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Anyone got good coordinates they would like to share?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Day56, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. duckwaffle

    duckwaffle Intergalactic Tourist

    can you elaborate on this, I don't see any chests near spawn. been lookin for this tech forever
  2. Alpha R Leo Minoris VIII
    X: -176 Y: -77

    Been looking around for a planet with LOTS of moons; sharing one I managed to find... It's a gas giant with 7 moons ranging from small to medium in size. 2 are moon biome, 2 are arid biome, 2 are forest biome, and one is snow biome.

    Stuff of interest:

    VIII a (Arid Biome)
    - Glitch castle to the left
    - Plague Doctor mask in chest on 2nd floor
    - Wizard Outfit (hat & robe) in chest on top floor

    VIII b (Arid Biome)
    - Apex village immediately to the left
    - Mushroom people guarding some kind of lava torture chamber with a Floran in it
    - WARNING: Chance of meteor showers

    VIII c (Snow Biome)
    - Bandit camp to the left
    - Tech temple thing with Matter Block generator to the left
    - Also found a chest with Ushanka and Nylon Guitar in here
    - Avian house with hidden chest directly following temple

    VIII d (Moon Biome)
    - Chest with Cardboard Hobo Hat immediately to the left
    - USCM Prison to the left
    - Chest with legendary Tesla Rod (?) just past the prison

    VIII g (Forest Biome)
    - Tiny forest world with a nice Earthy look to it (put my farming colony here :)
    - Floran village to the left
    - Mini mushroom biome just before village with a Shroom Chair BP in a chest

    The other two worlds pretty much just have one village each (Floran and Avian, both to the left of spawn), with no significant loot to speak of... but keep in mind I only surveyed the surface of each world.
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  3. Sayax

    Sayax Orbital Explorer

    Level 7 planet
    x: -86314807 y: 12822253
    X Deneb Al Okab Aus 839 I b
    There is a chest close to the spawn to the right where you can find a pilot backpack.
    Also further right, about a day, you can find a rare assault rifle (as you can see in my third slot).
  4. TPen

    TPen Void-Bound Voyager

    X:30406307 Y:-43787107
    X 6 Cas Minoris III (Arid Lv 10)

    What to find here?
    2 Apex Dungeons both with Matter Blocks (First one just a few steps left next to spawn)
    An Electro Staff (Legendary) - Should be in a box that is right outside the first Dungeon (left side of it)
    A Thunderdestroyer (Legendary Rocketlauncher) in a surface chest (Somewhere between the first and second Dungeon if you move left - can't really remember the exact position)
    A dog with a doghouse that can be used as a bed *_* (As well as the mushroom guard guys that have a chance to drop their head as vanity item)
    And if you dig down pretty deep from the spawn position at some point you will reach a minibiome with lots of lanterns in it and below that is a Colorful Cavern Biome which had 2 Rainbowchests on it's highest Level (One with torches and one with a rainbow chest blueprint)
  5. StarBrethren

    StarBrethren Phantasmal Quasar

    HD Video for 3 Tier 10 Legendary Weapons, Wizard Tower, & Apex Obstacle Course: http://tinyurl.com/k8ph5mb - Credit to DiscoJacob for discovery!
    NOTE: They are all VERY close to the left.
  6. Radiated Ronin

    Radiated Ronin Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Not sure if you have found this yet. I found a rainbow biome deep underground surrounded by tar. I am not sure if this was what you are after. If you want neonmelons, this place was stuffed with them. Single rainbow chest with pixels. If you are still interested, O can repost the coordinates, as I got them here.

    Someone else asked about the Rainbow Cape. Anyone find this yet?
  7. duckwaffle

    duckwaffle Intergalactic Tourist

    So i've been looking for butterfly boost or bubble boost and have yet to find. I've tried all the new coords I could find in this thread and most of the time I can't even find the planets. When I do, the chests aren't there. Is there something that affects this?
  8. Planetary

    Planetary Space Hobo


    Starbound Coordinates List

    Gamma Coordinates:


    Gamma Marinius Minoris VI

    Rainbow biome on the surface, a few rainbow chests with blueprints. Two pirate ships with gun merchants. Deep beneath the surface is a layer of polished bones and fleshy blocks
  9. unclecharles

    unclecharles Starship Captain

    It actually adds them to your list of things you can build. Check your workbench.
  10. unclecharles

    unclecharles Starship Captain

  11. chico1596

    chico1596 Aquatic Astronaut

    Alpha Kyren 17 II a
    Threat lvl: 1
    Biome: Forest
    Finds: Large underground Florian Prison

    X: -8213708
    Y: -4134476
  12. Runlock

    Runlock Void-Bound Voyager

    Found it to underground to the left of the spawn point. It's visible during the day and within one screen of the spawn.
  13. RainbowDash911

    RainbowDash911 Intergalactic Tourist

    anyone find an Eye sword yet i've been looking for one since the update
  14. Neo_Nocturna

    Neo_Nocturna Void-Bound Voyager

    Yes, I realize this. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I couldn't put it in the 3D Printer, so I didn't farm the Oculemons required to craft the chests myself. Whichever way I choose, I still need to find Eyeball Biomes, so why not just grab the chests themselves?
  15. malilly

    malilly Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Sector: X
    Name: X Tabit 8262 III
    Coordinates: -85749379, 94866105
    Biome: Grassland
    Level: 9

    Beautiful earthlike planet besides a smaller snowplanet that looks like a moon.
    Brown earth, green gras, blue water. Mostly grassland, but also vulcanic areas.

    Walking to the right you might find:

    - Chefspawner, Doctor Spawner
    - Legendary sword
    - Trumpet
    - Miniboss x2
    - Several techchests
    - Apex Laboratory x2
  16. RandomSanity

    RandomSanity Seal Broken

    Found the ships, but I didn't find a legendary sword or a doctor spawner. Maybe it is random sometimes?
  17. StarBrethren

    StarBrethren Phantasmal Quasar

    HD Video for Gamma Sector Banana Mask, 2x Glitch Castles, Gravity Bubble, Pixel Hero Cape, Glitch King, Legendary Tesla Staff, & Tool Spawner: http://tinyurl.com/lukdfds - Credit to DiscoJacob for discovery!
  18. StarBrethren

    StarBrethren Phantasmal Quasar

    It's random inside instances, surface chests will not change except for stats on weapons and whatnot.
  19. Radiated Ronin

    Radiated Ronin Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This may be a dumb question, but chefspawner?
  20. whejl

    whejl Orbital Explorer

    Spawn is where the cobblestone and torches are.
    Cords again for newcomers: Delta Ondor 87 IV f forest lvl4 x 939 y 947
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