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Closed Any way to pay with another currency?

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Mia-Hime, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. Mia-Hime

    Mia-Hime Guest

    Well I think I know the answer..But in the future (Or it's avaible now?) there will be an option to pay with another currency? Because here in my country the dolar it's a little bit (way) expensive..I don't know how the credit cards work and I don't want to mess around with the credit card of my brother.
  2. FrozenFlame

    FrozenFlame Existential Complex

    Paypal is the only way I know that translates currency.
    Just Google up your currency like this:
    15 USD to Won (South Korean currency for example).
    Then it shows the equivalent amount, then you can load that amount (plus a tiny bit more, cause I think paypal charges a bit more for income or whatever)
    And you are lined up and good to go.
  3. Insanitor

    Insanitor Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Although the site is in Danish, you can use this: http://www.valutakurser.dk/

    It always keeps up with the Value of a Currency, so you can always get the Exact translation.

    And although it is in Danish, it's easy to figure out... Just choose your currency, write the amount, and watch the result :)
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  4. Mia-Hime

    Mia-Hime Guest

    Well there are problems here with the dollar: There are 2 versions, the illegal one that cost what it says the website, and the legal version that it's like 9-10$ (Pesos) 1$ (Dolar)...And you can only have a maximum of 1000$ of the legal version..
    If I just wouldn't have that problem...:(
  5. That's a bit hard to say, but that is the normal Dollar Currency vs the one you will pay with. You see your rate and have a more accurate estimate about how much it will charge you. If i'm not mistaken Paypal if in your account with your currency it will say how much it will charge you.
  6. Mia-Hime

    Mia-Hime Guest

    I only hope that what I have to pay, it will be on my currency, because like I said..I'm not in times to buy dollars
  7. If your paypal account is in your currency, when you go to the payment it must convert that value. :lolwut:
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  8. Mia-Hime

    Mia-Hime Guest

    Ok, thank you so much, I will try n.n
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  9. Zombie Draxx

    Zombie Draxx Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeah I live in New Zealand and just bought it via Pay Pal in New Zealand dollars. It converted it for me and told me the $20 USD converted will charge $24 NZD before I confirmed and paid. So you can do that and then top up your paypal as needed.
  10. Kevio

    Kevio Star Wrangler

    Yeah, Paypal will automatically convert it for you and tell you what you are paying to equal the USD amount.
  11. Ethenyl

    Ethenyl Astral Cartographer

    The best way to pay with another currency without thinking too much is PayPal. Fast, easy and very secure.

    With it you can even choose to use PayPal exchange rate or the global rate (you'll have to check by yourself for the explaination).

    PayPal FTW !
  12. xxMixerxx

    xxMixerxx Void-Bound Voyager

    Well, i bought it with euros and used Amazon Payments.(Sorry if this has been answered. I didn't read the whole topic.)
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