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Anyone got good coordinates they would like to share?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Day56, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. TPen

    TPen Void-Bound Voyager

    Got another one
    X: -22765267 Y: -79161795
    X Rho Leo 0192 VIII (Tundra Lv 10)

    What to find: If you go left from spawn there will be two Tech chest near surface (they can be easily spoted since the sunlight reaches them). Techs are Gravity Bubble as well as Gravity Neutralizer.
    They both were between spawn and first Glitch Castle and both in some kind uphill / downhill area.
    If you go right from the spawn you can find a chest pretty close after a wodden Platform that holds a legendary sniper rifle.
    All of that stuff is not to far from spawn so it should take a pretty short time to reach them with butterfly boost or bubble. (Also noteable about the planet is the aurora background + shining rain. :>)
  2. StarBrethren

    StarBrethren Phantasmal Quasar

    HD Video for 2 Delta Sector Legendaries, Flesh Table and Chest Blueprints, and Matter Generator: http://tinyurl.com/khtyyhn - Credit to DJ Shu for discovery!
    NOTE: Flesh Table BP is directly next to spawn. The rest isn't very far.
  3. malilly

    malilly Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  4. atelierknight

    atelierknight Space Hobo

    X: 46743279
    Y: 92741765

    X Hydor 6163 VI b
    Forest Biome level 9

    To the right of spawn, Avian town. Found 'Strap Chest' in a chest, in the left part of town second floor. http://starbound.gamepedia.com/Strap_Chest

    Kind of useless, but hey if you're collecting all of the costume items it's there .

    *Edit: Furious Koala Version.
  5. Radiated Ronin

    Radiated Ronin Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  6. atelierknight

    atelierknight Space Hobo

    Confirmed, to clarify they are in two separate chests, first (heading left) is gravity neutralizer, and after is the gravity bubble. Thanks for the post!
  7. Fissurous

    Fissurous Yeah, You!

    Some X Sector things-

    X Atria 26 - 95276544, 66022996
    VIe (Tier 5 Magma)
    4 tech chests - Targeted Blink, Gravity Neutralizer, Pulse Jump, Human Mech (last one if you're going right, somewhat hidden in darkness)

    X Iota Ari Majoris - -28256416, -48632744
    IIIe (Tier 6 Arid)
    Glitch Castle to the left
    IIIf (Tier 7 Desert)
    Tech Chest with Gravity Neutralizer a 10-second walk to the right, Avian Village closer to the left
  8. SnowTooth

    SnowTooth Big Damn Hero

    Version: Furious Koala

    What you will find on this planet: 2 Legendary weapon, Many other assorted chests some with hats, 1 Floran Village (2-3 Trees), A small underground Avian marketplace, Some Cultists (Purple enimies), Some Bandits, Small Avain houses, There is loads of Iron and coal on this planet. There however is not much Copper, This is for aboveground not below. Most of the npcs, Like bandists, Florans, and Culists drop some decent weapons. There are many Small planets around the system, if you are interested in exploring them c;

    Alpha Algieba 54 IV

    Biome: Forest
    Threat level: 1
    X: 12485925
    Y: -8642996
  9. SnowTooth

    SnowTooth Big Damn Hero

    Does anyone know of a planet that has either the, Shark hat, Demon Wings, or a Rainbow cape :>? If so will you pleaes tell me ^^
  10. rampant

    rampant Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    there are several planets in this thread that have eye biomes, which have demons, which drop the wings, but it is not guaranteed that you will get wings from them right away, ive killed almost a hundred demons this patch and havent gotten any yet.
  11. Akado

    Akado Oxygen Tank

    X: 45621947
    Y: 45786242
    OS: Windows 7
    Snow Biome
    Alpha Sector

    Just to the right of spawn is a small chest with a Tesla Staff (11 dps). Travel to the left of spawn, and find an Eye Sword (9 dps), some floran huts, some avian huts, a couple of mushroom guys, and eventually an underground Floran prison. This place is awesome.

