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Anyone got good coordinates they would like to share?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Day56, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. StarBrethren

    StarBrethren Phantasmal Quasar

    The owner of this thread has been less than proactive or helpful. I think he/she just though this thing would manage itself. I'm tempted to start a new thread myself since I'm already so involved in coordinates. I have a separate thread for my videos but that's completely different.
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  2. StarBrethren

    StarBrethren Phantasmal Quasar

    Here you go, haven't had chance to make a video yet.

    Beta V. Furious Koala
    Sector X:
    X Zeta Mon Majoris I b (Tundra level 10)

    X: 30406194
    Y: -43786998

    Go right from spawn to get the Pilot's Backpack, small glitch outpost, then a huge Glitch castle.
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  3. AesopTheSnake

    AesopTheSnake Poptop Tamer

    Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.08.01 PM.png Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.11.00 PM.png

    Looks like you guys are into glitch castles. There is a massive one here to the left of the drop site. It's guarded by a knight on horseback.

    83546924, -22737322
  4. Kiingy

    Kiingy Phantasmal Quasar

    Anyone had any luck finding the hunter's knife or toxic flower backpack?
  5. feel wire

    feel wire Poptop Tamer

  6. StarBrethren

    StarBrethren Phantasmal Quasar

    You craft the hunters knife at an anvil.
  7. kuja130

    kuja130 Void-Bound Voyager

    he meant the hunter's knife vanity item that goes on your back
  8. Kiingy

    Kiingy Phantasmal Quasar

    There's a Hunting Knife and a Hunter's Knife.

    The one I'm after is a drop and is part of the Hunters costume set.
  9. Eric Sheppard

    Eric Sheppard Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    A drop, you say? What mob drops it? Because I want.
  10. MeridiusWhite

    MeridiusWhite Space Hobo

  11. cheshir3

    cheshir3 Aquatic Astronaut

    I know this has nothing to do with co-ordinates but has anyone else been unable to travel to volcanic and magma planets since the most recent patch?
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  12. Paranoia Paradox

    Paranoia Paradox Yeah, You!

    This might sound incredibly silly and I've been scouring pages for quite some time looking for a possible answer, but I have yet to find any coordinates for a Glitch Mech, Apex Mech, or a Jeep. Or at least ones that don't lead me to Magma or Volcanic biomes which my Ship won't ever reach. I do appreciate the time spent reading this even if no answer is able to be provided.
  13. Andre

    Andre Void-Bound Voyager

    Looking for pilot jacket and cowboy pants , anyone?
  14. MindExplorer

    MindExplorer Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Sorry, but you are totally wrong. Kiwis are just not that easy to spot, because of their size.

    Furious Koala:

    Alpha Zeces 36 III b
    x:14628774 y:-52285651
    Biome: Forest (Meteor showers!)
    Kiwi. USMC Base to the left. Yes, with Robots and all the jazz.

    Alpha Karaxis 26 II
    x:14628760 y:-52285655
    Biome: Desert
    Kiwi. USMC Lab with Matter generator. A while after walking further you will come across yet another USMC Lab with another Matter generator.

    You have to look at the ground very closely to see them! Additionally they are growing in "areals", which means not spread over the whole planet, but in specific, small regions of it. I repeat: watch closely at the ground while walking, especially in deserts when looking for Kiwis.

    Btw, I always write down which seeds to find on planets, too. So, if someone is interested in specific seeds to find, let me know. ;)
  15. Cmmndrsnowflake

    Cmmndrsnowflake Aquatic Astronaut

    First post! woo woo! I have to thank whoever posted earlier today about Beta Zeta Cen 318 This system has so many things to offer someone just jumping into beta sector, lots of surface materials and other things it'd be worth while to check out the rest of the planets in the system imo

    beta zeta cen 318 II/III
    It is a yellow star system it's a little hard to see it's not exaclty in the middle it is actually at the top right corner of one of the more middle stars hope this helps! it also is cut off kind of so it reads a little like beta zeta cn
    This was found off of an earlier post I just explored the other planets around and found other stuff!
    Planet II has spawned a floran event for me left of the robot fortress

