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  1. ppm4587

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    Today 10th October Chunklefish do a direct here.

    I feel it very interesting, and I wait for the rest of commander and if there are more armies than human and skeletons, but I can wait.

    Thanks for this streamings.
    • MongooseCalledFred

      MongooseCalledFred Starship Captain

      I'm pretty sure there are two other armies to get up to four factions total.
      • ppm4587

        ppm4587 Master Chief

        Floran is going to be the next, at least I hope it. But it's going to be eight general, eight faction or armies could be a option. But in the videos you can see how to mix armies with generals.
        • Chizuru Minamoto

          Chizuru Minamoto Astral Cartographer

          This picture was from the trailer.
          Also if you go to the "Media" page on the website, it says "12+ generals", but we know they have at least 13 generals. There will be, as of now, 4 factions, each with 3 generals :
          -CherryStone Kingdom with Mercia and two more unknown generals.
          -The Felheim Legion with Valder and Ragna and a third one.
          -The Yellow faction who's name is unknown but seems to have, from the main theme and face, maybe asian themed? (If you haven't, check on youtube the main theme of the game, when the instrument changes, the face of a character appears, which probably implies the theme of each faction?).
          -The Green faction which we have no clue who's in what yet.

          The 13th general is most likely Nuru :nuruhappy: (Given the fact that this is the Campaign Mode selection screen, it would make sense Nuru doesn't get a campaign until you finished all the others, right?), although it could also be that the green faction is actually the Florans... but I'd say its the hidden one.

          As for the names of missing characters, from the last stream, they could include :
          And given the order they appear in the list... Mercia is top of the list followed by Oldman, Caesar, Valder, Ragna, and Sigrid... So if we follow the logic of generals being listed by team, Cherrystone Kingdom team should be composed of Mercia, Oldman and Caesar, and the Felheim Legion of Valder, Ragna and Sigrid.

          Durring the stream, in the editor, there were player choices up to 8 players, but outside of the editor, maps are stored in 4 types of maps : 1 player, 2 players, 3 players and 4 players. So either they plan a 8 player game but didn't yet change the main menu, OR the players 5,6,7 and 8 are to be controlled by bots for events, like if you'd want to have 4 players fighting on a map where every 5 turns, a group of bandits appear on the map and would go attack randomly on any player.

          Hope this answers your questions? At least, that's my thoughs about it, we'll see how it evolves.
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          • SamuriFerret

            SamuriFerret Tallest Artist Chucklefish

            To help clear this up, the green faction are the Floran faction, with Nuru as one of the Commanders!
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            • Chizuru Minamoto

              Chizuru Minamoto Astral Cartographer

              Oh, alright. I didn't think you'd actually make a full team of them, guess I was wrong. Now I wonder who the others will be though... I mean, you only have one clearly defined Floran character in Starbound so far, unless you throw in a new one with the Peacekeepers in the next update... or the Terramart shopkeeper :nurutease:.
              But thanks for the info, I appreciate it! Looking forward to see what you brewed for the game :nuruhype:
              • ppm4587

                ppm4587 Master Chief

                Thanks Chizuru, you left me clear a lot of thinks about the game.

                4 IA players, I think that is a lot, but better more than less. At least, that I like to give a little role twist in the campaings that I'll make, It`s could be nice. To make friends/foes/neutrals IAs. :nuruflirt::nurunega::nurutease:

                As I said before, you made a lot of work to answer me, and i love it. Thanks. Yes, we'll see how it evolves :nurunaughty:
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                • Chizuru Minamoto

                  Chizuru Minamoto Astral Cartographer

                  It is a lot, but then, if you'd want to make say, each player must protect a small group of soldiers to not lose the game or why not, that each player gets reinforcements in the form of an AI controlled squad that enters the level at some point, then you would need 4 AIs. Now though I think it was already confirmed at some point that it was a 4 player game, so its most likely for the AI. But wait and see, the game isn't out yet.

                  You're welcome, I enjoy trying to help when I can, and given this forum isn't the most active and I'm trying to follow the game as much as I can, might as well try to help. And Jay (SamuriFerret) also confirmed a thing I wasn't sure about, so its a double win for me, and anyone who wondered! :nuruhappy:
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                  • metalreflectslime

                    metalreflectslime Seal Broken

                    How do you use different color fonts on this forum?

                    Anyways, I think you mean from left to right, "Sigrid, Ragna, and Valder" because Ragna occupies the second slot and Valder occupies the third slot.
                    • Chizuru Minamoto

                      Chizuru Minamoto Astral Cartographer

                      I mean from the order they were in the editor durring the stream. And in their stream, the order was Top character which is, I can only assume, Mercia, Oldman, Caesar, Valder, Ragna, Sigrid. I think the way you are supposed to read their character select screen is "Leader of the faction is always the farthest from the inner most area". And just for good measure, I went to do a screen capture of the stream, so here you go. :nurunaughty:


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