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    This is actually out of date, since it's missing a building and many built trees... just posted here as a quick thing...

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    More storage! DEEP storage!


    An advanced version of the prior build's Deep Storage room at core level, now accessible via teleporter. (Teleporter destinations locked with number codes would be a nice touch. Not that I multiplayer with this, but the added "realism" would be fun.) I've hidden the wiring nodes in the lava, since I hate having them visible and the lava light seeps through the rock too much. Throw the switch by the door and...


    Floodgates close and warning lights pop on, as the lava drains from the hall. Once the lava's down to safe levels...


    The final hall to Deep Storage opens and the lights come on. Here's where June puts all the Drysap, toxic/sewage stuff (that she doesn't use for her own purposes) and That's No Moon plans she picks up... stuff she's not wild about having loose in the universe. We all gotta do our part, yannow.

    (I miss the Agaran pods from EK that went into Deep Storage, but apparently those aren't in the latest iteration. Which is a shame. I liked the menace. I'd like them back and being awful.)

    And yes, the main storage room is set to flood with lava as a last-ditch. I haven't done the wiring yet, as I'm waiting for a countdown timer so I can have an emergency button in the storage room open the outer hatch, give a slight delay so one can run from the room, then open the second hatch as the exit hall closes off... followed shortly by flooding the exit hall too. (Also a panic button in the control room that will do basically the same thing, but maybe without the delay.

    Yeah, I plan complicated, and the wiring on this is already... extensive.

    The one flaw is that core lava apparently flows a loooooooooooooooooot slower than pooled lava. I wonder if that's intentional or a processing issue.
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    You sir/ma'am, have blown my mind. This whole thread is full of awesome!
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    Ever since the new Stable, I've made a ton of small changes all over the place to the main treehouse. The extra giant trees predate the update, I just hadn't gotten to mapping them.


    The Slumberdome has new interior lining, because FLOWERS. Sadly many of the giant flowers ended up "corrupted" with the update, so I'm in the process of replacing them with some really nice ones. I'll also be using flowery grass seeds in the gaps to really flower the hell out of this room.


    Many of the rooms now have those same flowery blocks lining the ceiling instead of the original leafy blocks. I've also laid sod down in quite a few areas because man that looks nice. Sod "welcome mats" because why not.


    With so many new materials, I needed to expand, which led me to re-thinking the walls. I know it's silly, but it kinda drives me a lil nuts to have a foreground wall be a different material than a background wall. I redid the lighting so they look like they're actually mounted on something instead of just hanging there. I also used the grassy rocks blocks as a border for to make things look more natural (even if it's lined with steel). I haven't taken the time to re-work the layout of the materials cabinets yet. Soon tho. Oh, and Frogg Furnishings and other biome found-furniture goes in the soon-to-be expanded biome storage.

    There's tons of little things as I gather more furniture and such, but this is the big stuff. I haven't yet re-painted the former prison buildings, as the update wiped all the pant clean, but soon. And soon some new tenants.
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    Finally getting around to the dungeon museum. Expanded, of course, to accommodate more than one dungeon type per race. I'm working on an expandable layout for when -not if, when- new big dungeons hit.

    This will free up room in the main storage too, as there's soooooo much stuff now...
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    Taking a rest in the newly-constructed Erchius Mine trophy room...

    The gaps are in the hall walls because I don't have enough of the kind of baseboard I wanna use for this. So far I've only found it in a single style of Apex Microdungeon, the mini-lab with an attached mini-apartment and n unfriendly scientist. This is not a common dungeon either.

    Also, I'm annoyed that the Retro Lamps are... off-kilter. Look at the light in the right corner. That should not be like that.
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    Sure, I could be expanding the homestead and trophy museum more, making more room for tenants... but I have a kitchen to redecorate!

    (That kitchen shelf being one pixel off from the Glitch kitchen shelf drives me nuts. Hope they fix that.)
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    Still much to do for my Danger Museum, more blocks to harvest (I REALLY want a lotta that brown baseboard)... but damn am I happy with the way the lighting rigs look. If only the light cones weren't off-kilter.
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    Really nice stuff there :)

    Keep it coming^^
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    Again not been playing as often thanks to other projects, but a few things here and there...


    Slight changes to the spacestop, including a live-in Chef. Learned that the Colony Deed sees platforms as boundaries of a room wile working on this.


    Working on this again. Thinking about backdrops. Need a Novakid statue. Actually, I wouldn't mind a Frogg and Llama statue too. I'm not wild about the Violium lamps, but the Crystal Lamps no longer put out that pretty blue light they did in the EK build and I'm sad about that, but I don't want to use plain white light.


