Animation cancelling?

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    So, elsewhere I read that some players are using a technique called animation cancelling. I don't want to mess that thread up with this discussion as it is tangential but not related fully.

    The quote is here, though I can't seem to get the quote tags to work properly. I am not going to credit the author as I don't think it matters, no responsibility is assumed fr them. I verified the use of this on a youtube video where the player mentioned using it.

    "Also, Haboo is currently using a trick called animation cancelling, which is basically that if you press r+right shift+delete right after using a tool, it'll cancel the animation and save a little time. (He has those buttons mapped to other buttons on his mouse to make that easier.) But even without that he was getting 35 fairly consistently and 40 occasionally."

    Is this a mod ? Is this a feature? Did some-one find it in the code? Does it work in multiplayer?

    What are we talking about here?
    • Elenna101

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      It's a feature in the code (PC only), no mods required. Possibly it was added for debugging purposes? I haven't seen it used in multiplayer but I imagine it should also work there.
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        Consider it this game's equivalent of the Konami Kode.

        I haven't done as much research on this topic as it probably deserves, but from everything I've uncovered about it so far (which, let's be honest, isn't a whole lot), it's PC only so it's probably some kind of either developer tool or glitch/exploit that was corrected/removed in console versions, much like the naming of chickens to produce items when you speak with them.

        I looked for unintended synergies with the button presses to see if there was some other reason for it, but couldn't find one. So either it is intentional (or at least originally intentional, much like a dev tool like the Konami Kode), or a bug in the code of the game itself. And since it isn't present in console versions, but IS still present in at least 1.4.0 (the version that Haboo runs on, prior to the nerf of the explosive ammo), I'd lean to the former more than the latter.

        Other than that, it's awkward enough that it is not particularly useful unless you rebind keys on a keyboard (mind you, not the game's controls, the actual keyboard itself needs to have buttons reassigned if you want to do what The Haboo does), so it's not generally something I see as worth delving into other than for the curiosity's sake

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