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    Danke! Can't really see it well since I shrunk the image down a lil, but there's also Glitch plates and bowls up top to look like random tech greeblies. The plain goblets are a leeeetle too dark/brownish to use tho.

    It helps that the original models for the ship in all its incarnations are covered in random pieces spraypainted gray, a tried-and-true method in movie-model-making (hey, it's what Star Wars did!).


    I just wish I could rotate some of these items and stick them to vertical surfaces, have pipes facing up from the floor, etc.

    Sadly, can't quite pull off the same tricks on the interior bits to better match the set, but ah well. That'd overcomplicate the backdrop anyway.

    (I really wish Starbound had a "flexible tubing" block. The generic ribbed garden tube. That's all over the SOL...)
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  2. M_Sipher

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    Asgarden is more or less on hold til a total rebuild of the thing in the next stable update of the game.

    I had been lax in updating my backup files, and last night something went wrong and my homeworld was reset to its original state. Attempts to salvage the world from the .fail files have been unsuccessful.

    While I DO have a backup that restores the overwhelming majority of my work, I wasn't as diligent in backing it up as I should have been, and thus it lacks the Satellite of Love and some of the latest changes to the spaceport/comm tower areas. And though I have the posted screenshot maps to work from, I can't say I'm super-keen to spend the time to re-build it with a potential universe-wipe coming in the not-too-distant future. Building it in the first place, sure, but then RE-creating it only to re-RE-create it later? Not so much.

    (Aw hell, that backup lacks all the different race spawners too, would have to do the rigamarole to re-obtain those.)

    Now, I might take the chance to figure out what I want to do with the big prison building that is so far empty, and rework the "dorms" area. We'll see.
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    @M_Sipher Oh man i feel with you.... happened to me too... after that i started making backups after each bigger finished project.

    And i thought the last Wipe was the last... "Wipe" for universe files and characters?!

    Would be sad if you could not even load them...

    And what you should do if you ask me: "Don't rebuild it - improve on the old rightaway^^

    And one more thing... Thanks to you i started repurposing the prison on my planet... it is really big -.- and i canotstopathefrigginhalf xD

    Well i will be finised with it soon and upload some pics!

    Excited to see you future works^^
  4. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    A universe wipe is a likely possibility for the new stable, since one of the big changes is the removal of the "sectors" as a difficulty "gate". If I recall correctly, planets of different difficulty ratings will be scattered throughout a single sector, and the new "gating" mechanism is environmental obstacles that you need gear to overcome (extreme cold, toxic atmosphere, etc).

    Thus, the sector-coordinates system the game uses for file names may be invalid in the new build, so you may not be able to just drop in an old world into the new universe.

    As for going forward with Asgarden...

    The "plan" is to shift to a new project while waiting for the new build: that last prison building, figure out just what I want to do with it; what features to put in and all that, as well as rework the normal "dorm" area some in concert with that. The SOL and spaceport will wait until post-new-stable; if there's a universe-wipe, then I'm starting fresh anyway, and if there isn't, well I can still start over.

    If there IS a wipe, Asgarden will get some big changes from how it looks now, with something approaching better "planning". A more expansive underground that's better suited to expanding rooms if I need to, a more "natural" looking tree-root/hall deal, a bigger tree dwelling, etc.

    (I wonder if there will also be a ship wipe. Like, I can transfer a ton of stuff up to my ship, lots of materials to build, fill the whole damn thing with small lockers to save as much as possible for when the world is redone... hmm.)
  5. M_Sipher

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    Kids, redundant backups are your friends.

    I realized I'd also backed up the ENTIRE game outside the Steam folders as a just-in-case... and that was only a week-ish ago. So the SOL is back in orbit, albeit not QUITE as up-to-date as it was (I'd started on the lower-left "living space" orb since posting), my spaceport is as up-to-date as it's ever been, I have all my NPCs and NPC spawners. Even my changes to the underground storage are intact (the lower "stuff" room is becoming a biome/race-specific item storage area).

    At most I MIGHT have lost some building materials, nothing irreplaceable.

    So remember, kids... building big stuff? Back up your worlds, and do so in multiple folders just in case.
  6. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    Some minor things that have been done...


    Redid the boat mural thingy in the spaceport.


    Storage shift! All the unique sub-biome furniture and blueprints (and some of the materials needed to build em) go in those chests. Wishin' there were chests made from the mineable ores so I could put in the furniture from said ores...
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    omg the ducky on the prow
  8. Fresh Ears

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    Awww bummer, sorry to hear that. At least you will be able to get closure and in the meantime you can build up some anticipation for the next stable patch. I am also expecting full wipes of everything too and I'm fine with that. Starting over is pretty fun anyway, and who knows what surprises Asgarden 2.0 will have in store for us! :D
  9. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    Oh, I lost almost no work at all in the end thanks to the redundant backup, so everything's back on track. Which reminds me, I should make that backup to be safe...

    Though to be honest, I'm not gonna get a lot of Starbounding in during December. I have a major video project I need to focus on before Christmas, and this game sucks hours out of my life if I let it.
  10. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    I've done enough that I think it's time to update the big map.


    What's new? Well...

