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Artifact of Command

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Olphus, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Olphus

    Olphus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I have been playing with my favourite selection of artifacts as i'm sure most of you guys do as well.
    Anyway I've been wondering why the Command artifact doesn't have Boss Item chest...
    Boss chest would Spawn only from bosses but with the usual low - midrange droprate they usually have.

    Just a small suggestion, albeit a maybe too powerful one, but at the point in time where you can shred through enemies like a hot knife through a lemurian
    what difference is a bit more power/fun.

    Happy Adventures, Olphus.
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    • Swannicus

      Swannicus Void-Bound Voyager

      Yea, its kind of annoying that it is basically impossible to get yellow items on command runs.
      • shadowpikachu

        shadowpikachu Space Spelunker

        How aobut roll for a boss item when a boss would drop a boss item.
        Simple in theory.
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        • Noblez Vayn

          Noblez Vayn Space Hobo

          This. I see no reason for this not to be a thing.

          The boss items are not even that strong and command is a broken artifact by nature.
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          • Roundhouse Kitty

            Roundhouse Kitty Phantasmal Quasar

            I too would be in favour of this.
            • AirplaneRandy

              AirplaneRandy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              They're still fun to have. Yes, the command artifact is very broken and OP. They should nerf it by at least having only the unlocked powerups available.
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              • Grunni

                Grunni Void-Bound Voyager

                The Command artifact is among the ones I feel most iffy about, partly because it makes the game radically easier without anything close to a "double-edged sword" design (like Spite, Glass, Spirit). Command creates the idea of "item builds" for different classes, and whenever you have builds, you have optimal cookie-cutters and set rules for your choices to follow. It is uncommon for me to start a Command run without 8 Soldier's Syringe from the first ~10 white chests and there is no better option than to choose Smart Shopper on the first green chest. I feel like I'm no longer "playing with the cards I'm dealt" in typical roguelike fashion when I use the artifact. The fact that I cannot receive boss items by the Artifact of Command is pretty much the main incentive I have to ever try playing without that artifact active.

                On the topic of Command only giving unlocked powerups, I think that'd be a step in the right direction but it doesn't work as the second edge when you have almost every item unlocked anyway. Something like tripling the price of Chests with Command active might be a better balancing factor.
                • Roundhouse Kitty

                  Roundhouse Kitty Phantasmal Quasar

                  I like the Command artifact as it is; I think it's fine, considering it's optional for anything that isn't an Origin-unlocking run. Just play without it if you don't want it, yeah? I'd hate for it to be removed for me, since it ups the enjoyment for me a good margin.
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                  • wall57

                    wall57 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    command is mkay, on 1.2.0 its a must, since without it you are capped to default attackspeed.
                    • Roundhouse Kitty

                      Roundhouse Kitty Phantasmal Quasar

                      Really? How?
                      • Grunni

                        Grunni Void-Bound Voyager

                        I'm not suggesting removing it; I'm suggesting to give it a trade-off so that its usage is a meaningful decision rather than a no-brainer of a choice when attempting optimal play.
                        • Roundhouse Kitty

                          Roundhouse Kitty Phantasmal Quasar

                          I know what you meant. That's why I specified 'as it is'. It's generally an optional thing to use if you want a crutch or if you don't feel like messing with RNG. You don't have to use it.
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                          • wall57

                            wall57 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            1.2.0 commando achivement is bugged.... 1.2.1 is fixed BUT the rest of the game is not fixed to a fully enjoyable playlevel
                            • cookies4you

                              cookies4you Lucky Number 13

                              I thought that Command was balanced by the fact that Distortion is an outright nerf.

                              Full artifact runs need to have some sort of balance, after all.
                              • Neapolitan Shark

                                Neapolitan Shark Space Spelunker

                                This needs to be a thing. I want to turn into the Vagrant with 4 Rapid Mitosis and a Nozzle in tow!
                                • gufufu

                                  gufufu Space Hobo

                                  but looping guys
                                  but looping
                                  *2485379 hours later*
                                  69 Colossal Knurls
                                  69 Burning Witnesses
                                  69 Ifrit's Horns
                                  69 Imp Overlord's Tentacles
                                  69 Legendary Sparks
                                  68 Nemotocyst Nozzles
                                  • Olphus

                                    Olphus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    That's why i mentioned it being OP. But command is OP no matter what, so there's only a slight power increase (in an average playthrough)
                                    • Dargona1018

                                      Dargona1018 Existential Complex

                                      Well, there is a bug (I imagine its a bug and not a 1% chance of an item dropping) where Ifrit sometimes drops his horn using Command.
                                      But, at the same time, Nemotocyst Nozzles are really a replacement use item until you find your best one.
                                      Collosus Knurl is nice, but from what I remember, it isn't very helpful in the long run when compared to a possible red chest.
                                      Not sure about Ifrit's Horn or Burning Witness's, and I don't remember the Legendary Sparks being that useful.
                                      The Imp Overlord's Tentacle, however, is a nice item.

                                      IF they do add in boss items for use with Command, they either need a VERY small chance of it happening, have it be where it is not random (possilby a Golden Chest sprite), or using a Golden Random as I think someone above had said.
                                      • Heatdvoid

                                        Heatdvoid Aquatic Astronaut

                                        Seeing as Ifrit still drops it's horn while it's active I think this would be great. Also just saying for everyone that has said something on the matter, it's not like you have to choose the cookie-cutter sets while using it. It's not like you have to use it at all. Command is perfect as it is and changing it would only make it worthless. Ever done a challenge run where you're forced to use nothing but a few select items? I have, and lemme tell ya that doesn't work without Command.
                                        • VF17

                                          VF17 Void-Bound Voyager

                                          I agree with that suggestion,if Artifact Command is enabled,the chance of dropping Boss Items is 10-15% chance.When picking a Boss Item you can only have one boss item of every boss.For example,I defeated the Colossus and it dropped a Boss Item and you started picking,the picking will be like everything.What I mean you can choose Common,Uncommon,Rare and 1 Boss item.There will be only 1 Boss item that you can choose and that is the Colossus Knurl,and when you defeated a another Colossus,it won't drop a boss item no matter what because you have its Boss item but you can still have another boss item of a different boss(example:Ancient Wisp and it dropped a boss item,and that is Legendary Spark.).If you don't pick the boss item,and you defeated another same boss,it will still drop and the process will be repeated if you don't pick that again.The reason why I don't want to drop another Boss item of the same Boss it is because you will be " too powerful " if you stack it multiple times,for example,10 Colossus Knurl,you will be too powerful. :eek:

                                          I hope this will be implemented. :)

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