ARM Architecture Port - For us small timers

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What do you guys think about port for raspberrry pi?

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    Seeing as the game already has linux ports, I think it would be very easy and useful to port an ARM architecture version of the game and server. A lot of people are probably going to disagree with me saying to just host on your pc your playing on.
    My reasons stand as follows:
    1. Hosting from a separate device allows you to keep your computer more protected from external connections, while also allowing you to easily run the server 24/7.
    2. The newest raspberry pi 4 could easily run the server program for 4 to 8 players as it has specs similar to a low end pc.
    3. Not everyone has a spare laptop or pc lying around and raspberry pis are cheaper.
    4. Online server hosting is probably a much more efficient option, but only if I need to be able to host for more than 8 people. Online hosting is also a lot more expensive in the long run.

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