RELEASED Animal Husbandry Mod (former Butcher Mod) [v2.1.2]

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    RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal

    Looks very well done.
    Good to see a well implemented idea that should have originally been in the game.
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    • Digus

      Digus Existential Complex

      CustomTV channel implemented and written.
      Made some adjust to the MailFrameworkMod code, version 1.0.0 implementation won't be compatible with 1.1.0 . I forgot to add the letter as a parameter for the condition and the callback functions. I think it's better to do it sooner than later.
      Two custom letter with recipes are already written and implemented. But it was the easier ones.
      I tried to place conditions for the conclusion of specif quests, but it does not seems possible. As far as I know, the game keeps no track of which quests you have done.
      So now I just need to write 6 more letters and conditions to delivery. Review and test everything, and prepare the release.
      • Digus

        Digus Existential Complex

        All letters are written and with conditions.
        Since all meats except mutton are on the Community Center Animal bundle, I added mutton as well.
        I'm now doing some additional test, and will review all text and cooking attributes.
        I need to review the MailFrameworkMod as well for release.
        • Digus

          Digus Existential Complex

          I spent last night fixing bugs. MailFrameworkMod has a bug that if you did not read a custom letter before going to sleep, and then closed the game or return to the title screen. When you load the game again, you would receive a letter from Mayor Lewis about tax been approved. :wut:
          Now the mod unloads the custom MailBox before saving.
          I also discovered that the games internally save delivered mail in a list, and use this list for quest and other stuff. I chose the tax mail as a placeholder in the mailbox because as far as I know it's never used, but we can't say that if CA releases a new version that re-implement it. And I don't know if it would be a problem to have this mail as already been delivered. I will probably change the mail I used as placeholder, it shouldn't change anything though.

          The problems that took me the most time last night was with the CustomTV mod. I discovered two bugs. the first one is warless. When you place a new TV on your house, it will not automatically show new channels, you will have to leave the place and go back.
          The other problem is bad though. After you install the CustomTV mod and your TV is replaced to show new channels, you can never change it's location again. If you do, it sprite will always be rendered at the old place, but interaction will happen on a invisible TV on the new place. Only way to work around it would be to sell the bugged TV buy and place a new one.
          I talked to the CustomTV mod creator and he said he has been busy but would look into it later. So I investigated the problem myself and found a solution. I made a pull request to him. Let's see how fast he can update his mod.
          I'll be working on other things, if everything is ready and this is still not resolved, I will see if I can correct this problem through my code. Otherwise I will release the mod with a disclaimer about the problem, or just remove the channel recipes for now. Any thoughts?
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          • Digus

            Digus Existential Complex

            New version released.
            I was able to review everything, refractory some code and balance some stuff.
            If anyone finds any bugs or typos please let me know.
            Also, @Platonymous fixed the CustomTV mod pretty quickly, that gave me motivation to release soon.
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            • Digus

              Digus Existential Complex

              If anyone got version 1.1.0, please update to version 1.1.1 without saving on any character.
              When I was taking the screen shots for the release I place some code to teach 3 recipes on load.
              So with that version, every character you open and save the game with will automatically learn Bacon, Sweet and Sour Pork and Steak with Mushrooms. You will miss on two letters.
              Other than that, that version is suppose to work fine.
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              • Digus

                Digus Existential Complex

                Another bug found and corrected. Version 1.1.2 is released.
                I copied the string for the dishes and it was written .../Basic - 7/...
                The space after the "-" was making the game not recognize the item category as -7.(cooking)
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                • Minininny

                  Minininny Aquatic Astronaut

                  This is really cool!

                  But I wanted to suggest something. I'm just wondering if you'd be able to have an animal's age affect their production. So like, maybe after two years (or some other number - probably could make it configurable), animals stop producing things (so cows would stop giving you milk). That'd create more incentive to turn them into meat, since otherwise they're just wasting space and grass/hay.
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                  • Digus

                    Digus Existential Complex

                    That is a interesting idea, but I don't think it can be easily done. It's easier to adjust meat than how the game make animals produce.

