Artifacts from Crab Pots?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by JazzHepcat, Feb 20, 2018.

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    To preface this, I'm totally not just suggesting this because I've spent almost a full in game year doing nothing but combing the entire map for worms spots because I'm missing three artifacts (as tedious as that is).

    I just find myself never really using crab pots outside of trying to complete the community center or getting trash for the recycling machines and thought hey maybe even having a slim chance to find a treasure would give them more use.

    Sure you can get stuff for cooking or finishing the Master Angler achievement, but it kind of seems like everything except crab pots can get you something for the museum as well. Farming can sometimes give you artifacts from hoeing the ground, around town you can get artifacts from worms, fishing can get you treasure chests with potential geodes/artifacts in them, mining can get you artifacts/geodes from slaying enemies or breaking rocks. I guess foraging doesn't get you much but you can find worm spots while out searching for things, but crab pots just kind of fall short in my opinion.
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