Are animals worth it ?

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    Hello all. I have 500+ hours on stardew valley on steam .I was thinking that animals make very good profit (specific aninals)

    I am looking at profit per day and gold per week .

    I want to say that - ducks sheeps goats rabbits dinosaurs are all USELESS.

    I find chickens cows and pigs make the most money in the game .

    I process eggs at 300 gold per day or 2100 per week per chicken .

    My cows make cheese at 420 per day and about 3000 a week .

    I find animals are fun and profiting compared to kegs and jars but I do jar in the side .

    Pigs are the real killers .They make 1250 per truffle with botany profession and you get 3-4 truffles per day per pig at Max happiness.

    I think fishing is useless. So is mining and even kegs and jars are not that good.

    Kegs and jars make decent profit I think but it's boring and lazy. You just sleep for 2-5 days straight - loot the jelly pickle wines and replace them and then sleep for another 2-5 days .

    I think cows chickens and pigs make the best gold in the game after the artisan nerf happened. Also they require work but at least it gives you something to do.

    I use jars and kegs on the side as a supplement income not as the main income. I consider the artisan goods a bonus every week.

    Also cheese and maynaise really help get villegers to Max hearts.
    They love cheese and maynaise. And they love pickles and jellies too.

    I know that ancient fruit wine is the most relaxing way to play .It gives good profit and is the laziest way to play .I think it's profitable and fun for what it's worth .

    Am I wrong to think animals are the most profitable source of income ?

    I tried thinking that ancient fruit takes 14 days to process ( grow and wine) but maybe I am wrong .

    Any ways I am just ranting about my experience .the auto grabber really is awesome too .

    I still love wine and jelly .But it's more of a side income then anything else for me.

    Well I am done ranting .I don't want to argue .I think I am doing something wrong but I want to discuss if animals are worth it and if I am ok ?
    • Feathered Sparks

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      I'm not a number cruncher or anything, so I can't really give you an answer here profit-wise, but I think any method you choose is worth it if you're enjoying what you do. Stardew Valley isn't a game about making the most money the most efficiently (although you can certainly make it that way if that's the kind of playstyle you enjoy), it's a game about relaxing and, well, playing it how you like. It's really not hard to make money in the game, so even if you wanted to keep a ranch full of nothing but dinosaurs or something, it would be worth it :)

      ....And now I have a sudden urge to make a new save where my farmer is a dino rancher, hmm
      • One More Day

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        Most fun is subjective, and if animals make the game more fun for you then by all means do animals. Fun is way more important than imaginary money, so in that sense, animals would be worth it.

        Most money is not subjective, and if that is your main driver then animals are categorically not worth it. Pigs are easily the best animals - under optimal conditions* a single five heart pig will earn well over 200k per year. No other animal comes close. Next are cows @ ~63k per year IIRC, then chickens @ ~45k, and the rest steadily get worse.

        But all animals suck compared to regular crops, even if you don't have ancient fruit. For instance, one iridium sprinkler of starfruit, with deluxe speed gro, kegged to wine with Artisan profession, is about the same money in summer as an optimal pig makes in a whole year, and is a whole lot less effort to boot. Plus you can make probably nearly another 200k from the same space in the other seasons. And it's a lot easier to manage 12 sprinklers than it is to manage 2 full barns of pigs. Scale it up a bit and 60 sprinklers, plus enough kegs/jars to process it all, is still quite doable, but try running 10 full barns optimally for the same money and it's going to get ugly very quickly.

        *fed and petted daily, gatherer profession for 20% double harvest, artisan profession, all truffles to oil
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          Pelican Town, home of the Jurassic Farmer!

          I'm not a min/max type either, but you seem to be basing the goats and ducks being worthless on "it's every other day instead of every day". I'd also say by cutting off fishing and mining you are missing out on a fair amount of potential. However, everyone has their own play style and if you think animals are the way to go, more power to ya.
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          • Anthony757

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            Thanks guys .I know pigs are the best money makers in the game all seasons except winter but I been feeling lazy.

            I might cut my profits by 25%-35% and just use ancient fruit wine and extra casked wine. I hope to have more than 198 kegs - some for ancient fruit and some for seasonal plants and cask the plants. The ancient fruit is always safe and reliable but it doesn't make as much profit as pigs but I am lazy and want to do other things than tending to animals

            Any ways .chickens and cows don't do that good in profit - they are like 10-20% less than ancient fruit wine but man they are a lot of work

            Pigs are a lot of work too but the money is really nice .But I am lazy too .I don't have the energy to pet them and loot truffles and buy hay every Sunday.

            Any ways thanks for listening guys .I did the math but the labor to sustain the profit is tiring .I think illI stick to wine and casks for now.

            Love love. Thanks.
            • UnexpectedParole

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              I am not trying to argue, I am just trying to understand where your numbers are coming from, so I can do some analysis I started in another thread, and respond to your post. I don't get 300 a day from my chickens and would love to know what I could do different.

              ~ 300 per day or 2100 per chicken.

              Is this gotten from $285 for gold mayonnaise which is a large egg laid each day ?
              Or is it $342 for artisan gold mayo from a large egg laid each day?
              Or is this $399 for artisan gold mayo from a large egg laid each day?

              And is meant to be gold per week income?

              Or is this the average of a certain number of chickens, say 4 or 6 over the week / month?

              If I am wrong, that is fine, but please let me know what you do to get 300 a day from your chickens. Thanks.
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              • <<-BlitZ->>

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                I just buy the rabbits when I have a lot of money at the moment, pamper them, then wait till they will make me a lot of money then sell them. Poor bunnies...
                • ShneekeyTheLost

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                  This isn't the first time this topic has come up. The generally accepted answer is: That depends on what you consider to be 'worth it'.

                  I like cows for the cheese to use while mining. So for me, even though they aren't as profitable as a field occupying the same space, the value added in being able to mine more deeply and greedily is worth it.

                  Void Chickens are seen as a 'safe' way to consistently net profits from your coop, as you don't have the occasional non-large egg dropping your overall profits, and making a flat 385g/day/chicken (assuming Artisan perk). However, considering you will have to incubate them all (barring a visit from the witch), it can take some time to ramp them up. Regular chickens have a theoretical higher daily profit (399g/day/chicken) but when they lay regular eggs you lose out on more than you normally gain (only 266g/day/chicken).

                  But the biggest reason why animals aren't really all that stellar as far as profit is concerned is because of food. You either have to have a relatively large grazing field or you have to feed them fodder. Now, you can get the fodder with your scythe, but again, you have to be careful to have a fairly large area to let it keep regrowing. And that is area you can't be planting crops in. Because if you run out, it's 50g/animal/day you are paying, which REALLY puts a crimp in your profit margins.

                  So, from a pure profit perspective? Animals are okay, but not really stellar, and have several costs associated with them that can be difficult to quantify, plus are more RNG dependent than crops. Having said that, the game is Stardew Valley not JojaCorp ProfitSim, so there's no need to eek out every last copper farthing from your farm (unless you enjoy doing that sort of thing).

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