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Discussion in 'Mods' started by brip1296, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Hi again, everyone!

    I've been working on sprites (and portraits and dialogue changes) for a few weeks to compile into a mod that completely changes some townsfolk into characters from a notorious YouTube anime a friend and I are pseudo-ironically into. I figured it was a good enough way as any to get used to modding if I ever wanted to work on something serious or that I could post here, and through a lot of trial and error, I've got everything done that I set out to do besides changing flavor text lines which I believe are hard coded into the game (such as the guitar and computer in Sam's room, to name a few), and the mail file which crashed upon the minor changes I tried to implement. I made five sets of custom sprites and using Portraiture I was able to put together portraits as well, and as far as I know I have covered all of the dialogue, event, and data files that I need to.

    I copied everything over to my game after I was sure it was ready, and it doesn't crash and I've gone a few in-game seasons with no problem. However, I did find something today that I can't quite figure out; one of the townsfolk I changed was Leah, and even though I was very careful in making sure her new sprites lined up perfectly with her old ones, some sprites have a few pixels from other adjacent sprites on them in-game.

    I'm going to attach the new sprite sheet and the specific sprites that I've noticed problems with so far. I can't get screenshots right now in-game but I cropped the sprites to show how they looked. If anyone can help me figure out where I went wrong, that would be lovely! I used the XNB-Mod-Toolkit-V2 for unpacking the originals and repacking my edits, if that could be making any difference, but other than that, I'm stuck.

    Sorry for the long post, but thanks in advance for any help that can be offered! <3

    Full Image.png Error 1.png Error 2.png
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    • FieryChaos

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      Those 2 specific frames are not aligned correctly:

      1) The one above the one you posted needs to be moved up by 1 pixel.

      2)The one to the right of the one you posted needs to be moved right by 1 pixel.

      Otherwise, everything else looks fine.
      Note on the XNB unpacker you're using, I'm pretty sure that one is outdated and will cause some transparency issues unless you've updated XNB Node for it to the latest version. You can either update it yourself via instructions HERE or use something like XNBKit or any others that have the latest XNB Node.
      Also, you can change the flavor text of most objects in maps by map editing through tIDE. Should be some guides on this forum for it. If you need help, post in the Map Editing Thread and someone might help you.
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        Thanks for the quick reply! :D I'll make that fix to the sprites and test it again when I can! And thanks for letting me know about the transparency issues and the links! I'll update my XNB Node in the morning before I make the sprite changes. I'll also have a look at that thread you linked to about map editing! That's great to know. You've been a huge help! <3 Again, thank you so much, and have a great night!
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          To help when editing tilesheets, set a 16 x 16 grid. That is the pixel dimensions the game uses.
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            Ahh okay! That's good to know, too! Thanks! :D

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