    Planet III has a robot fortress to the immediate left also just found on the planet to the left of the fortress a little ways is a small glitch castle with a hidden chest and a chest to the left of that in a pit with a cowboy hat! MAN this system is loaded! if you go right instead of left not far maybe 1-2 mins right is a high tech chest, that had a jump boost in it for me, a wizard tower with a legendary in his chest that sells stims for 150-200

    Planet III has an arid moon that has an abandoned mining place and human complex

    Planet II had a forest moon both of which if you walk left almost immediately you run into a new uhh fortress that i've never seen a robot fortress that both have 2 blue chests each and a matter generator that spits out the purple blocks as well as some crystals that break into many pixels and scientist outfits pretty sweet find but WATCHOUT it has many lava pit traps as well as zappy traps so be careful when jumping down platforms!!!!

    Both planets also include more chests to the left and right of varying size contents just haven't fully checked them out and I'm sure other planets in the system hold many suprises!
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2014
  16. Risukage

    Risukage Giant Laser Beams

    So I was looking for an old planet because it had cool stuff, but the coordinates no longer work and there was nothing in its spot. My system was nowhere to be found, *sniffle!*. So I poked around in the vicinity and decided to hit up the Alpha Fargle VII 8072 system at x=-39556144, y=35532962. TOTALLY. WORTH IT. Each planet has nice stuff, and I've found scads of ore and other things. A highlight of the stuff I bothered to write down after the third planet in two sectors (out of 10 "sectors" in the system) paid out like a lucky slot machine:

    IX, medium-sized snow planet: has a purple sword, electric bass guitar, acoustic guitar, UCSM facility
    IVa, desert (small): has apex apartment, small rainbow biome, not sure if more beneath surface because I couldn't be bothered
    IV, desert (big): has wedding dress in cave chest a bit to the right of the spawn point, a rare two-hander mace, and a USCM base, but mind the frequent poison pits & acid rain

    There's more stuff that I forgot to write down when I first started exploring, and I recall a Glitch village on one of the worlds, as well as a few vanity items (A Fancy Hat isn't a drop item, is it?), in addition to a sizable number of seeds. I've only explored a third to a fourth of this system and it's rather nice for Alpha sector. Time for bed, I'll explore more later and update this post if I find anything else that's nifty. :)
  17. Thorvaldus

    Thorvaldus Orbital Explorer

    Gravity Bubble Tech on planet X HM 2686 IV A Tundra biome

    X: -50382732 Y: -39657223

    Around 50-ish screens to right you will eventually go down a snowy slope and see a tech chest as you descend, this tech chest has the Gravity bubble in it!
    The slope ends what seems to be a small V shape, even the background has the same shape. Remember it is a pretty long walk to the right and you will come across multiple slopes, but as you descend you should be able to spot it immediatly, it's almost on the surface itself!

    Good luck :D

    (btw hi everyone, first post :p)

    *edit* I don't know how to get the screenshot to work through the steam shared screenshots url...so I hope an expanded description will work for now!
  18. CanIHaveAGun

    CanIHaveAGun Yeah, You!

    a glitch castle with the Wizard robe top and a Magic Scroll as a backpack. also a Mask in the first chest to the right.
    x 993
    y 1004
    delta alpha cha majoris I savannah. Go left.
    big pix

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  19. StarBrethren

    StarBrethren Phantasmal Quasar

    Ah whoops thank you for the clarification!
  20. sypher3289

    sypher3289 Aquatic Astronaut

    As a matter of fact, today is your lucky day! I was random searching Alpha sector and found a MASSIVE planet! Stats and Coords below.

    Name: Alpha Vinnland 3543 III
    X: -96596980
    Y: 20404262
    Biome: Forest

    Like I said this place is MASSIVE! Spent about 15 minutes top side. Cleared out a U.S.C.M prison to the east of the LZ. Walked a bit further east and started digging down. I spent a good hour to hour and a half underground. Keep in mind I"m using the Mass Effect mod so my Omni Tool digs pretty quick. I fell through huge cave systems, ran through some sewers, dug straight down for 30 seconds at a time. Still no bottom. Will advise, bring cold weather gear. I got down so far I hit ice caves and had to back out. (Also it's almost 4:30 in the morning and I need sleep lol) Anyways, hop you can find this planet and reach the bottom unlike me. Good luck! Have fun! Dig deep!
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