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Anyone got good coordinates they would like to share?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Day56, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. Hey_bluejay

    Hey_bluejay Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh that's pretty! Wouldnt mind nabbing some of those trees! Haha.
  2. whejl

    whejl Orbital Explorer

    I would suggest moving up to the Delta sector, where Titanium is a lot more common. You may be looking for a Slime/Cell biome since its easily mined, apart from the acid pools of course. Flesh biome on a close second. Slime and Flesh isnt at all uncommon.
  3. whejl

    whejl Orbital Explorer

    Nice catch! I found 28 Shroom chests.
    Since the loot is random it will be different for everyone, but my catch was: Several of each Chair, Table, Bed, Door, Lamp, Chest blueprints, a sword and two shields.
    In addition also 110 sugar cane seeds part of the villages and 26 tomato seeds growing wild. As you can see I'm a tomato farmer :)
  4. PDI

    PDI Space Spelunker

    I have coordinates of 4 techs in the new patch.
    One in Alpha sector and Three in X sector.

    The alpha one: (pulse jump i think)
    X -39138817 Y -22522067
    Planet Alpha Theta Aur 95 I
    I can't remember the position, but is on the surface
  5. Nyom

    Nyom Orbital Explorer

    Here is moar :3
  6. Hey_bluejay

    Hey_bluejay Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh I love it! I've never seen those plants down below. I'd love to check this planet out! c;
  7. Nyom

    Nyom Orbital Explorer

  8. Hey_bluejay

    Hey_bluejay Void-Bound Voyager

  9. unclecharles

    unclecharles Starship Captain

    Hey starbrethren, would it be possible to add what crops are on the planet you're featuring? Thanks a lot.
  10. feel wire

    feel wire Poptop Tamer

    If you circle the planet you can find the gravity bubble tech in a high tech chest resting in a small puddle of purple water on the side of a slightly dug out hill
  11. Nyom

    Nyom Orbital Explorer

    First link > red giant flowers
    2nd link > green ones
    I don't remember from where I got the other trees sorry but I'll be glad to give you some seeds to grow them.
  12. Hey_bluejay

    Hey_bluejay Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh that would be really nice of you c:
  13. Aldex

    Aldex Poptop Tamer


    Furious Koala Rainbow Cape!

    X 999999943 Y 999999985 Head left from spawn. There is also a tech chest along the way. There should be 2 rainbow chests after the Avian temple, then one near an Avian house further left. I received one rainbow bed, rainbow table, and of course the rainbow cape.

    X HR 8799 Peg 0684 II Level 9 Desert
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014
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  14. EternalNightmare95

    EternalNightmare95 Orbital Explorer

    More coordinates:
    Alpha Sector
    X 27259114 Y 91904328
    Alpha X Sgr 0830 IV
    What you will find:Currently,i only explored right,i found a tech chest with a energy dash in it,might be only for me and some other lucky people.I will edit this post if i find anything else.
    EDIT:This seems like a good planet,left 1 sec walk you will find a floran temple prison entrance.
    EDIT 2:In the floran temple,roughly 3 guns dropped,2 snipers and a assault rifle.
    EDIT 3 Past the floran temple to the left in a forest,you will encounter a beast that will burn your face (miniboss).
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014

    MKDELTA Master Chief

    Delta Obsecri 468 VI c
    X: -96686730
    Y: -85265297

    The first planet I landed on after killing the Bone Dragon. What a find! There are are mushroom villages and gun merchants scattered all over the place. Go left or right and you'll find them after a small walk. The Agarans appear to have sugar cane plantations. Mushroom Chests with blueprints are to be found. I also found two Mushroom Swords from the villages. Apparently they are a thing now?

    If you go to the left you will also find a Floran Dungeon

    I don't know if the plants which grow at the planet surface are randomized but I also found some Avesmingos.

    Weather appears to be rain and glowing rain. No meteorites so far.

    I couldn't finish exploring the plant because I got killed by a bird at night. Who knows what else there is to be found?
  16. Askedos

    Askedos Aquatic Astronaut

    Do those coordiantes just work in singleplayer? They don't work for me at all :p
  17. Sir Orange

    Sir Orange Ketchup Robot

    It could be because you're using a different OS than some of us... (Not sure)
  18. Askedos

    Askedos Aquatic Astronaut

    Yeah using mac os ^^ But the multiplayer server runs on a linux host.
    So shall I try windows singleplayer?
  19. Syrahh

    Syrahh Intergalactic Tourist

    Good Day all, do someone have coordinates of a tar planet in alpha region ??
  20. feel wire

    feel wire Poptop Tamer

    anybody find matter blocks yet?
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