Any good way to level up your mining skill in stardew valley?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pokemoncrusher1, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Has the title says looking for a easy way to level up my mining skill. Without mining and using easy trick such has using crab pots to quickly level up fishing
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      Just enter any level and smash all the rocks instead of fighting or going downwards. This thread really doesn't belong here, this place is actually for mods and retextures of the player character. You'd probably wanna post in the general discussions board maybe? But yea unfortunately there's no easy way to level it all the way up, I just recommend smashing every single rock, continuing down the mine when you run out of rocks, eating some field snacks (you can get them from trash cans and crafting w/ the normal tree seeds), and just continue. Luckily there's tons of trees to chop down for the acorns n stuff so you should be able to make a ton of field snacks for that.
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        Yeah I just realized I thought it meant player has in the actual player. Thanks though

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