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RELEASED Animal Husbandry Mod (former Butcher Mod) [v2.2.2]

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Digus, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. coldazrael

    coldazrael Void-Bound Voyager

    Hey there, I've been using this mod so far and I seem to find some.. oddities on the people tastes, mainly evelyn and emily is just kinda generalized as they disliked meats and meat dishes, it's like they are somehow turned into pescetarian. Is this canon or not? If it's not then what sort of bases that makes you think if they could hated meats and meat dishes? I see no problem with Marnie hating meat products though, since she loved her farm animals dearly.

    Edit :
    I saw one of your comments in nexusmods mentioned about CA's mistake about some characters meant to be vegetarian and.. some sort of generalized stuff.
    1st, some characters meant to be vegetarian, well I really don't know about this, does CA made any statement regarding of this one?
    2nd, some characters hated most of fish dishes, but some fished dishes were liked, well this is going to be long one. Lets start from Evelyn, what I think about Evelyn liking some of the dishes, and hated many of it, she's likely hating the odour of the fish not the fishes. She mentioned herself when giving anything she hated she always says 'smells awful'. As far as I know, most of fishes (incl shellfishes) odours will gone and kaput once you cooked them, well it turned the smell to be fresh and mouth-watering. Next for Emily, this is just simple, she simply hated raw fishes. Sashimi? maki rolls? the fishes are raw. I also consider that she hated tuna (which is one of the ingredients of Fish Taco) and salmon somehow, probably allergies? I have a sort of allergies on tuna dishes though, it feels itchy in my throat once i ate them. How she hated eels is just pretty much normal I think, eel dishes are just quite unique, if not then it's probably allergies. Then Elliot who hated sea cucumber but likes lucky lunch, is just quite simple I think, go google and see how the sea cucumber looks like lol. Some people would've easily disgusted or scared by that. There are many more but ill zip it here for now unless you need more proof.

    So I think it would be make more sense if Evelyn have no prob with meat dishes at all (just neutral at least), perhaps some specific dislikes and specific hates would be okay, but general hates and general dislikes without valid reasons seems a bit off. As for raw meats, she probably accepted it since she will cook it for George, who loves and likes some of the meat dishes. I kinda worried for health issues but I found that she's okay with sweets without worrying about diabetes.
    And for Emily.. This is kinda confusing for me, honestly she would made a good vegetarian character but she seemed to like some fish dishes and as a fashionista like herself surely she owned some clothes thats made of animal hides. She loves cute animals like squirrels but what about rabbits? they are cute but I gave her rabbit wools almost everyday yet she don't really mind about it. She's probably only wanted to live healthy, judging her love for survival burger and gave mostly vegetable dishes recipe. My conclusion is she would like all/most/least meat dishes (not loved) for raw meats it would be generally neutral or some meats are liked.
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    • Digus

      Digus Ketchup Robot

      In the case of Evelyn, there is one strong evidence. During the Stardew Valley Fair, she complains that Gus made no vegetarian option. And despite that, the only thing you can get from the barbecue is Survival Sandwich. That for me is a clear example that CA removed the meat dishes late in development. You would probably get bacon cheese burger from that barbecue.
      We don't know why Evelyn wouldn't eat meat, could be for her health. So she might have no problem cooking it for George and Alex, but would not eat it herself.
      But cooking for them would not make she like receive meat as a gift for herself. Moms usually cook for the household, but give them a pan on their birthday to see if they like it. :p

      In the mod I made only 2 characters (Evelyn and Emily) be fully vegetarian, out of more than 25. They both disliked most fish dishes and have life style or phrases that don't oppose to that idea.
      And some of the fish dishes they like are dishes that everybody likes, like baked fish. Since all character default to liking cooking items you can't really say they like it, it can easily be that CA forgot to add custom likes and dislikes for that dish, or didn't looked into it much further after adding the dish.
      Marnie likes fish dishes but CA himself said that one of the reason for he to remove butchery from the game was Marnie not wanting to sell animals to be butchered later. So it made sense for here to not like meat.

      Talking about canon, you can say that most character are pescetarian since there is really few mentions on meat in the game. Maru, Linus, Alex and Gus are one of the few with evidence otherwise.(From festival and events) So a mod will never be canon and we need to take some liberties when making stuff.

      In the end it was just something I had to decide for one thing or another. So you don't have to agree, but I wanted to make a few characters not like meat for the sake of variety and these 3 were the ones that made most sense. But it was not something I made without giving a lot of thought into.

