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Bug/Issue Artisan Goods Change Price When Unstacked

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nesciosquid, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Nesciosquid

    Nesciosquid Space Hobo

    I noticed some weird inconsistencies in the prices of my artisan goods, so I did some experimentation and found that some artisan goods (Grape Wine is the one I tested, but I think it works for others) will change their per-unit price when you remove one (or more) from the stack without picking the stack up completely.

    Here's an example. 8 Grape Wines, right out of the keg, would sell to Pierre for 2880g. That's 360g per wine, or 240g without the +50% artisan bonus. That's 3x the original fruit price of 80g, which makes sense, and seems reasonable for a 6-day wait.


    However, if I take the stack of 8 grape wines, remove items one by one from the stack, and check their prices again, the price of each goes up to 600g. What a deal!


    To help in reproducing the bug, I've attached a save file with a bunch of grape wines ready to be harvested and sold off to Pierre. To see the bug in action:

    1. Grab two grape wines from their kegs
    2. Wait until 9AM, then go into Pierre's shop.
    3. Check the price of the stack of two wines -- should be 720g (360g x 2)
    4. Exit the shop window, open your inventory, and break the stack using the 'use tool' button (not the 'interact with stuff' button). Place the separated wine into a different inventory slot.
    5. Check the price of each bottle of wine -- the one from the original stack should still be 360g, and the one you removed should have gone up to 600g.

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    • ConcernedApe

      ConcernedApe Stardew Valley Dev Developer

      Thanks for the catch, should be fixed in tonight's build!
      • Nesciosquid

        Nesciosquid Space Hobo

        Whoa! You're amazing, dude. This game rocks and so do you. <3
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