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RELEASED [ARCHIVE] Iron Man Armors/Weapons/Techs! - HIDALGO MODs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by Punisherbr, Jan 3, 2014.


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  1. Punisherbr

    Punisherbr Orbital Explorer



    Hi, I've been working on the past few days on this Iron Man mod. Currently it's a work in progress, but I plan to release it soon...
    I'm just posting so you guys can give feedback from my work so far. This motivates me and I love getting suggestions for improvement!
    Keep in mind: I'm NOT an artist (but I'm quite happy with my pixel art improvement from last mods, I guess I'm a fast learner :p)

    How the mod will work:

    In the first few versions, I'll release both a prototype of a balanced version (crafting materials and progression for each armor/weapon/tech) and a debug version (so you guys can get everything for 1 pixel for testing and faster feedback, then, with a few releases (fixes, improvements, better balance) I'll remove the debug version, and you will all have a stable and balanced version.

    Progress so far: (I'll probably improve sprites, remember this is a work in progress)

    Arc Reactor:
    (this armor will be the first item needed so you can start progressing on the mod, then you will be able to craft the iron man crafting armor hall)

    Iron Man Crafting Armor Hall:
    (this is where you are going to be able to craft all marks)
    Ridiculously low res preview: (this is bigger and proportional in-game)


    I plan on letting the player progress on armor crafting, for example, as soon as you craft Mark I, you can craft Mark 2, and to craft Mark 2 you have to use your Mark 1 piece for the recipe (but maybe getting your mark 1 piece back after crafting for the collectors needs)

    (yes, I plan on adding EVERY Mark to the mod, including some special/limited versions from comics or toys)
    KEEP IN MIND > They are not exact copies because I like having the ability to make small variations so them can fit better in pixel art, and to add some unique feeling, making exact copies are boring :p

    Mark 1:
    Planned for the first few releases.

    Mark 2:


    Mark 6:


    War Machine:
    Planned for initial release.

    War Machine V2:
    Planned for the first few releases.

    Iron Patriot:
    Planned for the first few releases.
    Mark 42:
    Planned for the first few releases.


    Repulsor v1
    (works like a bow, but shoots the iron man repulsor beam and with laser physics)
    non-charged version shoots a small laser and charged version creates a hologram on your arm that shows a charging bar, when full, you can release a more powerful shot)



    I don't have a gif of the iron manflight propulsors tech right now, but know that it works similar to the demiant's hoverboard http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/hoverboard-tech-hover-through-the-planet.215/,
    with different sprites, and some tweaks (used with permission)

    The main reason I didn't code it from the start is because I don't see a reason to do something from scratch if I can use a working piece of something from another sucessful mod with permissions, this saves me a lot of time that I can spend on other stuff.

    I also changed the main sprites from the original race bodies so it doens't look weird on a changed armor with different animations (my jump animation is modified) so this affects all the others armors and it does look weird with anything but the iron man suits, but it's currently impossible to change that. (i think)

    flying (right and left)

    hover (gravity nullifier)
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  2. GLord

    GLord Big Damn Hero

    Praise unto you.

    So eventually we'll be able to stomp around in the hulkbuster? :rofl:
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  3. WolfWaterBreaker

    WolfWaterBreaker Aquatic Astronaut

    Looks really cool! Are you trying to make all the armors? (mk 1 - mk 42) and maybe the comic armors also?
  4. Punisherbr

    Punisherbr Orbital Explorer

    Hulkbuster is one of my favorites! :D

    Yeah, I know it's pretty ambitious, but I'll try!
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  5. MustardOrc

    MustardOrc Void-Bound Voyager

    I was playing another mod that added many extra biomes to the game and one of them was an oceans biome. Would the suit be able to be used underwater as seen at the start of the Avengers movie or could there be a special under water suit as incentive to craft more than just the original. Love the look of it so far, Very looking forward to testing it! :D
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  6. Punisherbr

    Punisherbr Orbital Explorer

    It's not exactly the suit, it's the tech. The tech currently doesn't work inside the water, but I can code another tech (and try to make an armor specific tech) that works underwater too... Thanks for the feedback, I liked the idea... But probably not going to do for the initial release...

    I am making Gemini too, it's also one of my favorites
    Designed for space travel :)
  7. MustardOrc

    MustardOrc Void-Bound Voyager

    That would be awesome :) Any rough ideas when we can play this? So we have something to look forward to ;)
  8. Punisherbr

    Punisherbr Orbital Explorer

    Soon :p

    I'm pretty busy lately, but every free time I get, I do some progress on this mod.
  9. MustardOrc

    MustardOrc Void-Bound Voyager

    Awesome :D Keep up the good work
  10. Punisherbr

    Punisherbr Orbital Explorer

  11. Link516

    Link516 Orbital Explorer

    When will thsi be out for Enraged Koala? The only thing that works is the Stark head and Arc Reactor! Also Hulkbuster would be boss. You could do something like the human mech.
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  12. Daniel345

    Daniel345 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I need this mod updated!!!!!
    So awesome!
    EDIT: I *THINK* I updated it.
    EDIT2: It's working!
    But I found an animation problem: the jumping/falling animation was replaced by the "iron man flight" animation, but when you're wearing clothes, there's a clipping bug, you can see the "flying sprite" clipping through your clothes, making jumping an odd thing while not wearing the armor, I hope you keep working on this
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2014
  13. Link516

    Link516 Orbital Explorer

  14. Daniel345

    Daniel345 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I'm so stupid....
    Sorry for necroing this.
    btw, I just edited the mod.info file and fixed some syntax errors in some armors and in the iron man crafting thing.
    It works perfectly, but you can play only with the armor, cause if you use any other clothes/armors, you'll see the clothes aren't configured to the Iron Man Flight mechanics, so they "move independently".
  15. Link516

    Link516 Orbital Explorer

    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014
  16. joedanger

    joedanger Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Just saying if you get the iron man 3 app on iPad or whatever you can see a bunch of amours easily :D
  17. joedanger

    joedanger Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Also try wearing the stark hair cut as a avian it's werid
  18. Darkside0

    Darkside0 Aquatic Astronaut

    please this mode is really great you can put it to the new version of starbound! Update Giraffe ! pleas it so amazing
  19. SupremeChan

    SupremeChan Yeah, You!

    When Is this coming to steam? I just really want to get my hands on it!
  20. samiullah

    samiullah Orbital Explorer

    can someone tell me how to download this?

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