    Minor shift in storage from the prior minor shift! Room for biome-specific stuff. Also, the fence is there to provide an in-home warp-out point without just having a damn hole in the wall. I'm technically underground, but still high enough up to beam up if the background is free... and the fence counts as "free"!

    Reworked the greenhouse's inner rooms. Biome-specific sapling & "wood" storage, with "normal" sapling storage in the normal chests. Did d a LOT of throwing saplings away.


    The Satellite of Love, which actually hovers above the treehouse (waaaaay above it), has had some more work done. Added the ship's wheel station from MST3K The Movie, working on the lower main deck... living quarters, galley. The orb under the theater, not sure if I'm gonna have any "room" in there or not.

    Will I lose this all come January? Maybe! Will I rebuild it? Definitely!
  11. Feera

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    Very, very beautiful work =3 ... my heart would sink if I lost it all, but at the same time, I think a second time around would be unbelievably gorgeous anyway!
  12. Aegis J Hyena

    Aegis J Hyena Existential Complex

    Geez you've gotten me inspired for the incoming Stable. All I ever do are multi-tiered square structures, and certainly never so high as the SoL (because I'm afraid of meteors). We should team up and play on a server together.
  13. KrilltheKill

    KrilltheKill Title Not Found

    Man, all of this is so gorgeous! I hope nothing gets lost (even though there's a high probability of that happening)!
  14. Aegis J Hyena

    Aegis J Hyena Existential Complex

    I've never played multiplayer, so I never bothered with such elaborate builds. Who's gonna see 'em, etc. etc. Next time, I screenshot. Heh.
  15. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    And now, the ongoing saga of my complete dissatisfaction with my own build!


    I completely swapped the wood tiles on the tree. Yes, the whole damn thing. I realized the inner wood was darker than the outer bark, and that just didn't sit with me. Also, the darker wood is nice and uneven on the outer edge instead of the razor-smooth line of the normal Sapling-dropped wood, making the tree look more natural. I also extended the trunk down into the building and dirt level...


    ...which included putting roots through the big dirt blocks and redoing the main stairwell. I liked the mossy dirt bricks more with all the plantstuff going on. I also took out the "hidden" tunnels to the treasure rooms because bleh.

    This is mostly me testing out for Asgarden 2 once the new stable hits, as I want to have a more expansive, "natural" underground actually built around a large tree and root system rather than grafting a tree on top of pre-existing and cramped "grid" of stuff like I did here. Also...


    ... I plan to make more trees like this to produce a big forest. There'll be a few of these between the main tree and the greenhouse, probably some platforms, a kinda Ewok village deal going, plus some of the normal sapling-grown trees to add that extra depth., once I find a look I like.

    Man, I wish you could paint unprocessed wood. Would love to get a more 3D effect going...
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  16. KrilltheKill

    KrilltheKill Title Not Found

    Wow, really like how's everything going. But what about the spaceship?
  17. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    With the new build comes a new iteration of Asgarden. I've found a suitable world... a tropical planet with Giant Flower sub-biomes across the surface, a USCM penal colony just a few screens west of beam-in, then a Glitch Castle only a screen or two west of that. I've cleared out the hostiles in both (left the non-combat Glitch alive), now the rebuilding can begin. Will need to build some drains in parts because of the heavy rains that cause flooding, but that's minor.

    Not sure what I'll do with the the Glitch castle. Probably leave most of it intact, just modernize parts.

    ("In-universe", I imagine the Glitch King there made an agreement with the USCM to serve as reserve guards for the penal colony in exchange for... something. When the USCM abandoned the facility, the Glitch abandoned the duty.)

    I'm debating though my method of material acquisition. All the material collection in Enraged Koala took a fair bit of time. Many, many, many hours of digging and exploring and throat-slitting. And while the new Matter Manipulator upgrades make collection a lot easier, I still gotta hunt down a lot of tiles. I've been beelining the progression mostly so far, getting the MM and such together for this task, haven't done a lot of exploring for places to tear apart for parts.

    I could admin-command what I need. Buuuuuuut something kinda makes me go "eeeehn" about that. As impatient as I am to get Asgarden back up and better than before... something about adminning it feels "off". Floran not WIN stuff that way, ssshhhallow! While I wouldn't do this for anything I didn't have in the old build (all the new materials like the stuff from Lunar Base or Outpost microdungeons I'd stick with "manual" collection), I'm still... iffy. Also unsure about adminning the furniture and decor. I kinda don't want to, but stuff like storage devices are really, really important...

    Oh well, it's early on. The latest stable's barely a week old. I have an improved mining tool (MAN I love the new MM... seriously, I can't fathom why anyone'd prefer the pick), a layout to mostly follow... I'll get it back up soon.
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  18. Beatrice

    Beatrice Spaceman Spiff

    I really know what you mean. Thought about it a month ago, when unstable hit.
  19. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    Yes, collecting blocks takes a lot of time, but admin mode doesn't feel right. However I think it's ok to use it to get things that can't be find normally, like some furniture for example. Scan them in the 3D printer so that it costs pixels when you make more.

    Let's hope the conversion tool for old characters is ready soon, I have lots of blocks with my enraged koala characters. :)
  20. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    Oh bugger just realized the prison is mirrored. This actually does screw up the plans a bit. hrrrn.

    Welp, the search continues. Still, nice source of materials in both these buildings, and more giant flowers are always nice...

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