RELEASED Animal Husbandry Mod (former Butcher Mod) [v2.1.2]

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Digus, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Digus

    Digus Existential Complex

    I all my mod time theses days trying to make the birth better. Unfortunately I had no luck.
    But now I have a better understanding of the game code and how SMAPI work. I even learned a few tricks that will be useful to other stuff.
    I'm now back on track of the actual pregnancy. Lots of coding to do.

    I'm glad you appreciated it.
    It's good to know some people will be using the wand. I planned it from the begin, but delayed doing it because no one seemed interested. Some one asked from it on Nexus and it was so simple to do after creating the config options that I ended up doing it.
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    • Karmylla

      Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

      You're doing excellent work Digus, thank you so much for sharing it with us, you're great <3
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      • Digus

        Digus Existential Complex

        Thank you!
        I like to share because it might help some one having similar problems.
        And people following this might keep track of how things are going.
        • Panda085

          Panda085 Orbital Explorer

          Having a ton of fun with the cleaver, I'm pretty hyped about the insemination syringe <3
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          • zarzaz

            zarzaz Subatomic Cosmonaut

            Is it possible to ad meat to collection list for full shipment achievement?
            • Chefpief

              Chefpief Space Spelunker

              well, this is an exciting and very nice alternative to Mail Order Pig, which I felt was far to convenient. Looking forward to being able to raise my own animals with this.
              • Digus

                Digus Existential Complex

                Last night I implemented lots of validations and messages to use the syring.
                I also implemented the flux to load an save the data in a "per save" json file.

                I'm still deciding on how to balance things out. For chickens and ducks you have one incubation on a Big Coop shared by both. They take 6.25 days to hatch. If I remember correctly, the egg hatch as soon as you enter the coop, no need to wait for the night. Chicks also take only two days to mature, I don't remember ducks, but I think it's three.
                So, I'm thinking on letting 1pregnant animal per Big Barn and two per Deluxe Barn.
                I thought on letting 1 animal of each type per Barn, to encourage diversity. But it would not make much sense, and if people wanted to have multiple barns dedicated to different animals they would suffer.
                I will probably place a config option to disable this limits or maybe change them.

                For Rabbits, I'm thinking of placing no limits on Coop. They already have no chance of pregnancy on the base game. So this way you could have all your rabbits pregnant. You would still need to open space in the coop for the birth to happen. Rabbits are not very lucrative right now, but with meat you can get two pieces with very little friendship, as soon as they mature (6 days). With 10 days of pregnancy, that would be (5000g/16 days) = 300g per day minimal.

                I'm thinking of a (8-12) day pregnancy for Cow and Goats, (12-14) for sheep and 18 days for pigs.
                I want 18 days top for pigs because they take 10 days to mature. So, it will be a full season before they can produce. A viable strategy will be to butcher two fiver hearts pigs at the last day of fall, have two cows ready for birth on the first day of winter. Impregnate 2 pigs on that day. Theses cows will be producing milk in 5 days. Butcher these cows on 18 of winter after 13 days producing milk, so 2 new pigs can be born next day. These two new born will be ready for truffles on first day of spring. This will be better than having 2 extra pigs producing nothing the whole winter. You will have a bunch of extra pork, milk and beef. You could do it with Goats too if you want that kind of milk/meat
                But I will still do some calculations to decide on the days for cows, goats and sheeps, but it will be on the config file as well.

                I will probably auto "disable pregnancy" on animals that are already pregnant to avoid random birth weird behavior, and readable it after birth in the case it was enabled before.

                I will look into that.
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                • Digus

                  Digus Existential Complex

                  Developing is going well, I've been having time to work lately, but it's just a lot to do.
                  The base code is all implemented, but there is a lot of details that need to be done, and some of them take a lot of time.
                  Last night I was working on the "Animal Query Menu". While I was testing, I saw that despite not impregnating animals over the limit of each building, people could still more them around. So I ended up overriding the moving function to check this limit as well. It's working very nicely.
                  Before doing that I looked for Animal Mods that could be modifying the "Animal Query Menu" as well, but couldn't find any. At least not a major one, so I don't expect any conflicts.
                  The good news is that now, if I want, I can make additional thing in that menu, like placing the Meat Button, informing pregnancy and "gift" status... (in case of a animal feeder)
                  I also had to refractory all animal config classes. When updating the mod, it would not correctly place birth time for each animal, they were all being set to zero. That is also working now.
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                  • Digus

                    Digus Existential Complex

                    I think I implemented and tested most of the things I wanted. There are still some adjusts to do to messages and stuff.
                    There is still one thing I have not decided on how to handle and feedback is appreciated:
                    When the coop/barn is full, the baby animal won't be born. There is a message for when that happen, but you probably would want to be notified the day before.
                    Usually you would want to keep your buildings full, and will only make room for a new born when needed. You can check your animals manually, but if someone is running a full butchering farm with lot's of pregnant animals, it will be difficult to keep track of that stuff.
                    But I'm also concerned that to much notifications will annoy the player. I could warn the player only if there is no room, but that will be the case most of the time, so why bother checking it?
                    I can also group these messages, like one message with a list of animals that will give birth next day. But that is troublesome to implement, and I wanted to know if people think it's necessary.
                    No matter the decision, there will be a config option to disable these full building notifications.