    Please be warned, if you don't have two pieces of Snow Infantry gear, you will freeze very fast.

  12. TPen

    TPen Void-Bound Voyager

    X: 37 Y:-27
    X Alpha Skl 6736 II (Grasslands lv 10)
    What to find here:
    Right from spawn:
    Legendary Greneade launcher (that shoots pigs with dynamite on their back ._.)
    If you go further to the right there is a wizard tower and behind that will be a chest with a bear hat.
    Left from spawn:
    There will be a chest with a captain's cap and a pink top (both in the same chest)
    A bit further there is an avian airship (A chest in there had the Eyesword for me but I guess the ships count as dungeons :/)
  13. rampant

    rampant Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thank you so much i wanted cap hat so much, also legendary gun is there too but i believe its effect is random as mine shot out a grenade that would explode and create a carpet bombing effect.
  14. StarBrethren

    StarBrethren Phantasmal Quasar

    HD Video for 4 T10 High-Tech Chests containing Human Tech, Bubble Boost, Energy Dash, and Targeted Blink. Also a Pink Skirt and Occupied Apex Lab: http://tinyurl.com/k7frfh7 - Credit to Roke Tempest for discovery!
  15. StarBrethren

    StarBrethren Phantasmal Quasar

    HD Video for 4 T1 Geometric Blueprints (Table, Chest, Bed, Screen) & Glitch Castle: http://tinyurl.com/m27k3ca - Credit to Anaphya for discovery!
    NOTE: This is one of the most beautiful planets I've visited. It has the large blue globe/spherical trees in a snow biome.
  16. Hey_bluejay

    Hey_bluejay Void-Bound Voyager

    Does anyone know of a nice "cherry blossom" looking planet? Id like the colors to be natural.. but I could always just take some seeds to another planet if not. I also like the rose trees..

    So really I'm asking if anyone has coordinates to a planet that has either cherry blossom looking trees, or rose trees in natural colors. I'd be super happy to find some! Thank you guys in advance.
  17. Hixt63

    Hixt63 Space Hobo

    X Nu Gem 6197 III a
    Threat Level 10
    X: 74602083
    Y: 47587699

    Left of spawn past a few surface chests is a plant matter hut inside of which there was an armed mushroom person and below the floor in some kind of prison was a Floran, the chest next to the Floran had Link's sword from the Legend of Zelda inside it for me, only it's two handed.

    Nothing else too interesting, I got a rare pistol from one of the surface chests, there are a few collections of mushroom people around some vase-like buildings (one full of lava) and then a small modern facility with two robots and a regular chest inside.

    Screenshot_6.png Screenshot_7.png Screenshot_8.png
  18. cheshir3

    cheshir3 Aquatic Astronaut

    I think I may have just found the mushroom mother load.

    Delta Gamma Ara Majoris IV
    x: 8162677

    Forest biome threat level 4

    On this planet I found every mushroom crafting blueprint as well as 5 mushroom hat blueprints. The blueprints are scattered all over the planet so I don't think direction makes a difference in terms of speed, so happy shrooming.
  19. StarBrethren

    StarBrethren Phantasmal Quasar

    HD Video for 5+ Tier 10 Mushroom Gun Vendors & 2+ Mushroom Towns: http://tinyurl.com/ko9xzv6 - Credit to David Maloney for discovery!
    NOTE: The first town is relatively close to the right.
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  20. Shaden

    Shaden Void-Bound Voyager

    Until now I've been lurking and enjoying the hell out of this thread since the patch.
    I think I finally found something worthwhile to contribute, haven't completely explored this planet but so far
    I've found Rocket Jump tech and a legendary bonehammer.

    From the spawn point, head right and you'll pass through two small human bunkers, both contain two robots and one chest, it was in one of those chests I found the bonehammer.
    Right after leaving the second bunker, you'll practically fall into the shaft where rests the green tech chest that contained Rocket Jump for me.

    Gamma Quatraz 001 VII c (grasslands)
    x: 90983583 y: -70189012
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