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Would you like to craft with metal this way or reuse metal items or both

  1. Yes to crafting and recrafting both ways

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  2. Yes to ONLY crafting with metal that way

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  3. Yes to ONLY recrafting with metal that way

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  4. No to BOTH

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  1. G-Mac

    G-Mac Void-Bound Voyager

    I had made a suggestion just earlier to add smelting stations with their tiers and some other things and I was wondering if you could use the casting (or casting stations directly connected to the smelting station(even if part of the multi-block structure)) along with the already existent anvils etc... to not only cast metal bars but to make crude unworked metal items (like a rod or ball of metal) that can be shaped at that anvil (for the non-super-technological ones) into the proper tool and of course it should probably be the same crude metal item(s) for several different tools/weapons, you could also, for multi-step processes, make it so that you can turn the crude components into things like handles and hammer, axe, or plow heads and then combine them in a normal furnace (where you would melt them together).
    Also it is a good thing you are planning to have tungsten included because that could easily be used as a smelting station block, it has a very high melting point in reality. although you could not melt a tungsten ore or ingot or whatever in a furnace made of tungsten or lesser material because in reality the furnace would melt also. That's where you would need an Atomic smelting station.
    Another thing that I think would be cool is if you could meltdown old tools and weapons (or certain found ones) in a smelting or alloying station and use them for something else. Instead of being forced to sell (for VERY low prices) your valuable weapons etc... you could reuse them maybe to build something out of that material, or make a new weapon with an alloy you made or whatever.

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