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What would you prefer for the other NPCs?

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  1. Single species for families

  2. species based on personality

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  1. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    Lewis has got to be a Schnauzer... or Dachshund... hes perfect for it

    (also, its been bothering to no end... look at Gus and Lewis... put a green cap with an M on Lewis, and a Red cap on Gus...WHO do they look like?!)
    • Eldian

      Eldian Cosmic Narwhal

      I'm in favor of Dragon Wizard, to further hint the whole "is Abigail's true dad" that seems to be implied in game (Have yet to find those texts)
      • Gotheran

        Gotheran Phantasmal Quasar

        Morris would totally be a snake or some sort of really nasty critter. OOOH Maybe a spider!

        Anyone else thinking Beaver Robin?
        • Biofreak192

          Biofreak192 Void-Bound Voyager

          are the plans for make the player have diferent anthros species? because there is currently a accesorie that look like a beak and i like to pretend i playing with a avian from starbound
          • Thirtyeight

            Thirtyeight Void-Bound Voyager

            Not sure if you want to add text changes to the mod, but in one of Linus' texts, he refers to himself as human. Should this be changed?
            • Bonabopn

              Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

              I remember Maru mentioning it once too. But changing it would be changing more than the appearance, and it might conflict with other mods that affect those files.
              • LackeDragon

                LackeDragon Phantasmal Quasar

                I love this mod!
                Actually making some Anthro Players series right now to fit in all of that :D
                Have some difficulties with the tail though. (Also, not sure why I got red line on the hands when stopped facing left/right, but meh xD)

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                • bulbaswat

                  bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  How did you do the ears? That's a part I've been struggling with in my attempts.
                  • LackeDragon

                    LackeDragon Phantasmal Quasar

                    The only "good" way I found is to add them on the hairstyles.
                    It still disapears under hats though.
                    • haley2

                      haley2 Void-Bound Voyager

                      Hmm.. that face and those ears look pretty identical to my player mod. You wouldn't happen to be copying me, would you? ;P Either way, I like how the tail is turning out, so... keep up the good work, I guess? :)
                      • LackeDragon

                        LackeDragon Phantasmal Quasar

                        That's because there are your ears :p
                        I actually didn't finished the ears when I posted these screens. I only made the tail. And since I had your mod installed... x)
                        But now the ears are done too :p
                        No worries.

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                        • haley2

                          haley2 Void-Bound Voyager

                          Haha, it's fine! I was mostly just joking. :p I really am glad someone else is working on a player sprite mod like this, adding a tail has been giving me a lot of trouble. ._.
                          • Corraidhín

                            Corraidhín Supernova

                            wow that looks pretty good! how would it look with a character sporting a long hair? (aka the longest one available)
                            • LackeDragon

                              LackeDragon Phantasmal Quasar

                              Ahah ok^^ Yeah Tail is... a problem. The biggest problem is the pant taking priority :c
                              Like here, it's not perfect. The tail overlap on the running animation but I modified it to be less visible.

                              Though, for the face... It's clearly similar but, at first, the muzzle was longer. Strange thing is, it was creating a problem with the blinking animation : if the nose was too long and "overlaped" with the chin, the blinking animation was taking the chin within it... making a unibrow on the character... o_O
                              It was... weird... So I had to do something similar to yours for the muzzle.
                              Though, if you have a solution I didn't found, I would be happy to know it :eek:

                              About what? The tail? Something like that (see file)
                              (Base is the one by Haley. Didn't started the female one yet :p)

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                              • haley2

                                haley2 Void-Bound Voyager

                                Huh. That's really weird, I'm not sure why that would happen. :unsure: I guess it must've crossed over into another sprite somehow, but I've never had any issues like that
                                • LackeDragon

                                  LackeDragon Phantasmal Quasar

                                  Well try it you will see :p
                                  Just put the chin on your mod one pixel lower in the first line of faces (so it is on the torso) and try in game :)
                                  It's so weird xD
                                  • EmmyBears

                                    EmmyBears Aquatic Astronaut

                                  • Firepaw Da Cat

                                    Firepaw Da Cat The Fluffy Cat

                                    Wow, that looks great! I was hoping people would start drawing anthro Leah [​IMG]
                                    • KorvasTerindar

                                      KorvasTerindar Void-Bound Voyager

                                      These are by far the best anthro mods I've seen. I love them. They make everyone in the town sooooo much more appealing to look at
                                      • TheFiddleCat

                                        TheFiddleCat Big Damn Hero

                                        How have you been making the muzzle? I personally edited the accessories file to make a muzzle in the beards section so it uses the hair color.
                                        Couldn't figure out tail though, like Haley. Hah:cry:
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