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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Chukkaque, Jan 4, 2017.

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    One of my minor complaints I've had lately that is a lot of the artisan goods such as jelly, wine, and such do not have the regular, silver, or gold quality to go with it. I'd like to see these quality tiers added to all artisan type products with iridium as well please.

    Im kind of at the point where some of base ingredients are gold or iridium and they sell for more than what they can be turned into because those do not have the quality tiers, or in some cases, no iridium tier.
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    • _PandorasBox_

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      There are caskets in the newest update, and they age cheeses, wine, mead, beer, etc. I don't know if they work with jellies or pickles, but it does take a bit before they get to purple star quality
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        Hmm. Pickles could be enhanced with herbs. Garlic and spring onions could be used for this. I guess honey or slime (pectin) to raise the jar level for jellys.

        It seems like that would end up costing more than the reward for the jelly. Also pickles and jellies tend not to age well flavor wise. They would be best 10 days after canning but not get better.

        Som artisian items are what they are. They dont get better. Cloth doesnt become more supple by aging, juice doesnt tast better aged, truffle oil is what it is, and mayo is as good as it gets freshly made. To make some artisian items better would require addition to the product as reduction does not make it better and the three items in the cask so far are reductions. Angel share for the alcohol. Loss of water for cheese
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          This is one of my more major complaints... I'm in year 10, and past the point of selling crops without processing them. So, there's absolutely no point in having quality crops without quality jelly/pickles.
          The casks wouldn't be obsolete, but some items would age a lot faster.
          Also, I have to make lists of which quality animal items to put in mayo machines/cheese presses/looms, and which to sell outright because they sell for more than the processed version.
          I'd love consistency throughout the process. Gold in, gold out.
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