Tool Anyone made a custom weapon assembler?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Iaeyan Elyuex, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Iaeyan Elyuex

    Iaeyan Elyuex Cosmic Narwhal

    I want to make a Master Sword-looking Tier 10 shortsword. I'm making a character who only uses "Link-type" stuff. Boomerangs, sword and shield, grappling hook(shots), stuff like that. Has anyone made a tool with an interface or at least a command assembler that will allow me to:

    1. Pick the parts of the weapon
    2. Pick the colors of the weapon
    3. Pick the tier of the weapon?

    I'm sure there's a "Legend of Zelda" weapon mod out there, but I'd rather make this as non-complicated as possible.
  2. LazerRay

    LazerRay Cosmic Narwhal

    There is a weapon assembly mod on the workshop that allows you to interchange parts of the randomly generated weapons, and it comes with another station to recolor them.

    You can swap handles, blades, and effects on melee items, stocks, barrels, and receivers for guns (You might not use that part), the painting station uses dyes and the weapon you plan to recolor and you can do any combination.

    As for picking the tier just be careful when mixing parts, you may accidentally lower the tier of a weapon.

    So you can make LoZ style weapon with it, swords and hammers while getting the effects you like.
  3. Inf_Wolf14

    Inf_Wolf14 Parsec Taste Tester

    Weapon Assembly by AlbertoRota.

    Has one station, the Weapon Assembler, which allows you to break procedurally-generated weapons into parts.
    You can then use said parts to create a new weapon with those parts. (This also includes the weapon ability.)

    The mod also has another station, the Weapon Painter, which allows you to color your weapon/weapon parts using dyes. (Full support for a certain dye mod... I'll link it when I find it.)

    Found the dye mod. Precision Dyes. Allows you to have a much greater control over the color pallete of your weapon when used with this mod.
  4. LazerRay

    LazerRay Cosmic Narwhal

    That is the exact mod I mentioned, I just use the workshop version of it, and I consider this a must have mod to begin with when working with the randomly generated weapons.
  5. Iaeyan Elyuex

    Iaeyan Elyuex Cosmic Narwhal

    Okay, I found an article about it on the wiki. I've tried many different combinations. Here's my last try.
    /spawnitem rareshortsword 1 '{"shortdescription":"Master Sword","rarity":"legendary","level":10},"blade":"2","handle":"27"{"colorindex":8}}'
    EDIT: Okay, I just found out it has to have an element. I'm adding fire.

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