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    I figured as this keeps getting new stuff, I'd make a thread just for Asgarden so as not to clutter the big group home thread. It's a sprawling compound, a massive tree with huge root-room system underground, tied to a former USCM penal colony that is part-by-part being repurposed as a large compound. I'll take it in chunks...

    Why "Asgarden"? As its cultivator June says, "it growsss asss garden!"

    As of November 4th, 2014...


    I'll go into sections in other posts. It's a sprawler, and two of the prison buildings are yet unused.

    I should also note that this is all using stable-build, no mods.
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    Damn that's a big-ass home-y.
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    The Treehouse (June's retreat)

    Much as June distances herself from some of the Floran traits (like indiscriminate stabbing and lack of plumbing), some things are deep-rooted. So she's cultivated a huge tree for her personal space, grown up and around the framework of an old greenhouse. That's the warp-point landing pad at the very bottom-right, the very spot June first landed on this world.

    On the bottom-right of the foliage level is her Adventuring gear (stim packs, tents, capture pods, portable lights, etc), as well as a Heck Chest full of her most beloved weapons that she's since replaced with more powerful ones. ("June gotsss firssst folding chair in there. Usssed to bash ssso many headsss. June very sssentimental about that."). There's also storage for Tech blueprints, one for various powerful Legendary weapons, and a buttload of autoguns (hey they were cheap). Dead center is the music center, full of the instruments she'd found. She's taken to the accordion, much to some's chagrin.

    If there's one thing June appreciates about alien tech, it's their plumbing. Floran do produce waste matter, and pumping it into a tank which then feeds into fertilizer machines for the greenhouse just west (via ground or skybridge) is so very convenient. Plus hot showers are great for getting all the viscera off one's skin.

    ((Oooh. I should run a pipe along the bottom of the bridge.))

    Above and left, lots and lots of dressers for lots and lots of clothes, and past armors. A small workshop in the hall (the treehouse probably isn't completely done yet), and then the porch. Cook over an open fire, enjoy the sun, and gun down some #@%&^ birds.

    And finally, the Slumberdome, full of giant flowers and soft plant matter to sleep on. Also, a small patch for Oculemons in case of midnight snacking. The storage there is for compressed pixels, her super-most prized possessions (her first sword, a Bubblegun, a few othere very-odds and ends), and the bare essentials for survival juuuuust in case a quick getaway is needed. Good thing those windows break kinda easy. And yes, there's a tall Rainbow Palm growing out of the top of the dome.[DOUBLEPOST=1415180092][/DOUBLEPOST] upload_2014-11-5_4-22-53.png

    The Roots

    ((Man, I should add int unprocessed wood "roots" throughout the normal dirt and rocks.))

    This all started from a hole in the ground, because digging into the dirt hill was quicker than making an above-ground structure. Plants take root and all that. Most of the rooms have changed purpose from their originals.

    Lotsa food needs lotsa kitchen room! The dining and entertainment area is to the right. Quaint! Just outside is the pet yard, but since they won't stay put, well, their loss.

    Crafting and storage below. Top-left lockers are spare Blueprints. Right are crafting furniture & related decor (vents & pipes). The smelting room is set up for dropping off a LOT of ores and letting those smelt while putting away the adventuring spoils below; since I stay well within range, the smelting continues as I do other things. The bottom row of chests are all ores, 2 types per chest (up to 8k of each). Above is all the other crafting materials, chips for Crafting techs, and a box fulla coal.

    Storage is in three parts. Left is "stuff", furniture and whatnot. Honestly I need to sort it better than it is, drop some of the less-used items to the lower level. Center is block storage, again sorted with platforms showing content types. Lotta stuff I may never use, but you never know, right? The most commonly-used blocks are at entry-level. And right is the weapon storage, again by type. This includes shields and traps... but not dungeon-specific weapons. Those go elsewhere...

    Accessible via door tunnel behind a hidden wall, or via hidden trapdoor in the well (really proud of the "curved wall" effect in the background via paintgun), you can get out to the cave system underground. (The door tunnel is usually dark, only lit for map purposes.) There's a small metal bunker with a long shaft leading down. Down down down. All the way to the core. Fall in and you're gonna die, less'n you have some Techs to slow your fall.... or get back up, for that matter. This leads to...


    Here's the Deep Storage, where June keeps things she doesn't think should be loose in the universe... toxic waste, That's No Moon plans, Agaran pods (she HATES Agarans, the only race to earn the "ssstab on sssight" mandate), etc. The hall with the lava can be sealed off from the core below drained for entry. I'm considering putting in a "destroy it all" switch with a timer in the chest room... throw it and a countdown starts, then the wall opens up and floods the whole chest chamber with magma. Better get to the other side of the doors!

    And yes, that is a Skyrail under the storage area. Much quicker transport to the areas west of here...
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    That lava storage chamber is awesome! I love it!
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    I vote yes to bits of wood in the dirt
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    Looking at this reminds me that one day Starbound will be a game I will want to play.
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    The Trophy Hall

    Locked away underground behind hidden walls are the rooms where June keeps the trophies from some of the nastier "hunts" she's been on. There's room for each of the sevne playable races' dungeons, but of course the lack of Hyotl and Novakid means those are empty for now. There's a room for Heck just because it's creepy, not dangerous... and one left, for that mystical Treasure Hoard...