                    Here is how you check on pregnancy on the animal menu: (I already corrected the typo)
                    You won't be able to change the "Allow Pregnancy" option on a pregnant animal.
                    It will be disabled until birth, and after that it will be set back to what it was.
                    Random birth can still happen for animals not pregnant if allowed.

                    This is the custom menu title I made to show the idea of what you can use on the syringe:
                    I know it's bad, but the other ideas were worse. I thought of use a cow head of just a milk bottle, but people could think it was just for cows. There is no symbol for animal products in the game, so I tried to draw all that you can use.
                    There will be a letter explaining how the syringe works, so that is just cosmetic stuff.
                    Although it's bad, I'm kind of liking it.

                    Animals also show a "!" emote when impregnated, so you know it worked and on which animal. It's useful when they are all packed together.

                    It should not take much time before release.

                    I forgot to say, I managed to make Rancher affect meat prices as well.
                    +20% will make for a nice bonus.
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                    • Digus

                      Digus Existential Complex

                      Revamped most of the text messages.
                      Placed building limits on a json file.
                      Wrote the letter to receive the syringe.
                      Coded the stamina usage for the Meat Cleaver and Insemination Syringe to scale with the Farming Level.
                      Tested a lot of things and fixed some bugs.
                      I thought the Syringe sprite was too dark, so a change the colors a little.
                      Coding is basically done, unless I find more bugs.
                      Still want to test a little more (specially day transitions without loading the file, most of my tests are changing stuff and loading a save)
                      I also want to make more calculations so I can set on a balanced pregnancy time for each animal.

                      Depending on how much time I will have, expect a release as early as tonight, to as late as Sunday night.
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                      • Digus

                        Digus Existential Complex

                        Just released the new version on nexus.
                        I will update this thread later.
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                        • Androxilogin

                          Androxilogin Existential Complex

                          I like the idea but a more involved version would be cool. Like you put the animal down with your weapon of choice, the body lays there, you pick it up, it shows up in your inventory, you take it to the butcher house and process it. Is this something that may be implemented in future releases?
                          • Digus

                            Digus Existential Complex

                            Sorry, but no. Realism is not my main goal. I don't think it's necessary in a game like Stardew.
                            I want to make animals more viable as a farm option in the game.
                            My next plan include a way to feed vegetables and fruits to them, as a way to make they grow faster. Then, add jerky as a artisan good from meat.
                            And in a far future, add more animal parts and advanced artisan goods.
                            • Androxilogin

                              Androxilogin Existential Complex

                              I see. Interesting ideas. Nice to have more use than just walking around to say the least.
                              • Neechan13

                                Neechan13 Void-Bound Voyager

                                For some reason the recipe Glazed ham is always ignored as it says "[MailFramework] Error while validating letter 'glazedHamRecipe'. This letter will be ignored." it doesn't crash the game, but i won't be able to get the recipe via mail, but using the "Pelican Fiber" Mod i can buy it for 55K, figure i'd let someone know.

                                Thanks for this mod, its really nice.
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                                • Digus

                                  Digus Existential Complex

                                  It's a known issue. I guess I have to correct it soon.
                                  There is a workaround. If you are seen his message on your log and you have at least the Gold Pickaxe, and Copper Hoe, Watering Can and Axe, sleep with them all on your inventory. You will receive the letter with the recipe on the next day.
                                  • Digus

                                    Digus Existential Complex

                                    I'm taking a little break from developing and decided that I will change the name of the mod to Animal Husbandry Mod.
                                    With the latest version, butchering is not required any more, not even the inclusion of meat. My next goal also does not involve meat, so i think the change of name is appropriated and can encourage more people to try the mod.
                                    I'm also working a logo for the new name, here is how it is going:

                                    If anyone want, I can send the archive with each letter on layers.
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                                    • thewheatcrew

                                      thewheatcrew Poptop Tamer

                                      Thank you for making this mod. Having meat was one of the things I really wanted in this game. With that being said, I am no longer able to view the meat recipe from Queen of Sauce. When there should be a new episode it would be listed as a re-run, and if I tried to watch it the dialogue will skip completely. I have reinstalled the main mod as well as the other three supporting mods but it still didn't work. I do have 20 mods installed but none of them should conflict with this one. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
                                      • Digus

                                        Digus Existential Complex

                                        I'm glad you are liking it.

                                        I investigated the problem and it seems the new version of CustomTV mod is not compatible with the later one. So if you use version 1.0.6 you it should work.
                                        I updated my code to test the new version (1.1.0), and it worked, but once I do that, the version 1.0.6 will not work with the mod anymore. So I will do that without rush later.
                                        I will change the mod page to state that it only work with version 1.0.6
                                        Thanks for letting me know of the problem.
                                        • thewheatcrew

                                          thewheatcrew Poptop Tamer

                                          Thanks a lot for your response.
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