Modding Help Anyone knows how the techupgrade items work?

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    So, I'm trying to make an item based upon the techupgrade items. With this I mean the upgrades you 'use' ingame to either get access to the new sector or to upgrade through the armor tiers in Sector X (Aegisalt, etc). I got the item in the game alright, and have it to unlock the "alpha" sector, although I'm fairly sure just leaving it blank works as well, and set it to:

    "tierRecipesUnlock" : "myownrecipes",

    I then proceeded to make a folder myself called myownrecipes, which contained the recipes for all my custom items on a custom crafting table. Problem is, using the item actually doesn't do anything. I know the folder is recognized by the game because I had my own custom items unlocked through the player.config, and the items are still craftable. However, making a new character removes the option to craft those same items. So that works perfectly, except that my new custom upgrade doesn't actually unlock my crafting recipes on my new character.

    Basically the idea is to have the player craft this upgrade for 1 pixel (in plain, so no crafting table or something needed) so they have access to my custom recipes, while only having a single entry/line in the player.config. If this works, it'll also make it easier for me to handle recipes later on, since as long as I keep them in that same folder, players just need to re-use the upgrade and be done.

    So my question is, does anyone have any experience with this? I really don't want to have 20 lines worth of player.config lines just for all the items I'm adding, which will only get worse the bigger the mod gets.

    EDIT: Figured it out. The worst case scenario apparently is true. These tier unlocks are actually saved in the player.config, the thing I was trying to avoid..
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