      I hope you can still enjoy the mod without agreeing with me.
      • coldazrael

        coldazrael Void-Bound Voyager

        Perhaps I kinda overlooked that Evelyn and Gus was present during the fair lol, and yeah, I just learned that they were indeed present. And I know about the removal of meat dishes by CA just I'm not sure the meat dish removal is something to do with people's taste. Bacon Cheese Burger? Thats expensive stuff lol you're probably getting roast bacon instead :/ The proof is indeed sounds strong, but to call her a vegetarian still kinda premature for me. She could just use the term 'vegetarian option' while she's not vegetarian at all. Gus also might've served all-meat dishes during the fair, and it's quite normal to complain if there's no vegetables in a such festival like that while there always be various of foods during other festivals.
        For health issue is it kinda contradicts with her love of sweets? She's a damn kind woman and I can't let her die cuz of diabetes :oops: . If she might have no problem to cook it for George and Alex, then why you put a dislike for raw meats? She's a kind woman and doesn't seem to be a woman who force her way of life to someone. She also seems to be a woman that is 'always glad to help someone'. Pan.. Well I don't think a pan could be compared with food. Still even if she's vegetarian, it doesn't mean she have to dislike all sort of meat and meat dishes, her dislike for meat dishes seem to be okay, but I don't think the same about raw meats, at least just neutral.

        I'd rather say pescetarian instead of vegetarian, not even fully, I've had your mod installed for about a month and yet emily and evelyn still likes getting seafood dishes.
        Even if CA forgot to add custom likes and dislikes for certain seafood dishes it doesn't mean you can call them vegetarian unless a statement were made. If CA forgot to add some I could just say the same that they forgot to filter those people's likes of vegetables. What I think is CA might have a inconsistent point of view like seeing animals referred only to barn animals, or.. CA might've been pressurized by some people who against the butchery of barn animals (why even CA still putting those sprites anyway if they were really that serious to remove those meat content), there might be other reasons though. Again for Marnie, I have no qualms for her. Most of the proof for Marnie is quite strong, she loved her barn animals dearly and obviously won't even like to see them butchered.

        I won't call most of the characters were pescetarians either, like I said, no official statements were made and just like what you said, CA might've made some mistake. CA being mistaken or not, I merely trying to support their decision as much as possible. Likely not to damage the character's personality but enhanced it instead. Just the problem is many people have different views regarding of enhancing and damaging.

        About varieties, I didn't spot one of characters that liked or disliked just a group of meat, like red meats(cow, mutton, pork) and its dishes or white meats(chicken, duck, rabbit) and its dishes. Yet you put it a character that have less proof than Marnie to hate all sort of meat and meat dishes. I do understand about being liberal to make mods. I believe you did your best about those people's taste but it doesn't mean I call you perfect on all forms either, yet in the end I expressed all those long statements for the sake of your mod's good side. I have no means to damage you or your reputation either though.

        I totally enjoyed your mod, I didn't even change any configs except the prices and numbers of obtained meats that I found one of them which is mutton, since I was getting a ridiculously high profit so I did a little tweak on that. If I didn't enjoy it I obviously stay sit and keep my mouth shut all the time.
        • Ginger256

          Ginger256 Aquatic Astronaut

          Hey there! Love the mod - it's something I felt was really missing. And I'm sorry if this is posting in the wrong place - I've been Googling this problem for a bit and can't find a solid answer - but my game gets stuck saving if I have the Meat Cleaver or Snack Basket in my inventory or chests when I go to bed. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? (If this isn't the right place, please point me in the right direction.)
          • Digus

            Digus Ketchup Robot

            Maybe she has no problem with diabetes, but has some cardio problem, or cholesterol.
            The deal with raw meat is that it is disliked by default by all. Just like raw fish.
            Evelyn hate all raw fish, so I thought it made sense for her to hate all raw meat, since I was making her not like meat dishes.
            Linus and Pam are neutral to fish, so I made than also neutral to raw meat. O also added Jodi and Gus because they like to cook, and thought of a hunting background for Kent, so he is also neutral to raw meat.
            There are some specific ones like Alex like beef because he can give it to Dust, and Shane hate chicken meat because he love the animals. Leah hates mutton because he has some love for goats and goat cheese.

