myself with, oh moving literally all the way across the country, but the greenhouse is close to done. Not there yet, but closer.

    Once again reworked from the "front" building of a USCM penal colony, this time around I've tried to blend form and function better than the last two builds. Having pipes running everywhere started making less sense to me, so they no longer traverse floors and walls and only go as far as the sprinklers (which are wired to the valves on each floor). I wanted light shining through everywhere, as a greenhouse should have, so I stripped the place to its metal skeleton, and made sure glass blocks made up as much of the foreground blocking as possible. I'm still working on the central rooms, but I'm happy with the Terramart launcher silo.

    The lower level, where the "visiting center" was, is now for the cold-grow stuff, with Boltbulbs in their own unlit section.

    I've not yet got the place for the water-growing stuff. I do have the start of a small pond to the east for growing Kelp, but I'm debating adding another underground room (east) with a small pool for Coralcreep and Reefpod. I kinda feel the latter will be more convenient.

    Speaking of east, that's where livestock and some of the food-bearing trees will go. I put a decent amount of space between the main treehouse and this block of buildings just in case. Not a long haul, but certainly enough to leave room for some extra builds.
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    Restartin' the apartments. Taking advantage of the ability to get non-PC-race tenants.
  18. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank


    Got a little tired of keeping Fluffalo on the ship, so used some of the space between the treehouse and the compound to make a ranch for more livestock. There is a very good boy watching them. He's a good boy yes he is yes he is.

    The overhang to the west was already mostly there, I just built it up a little width-wise to make a chicken coop. The tower is also a pre-existing structure, and the lady there (who I figure is the main caretaker of the livestock) came from a quest from a former bounty hiding there who gave up. (That lady is a bit to the east, I blocked her in so she'd be safe til I could figure out what to do with her, build-wise. She gave up violence altogether, apparently.)
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    Holy hell, those barns are Wonderful!
  20. M_Sipher

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    Some updates to the library and hospital. Eagerly awaiting the new lifts. Still puzzling what to do with the ground floor, especially under the library. Maybe a mini art museum. And man, I gotta finish that break room and the upper patio area.

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