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    Fossil Museum 01.png

    The Fossil Museum in its near-totality. The only things properly left to do (aside from my own penchant for nitpicking my builds) is the westward hallway/exit to a different museum (theme undetermined), and the fossil dig you’ll get to observe in the hall through the hill.

    There’ll be something to the east too (again not sure what exactly), as basically I’m gonna turn most of the surface of this planet into a large museum & zoo. Whee!
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    Trying to cover all the potential bases...

    The bathroom signs and water fountains are not modded-in objects, they're all EASEL-type 1x4 signs made with the "Starbound-AnimatedSigns" program. I'd have used EASEL but I hate the EASEL interface. That program lets me make the signs in Photoshop, and has all the functionality of EASEL (wiring, lights, animation), only without the outer frames (which I hate) and with the ability to use transparency. And as someone who hates and fears coding, it can produce /spawnitem commands to create the signs that way.

    I'm unlikely to do a lot of stuff like those fountains with this. I'm still very much in the "as much base game asset as possible" build mindset, plus that everything HAS to be a minimum 4 tiles wide creates some limitations. But the lack of wall-mounted drinking fountains was just... REALLY striking to me and I felt that needed rectifying.
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    Watch real fossil excavation going on!


    Also, dug through the Koala builds to turn old beta bone biome "bushes" into displays. Both done as signs through the signmaker program...

    Yeah, at this point I should probably look into ways of just plugging full-blown Objects that I can pixel-print at will into the damn game.
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    People hall V2.png

    Tum tee tum
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    Galaxy Hall V1.png
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    Clothes closet.jpg

    Nothing fancy here... realized that as I was now /admin'ing the hell outta anything I need for a build, holding onto lots of blocks and furniture was kinda pointless. But displaying all the clothes? That was something. So, a dressing room was put underground, and then a massive clothes closet. I used the mannequin head mod found on Steam, it's nice. I've not /admin'd any outfits I had not already acquired through normal play (aside from the Solarium-upgraded armors), buuuuut I might do so for the racial starter clothing because pfffffft. EAstern side will have an emergency tunnel leading to the surface... and probably a bathroom on the way. It's a long walk.

    Should get back to my museum/zoo planet build...
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    This is what they could've done on Koichi's museum...the quest should've been for those who likes gathering stuff > w>

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