Are there still gun vendors?

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  1. togekiss

    togekiss Orbital Explorer

    Has anyone found any? I'm on Glad Giraffe Win 64 if anyone has some coordinates
  2. The | Suit

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    Support section is for reporting bugs \ issues.
    If you have any doubts please use the General Help \ F.A.Q

    Moved for you.
  3. togekiss

    togekiss Orbital Explorer

    thanks, sorry im not used to fourms!!
  4. TheUberCannon

    TheUberCannon Star Wrangler

    Remember Penguin Bay back at the outpost for upgrading your ship? It's planned to be a weapon vendor. Hopefully, guns will be sold there.

    Also, there is more than just one gun vendor. NPC merchants will also sell guns, even NPC's of your bases.

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