Any good/similar games to play while we wait?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mitsie, Apr 4, 2017.

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    I'm a huge fan of Advance Wars and am so excited to see a spiritual successor in the works. I'm seeing a lot of people on the forums begin to compare Wargroove not just to Advance Wars, but to other games as well that I hadn't even heard of. Besides the obvious Fire Emblem, what are some similar tactical games that you guys recommend? For really any system-I have a large gaming collection and can play on most systems older and newer.
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      Despite seeming like an obvious genre, the Wars series is pretty much the sole resource-based tactical game. For the most part, the only games that I know of that come close to Advance Wars would be some mobile games. Including: Lost Frontier, Great Little War Game, and Warbits. There tend to be a lot more tactical-rpgs, if you're looking to scratch that grid-based itch. Fire Emblem (as you mentioned), Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, or even Wakfu to name just a few. If you have a 3ds, I would personally recommend Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, it's not a perfect game, but it's really good for the price. You can get it for like $9 at Gamestop, because it's not very popular.

      In general, however, the specific genre that Advance Wars is has been in a drought. If anyone else knows more resource-based tactics games, please share!
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      • ComatosePhoenix

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        BAM Rondo of Swords A very unique not fire emblem game.
        Also don't forget shining force, the other Not fire emblem game.

        More recently there is Chaos Reborn, a reboot of a surprisingly long running series of wizard point control games. made by the same guy who did X-Com back in the day.
        Project X zone mixes Tactics with fighting games because Capcom only knows how to make fighting games.
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          I'm a little late, only just found this game, but I have 2 suggestions.

          The first is Skulls of the Shogun, a undead samurai-themed turn-based tactics game. There are a few features and mechanics that set it apart from advance wars, like circle-based movement and knock-back effects, and a General that gains in health the longer you wait before activating him.

          The second is Battle for Wesnoth, a medieval fantasy turn-based tactics game that is free software (not free-to-play). It's been updated and worked on for years, and as a result has a wide variety of races and campaigns. Plus, its completely free, so why not give it a try?
          • Bamboozler

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            In case anyone comes here looking for games while waiting for Wargroove - Armies of Gielinor is Jagex's version of a 3D isometric turn-based tactical/strategy game. Same concept as Advance Wars however it has characters and monsters from Runescape.
            • Colony

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              Obviously Tiny Metal, you can buy this game on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, computer. So far there's only campaign and skirmish which is just like the war room from Advance Wars. Multiplayer will be added soon, and hopefully, map design.

              Uniwar, free and available for mobile devices. A futuristic TBS game of a war between three different factions. Sapiens(humans), Krahleans(bug alien), and Titans(robots). There isn't much a story, but there are some missions that are fun. The community is hella active and this game leans more towards multiplayer, but BEwArE of the IAP(in-app purchases).
              • KyRoS37

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                In to the Breech is a pretty cool new spin on the genre. Unity of Command is a really solid turn-based game. Banner Saga 1 and 2 are similar and supposed to be really good. I have them through Twitch Prime, but haven't been able to play yet. LegionWar for android is pretty solid. Out of the ones others have mentioned, Battle of Wesnoth is a really awesome game and available for PC and mobile. UniWar is one of my favorite android games of all time. Lost Frontier is really great and quite overlooked.

                Sadly, there just aren't that many really good games in the genre. Wargroove looks like it could easily catapult itself right to the top though.
                • Strict_Gryphon90

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                  I highly recommend Shattered Throne. It's available on Steam for $10. It plays just like Advance Wars, except it has 3 factions with their own unique units (Not just renames/reskins), and each faction has 3 leaders with their own abilities that compliment their faction. You charge your power meter by building combo points on enemy units before killing them, which are earned by attacking them and not attacking other units. It's got a pretty lengthy campaign too, with 3 difficulty settings. It even has a map editor where you can control events and triggers, and online asynchronous multiplayer.
                  • japhib

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                    If you're looking for a mobile game, someone already mentioned Uniwar but I'd also suggest Polytopia. They're both free and have pretty decent-sized player bases. Neither of them have hero units but they're excellent turn-based strategy games with both single-player and multi-player modes.

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