            Yes, you can always express you opinion. I have no problem with criticism. I'm glad you are still liking the mod.
            Mutton was balanced to be better than most meat. Goats and sheep are lackluster in the base game, I thought of making them better by meat. But in the end they are all thought to have different advantages one over the other.
            I made a spreadsheet played around with lots of values until deciding for the ones I did. Pigs are still king on value per day. But they are a long time investment. Rabbits are the best with you want a fast cycle, but sheep are a little bit faster and just a little less money. Those 3 are the most expensive animals, and are late tier animals, so they are suppose to be better.
            In the early tier, chickens and cows give really low profit meat wise, but they are already kings on animal products. Their meat are good to eat thought, since they are cheaper and give nice buffs when cooked.
            Ducks are great to sell their meat without fully raise them. Since coops will have an incubator anyway, you should always have a duck egg their to sell the duckling you get the meat as soon as it mature.
            Goats milk are almost as good as cows, the con being they produce only every-other day, but the profit is almost the same. But their meat sell for much more. They have the highest base meat price proportionally, and their profit per day stays the same from mature until fully grown.
            All that was thought and re-thought when choosing the values, and that was the best I could do without changing the animal values of the base game.

            You can talk anything about the mod here.
            It sounds you are having problems with PyTK. It's been a while since anyone has reported problems like that. Are you using the latest version of everything? Are you in beta or using 2.1.2?
            Please post you log so I can have a better idea of what is happening.
            • coldazrael

              coldazrael Void-Bound Voyager

              Well I see that you put your base on game logics, just why did you put it dislike by all like fishes? The default of vegetables is mostly liked isn't it?
              What I thought why CA put dislike to all fishes is probably because this is bloody farming game, not fishing game. Meats are farm products, why even you put mass dislike just like fish? I kinda felt you were discouraging your own mod (hopefully not lol )
              This is just perhaps a merely different point of view, (you generalize animal meats and fish meats because they are indeed 'meats', yet I generalize vegetables and animal meats because they are farm products) imo, i prefer that it would be better if meats were in default not same just like fishes. This is game is about farming after all. I was surprised that Emily hates my orange chicken, then I discovered that she hates all meat dishes, well I was thinking about game logic that time, which is most cookings are liked in default. Then I found you're actually set the likings based on your own mind, but still unclear that you are following the defaults of the game or based on the story. Making characters to be put based on your point of view is okay, just the problem is I see nothing about character overhauls in the description. If this mod really contains character overhaul then kindly to put it on the description. Or perhaps if you could make the config about people's likes and dislikes? If this is impossible, don't mind it though.

              Oh damn I think that I might've done a mistake lol
              I didn't oversee how long does duck and goats mature, and about the ducks made good profit without fully raising them.. I didn't expect this too, I always dissect them on high to maxed hearts. If you'd be so kind to upload the default meat.json and animal.json, mate? xD
              • Zosa

                Zosa Phantasmal Quasar

                hi, i know i am butting in but ca did actually specify in an interview that he felt really bad about killing the farm animals he made because he found them too endearing once drawn xD i was sifting through all the soundbites i could get ahold of to see if he was ok with fan-creations(turns out he encourages modding but i have not found out if direct fanart is ok with him). he removed the option because of his own personal feelings towards his creations not as any sort of message about human diet
                • Digus

                  Digus Ketchup Robot

                  Never occurred I could be discourage the mod by making meat, something you produce, being default dislike. I went more thought a realist notion of someone who lives in the city. People don't give meat and fish as presents, and people would probably not like receiving it as presents.
                  Meat and Meat Dishes likes and dislikes was something I added later. You are right, I forgot to put any description about that, there is only a change log saying that I added it. I will fix that later.
                  Cooking is still default to liked. In the base game there are two character that default all cooking to disliked. Willy and Korbus. Korbus you can expect, but Willy gives no sign of it except he just don't like most dishes. No I never thought it would be a problem to have 3 characters not linking meat dishes.
                  As you ae asking why they like meat, I had people come to me complaining about the opposite. Why is Leah not a vegetarian.
                  Some also asked to for an option to config likes and dislikes.
                  It is not that it is impossible, but the way I coded, it would give more trouble that I was willing to change it.
                  Here is the code if you want to check any other likes and dislikes: https://github.com/Digus/StardewValleyMods/blob/master/ButcherMod/common/DataLoader.cs
                  Content Patcher mod might help you with that.
                  I won't promises anything, but I will think about ways to override my values. It might not be that difficult to just create a file that let you override things without having to place the default data there.

                  If you delete the file they will recreate with the default values.

