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    I remember asking for a template for making armour so I would have a better visual aid to see what I was doing but the answer was to just go in the assets humanoid folder and use the human parts as a guide. Well what about anyone else who had my problem but never asked?

    I figured since I never could find the right one that wasn't...

    A) Outdated,
    :cool: Incomplete,
    C) DIY (Do It Yourself) Template...
    D) All of the Above...

    It is already "Functional" with Tier 1 stats. All you have to do is...

    STEP 1 : Re-Name the armour (and anvil supplied) with what ever you want to call it.
    STEP 2 : Edit the stats of the armour and recipe values to what ever you want.
    STEP 3 : Edit mod info to what ever you want, It's your mod.
    STEP 4 : Remove the excess body parts after you finish drawing your armour over it.
    STEP 5 : Enjoy?


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    yes im satisfied
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