    The Slumberdome is finally flower-filled. This necessitated some changing around of the decor, but that's all good. I got my kitsch on, that's what's important.


    Speaking of foliage, I've replaced the trees from the lava world with these. The bark matches the big made-trees better, I like the colors. Sadly, they only drop a single Sapling each, so I've had to bookmark the world I got them from and nearly deforested it just to ensure I can really give this planet the trees I want.


    The non-teleport entrance to the Danger Museum is hidden in the armory through one of the gun nooks. Opening that nook without opening them all and tripping the Poison trap is a mini-puzzle, and opening the far wall requires hitting a not-immediately-obvious trigger... the MM-lit button is for exiting. The hidden door is on a timer to snap closed again after a couple seconds.


    The lights in the hall /drop to the Danger Museum light up as you approach. Loooooootta wiring in this chunk of the house.


    Human dungeon Museum rooms. Irked that the Human Sandstone Statue is one block taller than the rest as it messes up my lighting layout. Any rate, all the lights in the Danger Museum rooms are wired to the doors (and other in-room controls because why not) so they turn off when closed. I'm still mulling over staircase options. Might see i I can swing the spirals here too. Will probably make an "office" in the gaps between the display rooms, decorate the halls with less race-specific stuff. The screens are full of information on the daring adventures had in each dungeon type! (In my head at least.)

    The creation of the Danger Museum also opens up space in my normal storage room, since I'm keeping all (well, 99%) of the dungeon decor items inside the DM. It's let me make room for the Frogg Furnishing sets, though that whole area will probably get reorganized in not too long. I've also expanded the block storage, but not really feeling like that's interesting enough to show off.

    Next "big" project is working more on the apartments. I've since put Colony Deeds down in some of the finished rooms, but likely to make some more finished rooms for specialty tenants. I want at least one Frogg.

    So, that's where things are. Mostly refining. I do plan on re-building the Satellite of Love at some point, but I think that'll wait until I've done some more tenant-related work. I might also make a few abodes outside the main compound...
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    The Danger Museum, in progress.
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    Enjoying some time in the open-air garden in the living quarters of the compound.
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    upload_2015-11-30_4-29-11.png [DOUBLEPOST=1448876395][/DOUBLEPOST] upload_2015-11-30_4-33-16.png

    Expanded storage!

    More tenant space!

    Hospital wing with patio and emergency power room! Main hospital tower will use lifts once they're in Stable.

    Slightly-reworked space-stop with live-in cook!
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    I can only imagine how much more'd be done if you used Frackin' Universe what with all its stations...
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    I'm keepin' it vanilla. I wanna explore the bounds of what can be made with the game right out of the box, as it were.
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    Working on a room in the Danger Museum now... a matching one on the other side of the Museum will be for Bug Jars.

    Top shelf will change to bottom shelf style, after various feedbacks.
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    Soooooooooo I might have to start over on a new planet, as right now there's something weird going on where heading into certain parts of my homeworld causes me to warp back to my ship, and one of those zones is the "apartments".

    Might. I'm gonna nudge CF once they're back in the office, maybe send them my world file and see what they say. I have tho been dimly tempted to "clone" June anyway so she can take advantage of newer character stuff (I'm not getting any Tenant Quests) and possibly have a go at it on a new planet (so's I can have all the benefits of the newer world-gen like prettier backdrops), and I'll certainly admin like crazy to rebuild the stuff I can't scavenge...

    But we'll see.
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    v3.0 bigger better and... quite cut up lolol

    i hope you can salvage it ;u;
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    So yeah. I'm pretty much waiting for 1.0 now to start over fresh. There's too much changing in 1.0 as far as planet generation going for me to want to keep the old one as my main base, even with a cloned main character.

    The old base will get torn down and its blocks/decor used to rebuild elsewhere, with a slightly-better-thought-out layout.

    And... sorry, but I will be adminning one or two of the "decor" items I got legitimately in older versions that I technically shouldn't have, like the Matter Block generators. I love how they look too much.
    --- Post updated ---

    I'm gonna miss this little bugger when the game updates to 1.0...

    I've torn everything out of the ship and dumped it into storage on my base planet. That way, if there's no universe reboot, I can rebuild the ship using the stuff I got if I so desire.

    Though... I might not. The thrill of re-obtaining everything legit does appeal...
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    I'm wondering how the project is coming. It looked great before the reset.

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