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App crashing when opened

Discussion in 'Support' started by mel.katsu, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. mel.katsu

    mel.katsu Space Hobo

    Hello! When I try opening Stardew Valley, for some reason it exits out of the app right away no matter how many times I restart my phone or try reopening it. I have already played before, and have a save file. Any suggestions on what I should do???
    • Moonchalk

      Moonchalk Space Hobo

      I’m having this issue too.
      I just updated to the iOS version 1.19 on a iPad Pro 12 inch 1st gen.
      I can get to the file load screen then it crashes while loading
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      • Jesberry

        Jesberry Space Hobo

        Same, just updated to Stardew iOS version 1.19 on iPhone X (running 12.1.4). When I start the app, I can select my save file then the loading screen shows for about 2-3 seconds before crashing out of the app completely. Tried restarting the app and restarting my phone with no luck!
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