Any good/similar games to play while we wait?

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    I'm a huge fan of Advance Wars and am so excited to see a spiritual successor in the works. I'm seeing a lot of people on the forums begin to compare Wargroove not just to Advance Wars, but to other games as well that I hadn't even heard of. Besides the obvious Fire Emblem, what are some similar tactical games that you guys recommend? For really any system-I have a large gaming collection and can play on most systems older and newer.
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      Despite seeming like an obvious genre, the Wars series is pretty much the sole resource-based tactical game. For the most part, the only games that I know of that come close to Advance Wars would be some mobile games. Including: Lost Frontier, Great Little War Game, and Warbits. There tend to be a lot more tactical-rpgs, if you're looking to scratch that grid-based itch. Fire Emblem (as you mentioned), Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, or even Wakfu to name just a few. If you have a 3ds, I would personally recommend Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, it's not a perfect game, but it's really good for the price. You can get it for like $9 at Gamestop, because it's not very popular.

      In general, however, the specific genre that Advance Wars is has been in a drought. If anyone else knows more resource-based tactics games, please share!
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        BAM Rondo of Swords A very unique not fire emblem game.
        Also don't forget shining force, the other Not fire emblem game.

        More recently there is Chaos Reborn, a reboot of a surprisingly long running series of wizard point control games. made by the same guy who did X-Com back in the day.
        Project X zone mixes Tactics with fighting games because Capcom only knows how to make fighting games.
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          I'm a little late, only just found this game, but I have 2 suggestions.

          The first is Skulls of the Shogun, a undead samurai-themed turn-based tactics game. There are a few features and mechanics that set it apart from advance wars, like circle-based movement and knock-back effects, and a General that gains in health the longer you wait before activating him.

          The second is Battle for Wesnoth, a medieval fantasy turn-based tactics game that is free software (not free-to-play). It's been updated and worked on for years, and as a result has a wide variety of races and campaigns. Plus, its completely free, so why not give it a try?

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