                  I was there on twitch when he gave that first interview to Leth. Got to ask some questions myself.
                  Later the gave another interview stating that he is a vegetarian himself. And to think he even started to implement butchery in spite that, show he was interested in make a great game, not give some lecture. If he said he felt that was better for the feeling of the game to not have butchery in it, I believe him. I just don't have to agree, and that is why I made the mod.
                    Last edited: Jul 30, 2018
                  • Zosa

                    Zosa Phantasmal Quasar

                    ah, that is neat. is there a link to that interview?

                    personally i can understand his sentiment. i've been sitting on the buchery mod since i only intend to keep animals until spring(i am a forager not a farmer) but after installing the elle's mods the other day i feel soooooooo reluctant :rofl: they are just adorable<3 frankly i'd much rather have an option to buy pre-cut meat from pierre now the same way i buy meat irl(i learned early from rabbit and chook raising i am not cut out to butcher irl, guess it is the same in the game)
                    • coldazrael

                      coldazrael Void-Bound Voyager

                      oh no no, I always welcome for anyone who's butting me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Just kiddingxD
                      Yeah I know about that as well, but how serious he tried to remove it is questionable, the meat sprites still exist though. Even if it's about human diet or smth, i have no qualms for his decision. As long he made it clear if he's gonna remove the meat content completely or not.

                      Krobus hates all cookings, willy is just picky. Actually Leah is fit to be vegetarian though, way fitting than emily does, imo.
                      Well then I'd be waiting for the upcoming config, unless editing with content patcher took less time perhaps I'll consider to edit it myself.

                      Ah great, thanks for the info :)
                      • Digus

                        Digus Ketchup Robot

                        Leth Q&A:

                        Article where I read he is vegetarian:
                        There is no answer from him, the article just say he is.

                        As for the mod, you can still install it just to give treats to your animal. You can disable completely.
                        You can also just enable insemination so you can reproduce them without having to buy each one.
                        • Ginger256

                          Ginger256 Aquatic Astronaut

                          Alright, I think I did this right: https://log.smapi.io/Us1CZBH6 And I'm not using the beta, and I believe I got the latest versions, but I could be wrong.

                          (Sorry, I'm a bit of a mod noob, at least when it comes to Stardew Valley)
                          • coldazrael

                            coldazrael Void-Bound Voyager

                            What I saw in page 1 is it only works on 1.2.33 for non-beta user, but the rest is.. well let's hear what the thread starter said
                            • Digus

                              Digus Ketchup Robot

                              All mods using harmony are conflicting.

                              If I would have to guess, I think "Better Artisan Good Icons - SDV 1.2" is causing the problem, as I know older versions of Animal Husbandry, PyTK and SpaceCore are compatible with one another.
                              • Zosa

                                Zosa Phantasmal Quasar

                                i'm staunchly anti-rape so no insemination for me, thanks x___x but yeah, treats are part of why this is such a hard thing to pass up :rofl: oh well, i still have 4 in-game days to figure out what i want to do haha
                                • Ginger256

                                  Ginger256 Aquatic Astronaut

                                  Oh, wonderful - thanks! I'll pull that one out and see how it goes. Sorry to be a bother over something so simple, lol
                                  • Digus

                                    Digus Ketchup Robot

                                    Any way, like I said. If you disable Meat and Pregnancy in the config, no asset related to that will be loaded. The animal channel will not mention it. You will not receive letter about any of it. It will be like if you had installed a mod to adds only animal feed.
                                    The files will be in your computer though, I can't change that.
                                    But think about it, the meat sprite always have been in the base game. So I don't think that is a problem. :)
                                    • Zosa

                                      Zosa Phantasmal Quasar

                                      well that swings it the right way if i dont get letters or shows on it. ok, you have me swayed ^^ when i get to the first day of spring i will add in your mod~

                                      btw, i just saw the artisan goods post, i am using that mod too
                                      • Ginger256

                                        Ginger256 Aquatic Astronaut

                                      • Digus

                                        Digus Ketchup Robot

                                        Check if the 0harmony.dll file inside these mods folder are the same. If not, use the one on PyTK and replace or delete the others.
                                        If that works you can put better artisan goods back.

                                        Edit: Also check if there is a 0harmony.dll file in the Stardew base folder. If you ever installed the new version of SMAPI, it already comes with the latest version of harmony, and the file will not be deleted when installing an older version.
                                          Last edited: Jul 30, 2018

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