    The chests on the left sides of the rooms are for the weapons the guards drop. The right sides are for the "stuff".

    (The Floran prison will probably move up a level, feels like the Treasure Hoard taking center square seems most appropriate.)

    The Greenhouse

    Originally the first building of a USCM prison, this has since been significant;y built up to become a greenhouse for all the farmable foods. There's space left open for the eventual Novakid foods, assuming there are some. Oculemons aplenty, as they make one hell of a tasty healing stew.

    That big rack of chests is full of Saplings from dozens of planets. Frankly, that's overdue a pruning. Pull 'em out, plant a few, see what they look like, and only keep the cool stuff.

    The center chests are the saplings for special trees; Rainbow, Cactus, giant flowers, metal trees, etc.
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    Lil more, and we get into the very unfinished parts of the complex...


    The Guest House

    June wanted company. There were beings she'd met on her journeys, some were saved from bad situations, some she just grew to like. Some she hired to work the greenhouse and protect the stead while she's gone. So, she carved out one of the prison cell blocks and started decorating. The plan is to have rooms based around every race's decor. There's still points being worked on; the storage rooms will be Human and Novakid rooms eventually. Managed to get some Hyotl blocks, but no furniture and stuff as of yet.

    The center spot has the essentials. A dining hall on floor 2, a stim shop on floor 3 (the Glitch running it's a little... miswired), emergency ward on 4. The library's on 5, with extra lore books sorted out. Up top-left in the unfinished area, and adventurer sells his wares.

    (Needs a bathroom. Must remedy that.)

    The bottom empty area will eventually become a common area for the relaxing and entertaining. Not sure what is gonna be done with those top parts...

    Partially because the entire center area may change dramatically. All those shops may go in the next building over, which is massive. That will likely become a... well, for lack of a better term, mall/hotel. This building's center will likely become more rooms for people who live at Asgarden, while the big building between here and the spacepad becomes a space for those passing through.
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    Last bit for now!


    The Control Tower

    For handy-dandy navigation and landing! Still in progress. I did add the guardroom, just gotta drop a few Guard Spawners. And some crew for the tower-top. Ground floor is the checkpoint, and gotta make a decent-looking rail entry. And figure out just what to do with the roof. Not many comm-looking thingies to put up there at the moment, are there.


    The Ship Stop

    Land your ship (shown here for scale), fuel up, have a meal and take a rest! Close to done here. Just gotta close up the main hall, the room where all the boxes are will be a maintenance area, with a stair down to the basement level where fuel is stored. (That was originally accessed from the east, but it felt dumb having it be easily accessed like that from the main stairwell.)

    And I finally found a nice place to put all those Sandstone Statues! That whole deal looks even better at night...


    (Space saved for Novakid statue)

    And that's all of Asgarden so far! I plan on expanding more, finishing up the current buildings... and I still have the biggest of the prison buildings to work with.

    Yeah, I will likely lose all this once the next major stable build comes along. Which is why I've been mapping... so I have a map to rebuild from once I find a suitable planet. Some stuff I can improve on, as I never really had a plan when building any of this. Some may change depending on what new stuff the new build gives me to work with.

    So yeah. I'd say I got my 15 bones' worth of play outta this game.
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    I really like the statues area.

    And the rest of it o3o
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    This id by far the greatest build ever! I love to build but i'm still picky about choosing a home planet, like having ugly/creepy monsters, or not having a good sub biome. I always wanted to just make a house on the outskirts of a village and call it a day, but the more i see cool builds the more i get inspired to just make a large, and perfect base. I love Avians and i'm thinking of making an Avian airship into my own personal base, Like killing all the pirates, and throwing down some spawners as well as an on land base with a greenhouse and other cool stuff. I loved this, thanks for the inspiration.
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    Welcome in the club of new, prospering colonies! :)
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    Oh lord I just thought of something I want to add to this but I'm not going to say what just yet but I will say it's kind of insane and I'm gonna need to actually plan this crap out a bit more than the rest... that is to say, plan at all.
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    The ultimate opponent: planning
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    So I finished the landing pad building, with reworked storage area and basement for fuel storage... and came up with a lil something for the main hall.

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    That background came out really nicely. In the boat-y room, I mean.
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    Starting new construction on something, not repurposing a structure, something built from ground-up... WAY up...


    What am I planning? Not saying yet! Can you guess from what little you see here?

    BUT I will give out a lil advice for builders... "Sketch" out your new structure in Dirt, Sand or Snow blocks. Something you can acquire tons of easy, and something easy to dig back up when you're ready to lay down the harder-to-mine blocks, in case you measured wrong or something.
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    Looks intriguing!

    But that advice.. it sounds suspiciously like planning!
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    Really nice stuff^^

    I am excited what you think of mine^^ will post it soon, the big picture you put together is essential :D

    And the Tree! very nice job with the leaves!

    You got this on singleplayer right?
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    That's cool and all, but how could you pass up the chance to name it Assguardian?
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