                    I tried to incentive turning them into meat, giving more meat and better quality, the more hearts an animal has.
                    If you calculate product loss for not having a matured animal with the meat prices and amounts, it would be almost equal. Considering you would get a "free" replacements as soon as you kill a animal. The difference will depend on the animal you are getting meat from.
                    The advantage of meat over producing products is that you get a lot of money in advance, so it can be invested in other things. It will not always be more than waiting for them to produce, but will always be upfront money.
                    Now you also can make unique recipes that will give you 6 lucky, or 6 mining, or 2 speed...
                    So I think the balance and incentive is ok for now.
                    Skills will also help, coopmaster or shepherd will make your coin/day from meat rise.
                    Rancher is still not working on meat, but I intend to correct that.

                    Next update I'm planning to make meat amount, price and other stuff fully customizable, so you will be able to adjust for what you think it's fair.

                    But I will see if your idea is possible. Thanks!
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                    • Minininny

                      Minininny Aquatic Astronaut

                      Hey, it's understandable if it's not really doable (not a modder, but I would imagine that it would take a lot of coding to do that). But I appreciate you taking it as a suggestion, and you are right that there currently is a fair bit of incentive as it is right now. Best of luck on continuing to work on the mod!
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                      • Digus

                        Digus Existential Complex

                        I'm placing configurations on json files, and text on i18n files.

                        I have been thinking of new features for the mods, want some feedback on them:
                        • An animal evaluator. A device that would show excectely how much meat(maybe the other items as well), the animal would drop if you turn them into meat at the time.
                        • Animal feeder. A device that you would use to "feed" the animal directly. Like giving it vitamins or something. Basically it would be another way to rise animals friendship at a cost. The initial idea was to just give like corn or a an apple to the animal, but i don't know if that can be done. Different animal would like different crops, that way it could also give some incentive to cultivate crops that are not "worth the space"
                        • Insemination syringe. It would be a way to control when animal that don't have incubation process could reproduce. It would set the animal "pregnant", and after a amount of time, if there is space, a new animal would be born. The cost would be the product the animal produce. You would place Milk in the syringe and if used in a cow, it would get pregnant.
                        I think these ideas would complement the mod well, and help balance meat in the game.
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                        • Ichimatsu

                          Ichimatsu Big Damn Hero

                          • An animal evaluator. You could instead add some compatibility with Pathos Child's Lookup Anything mod? Although IDK if that's even possible
                          • Animal feeder. I've always wanted to give my cows some amaranth. How come only Marnie can? I definitely approve of this"
                          • Insemination syringe. why not
                          • Digus

                            Digus Existential Complex

                            Tons of refactoring in the code to add customization options and internationalization.
                            All meat and meals prices and edibility are on config files as well as all meals buffs. Their items names and descriptions are on the i18n files as well.
                            I'm testing internationalization translating the mod to Portuguese, since it's my first language.
                            Also, I just placed meat and extra items amount on an animal config file.
                            I need to be really careful doing it because any mistake can completely break the mod.

                            I also corrected a bug on the MailFramework mod, where you would not properly receive custom mails if you return to title and went back into a save. Closing to desktop and coming back fix issue. I will release a version latter since it's nothing critical.

                            I still need to place Letters, Tv Shows and other messages into the i18n file and translate them to Portuguese.

                            Thank you for the feedback.
                            I don't think Lookup Anything mod would work for that. It would have to call my custom method and have a way to show the data. The mod work with every items though, I checked that. You can even see likes and dislikes for meat and dishes that I never placed in the game. Probably some left out code.
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                            • Digus

                              Digus Existential Complex

                              Status of next version:
                              I implemented all configurations and i18n every text. But I still have to test a lot of stuff. I haven't been having time to work on the mod, that is why it's taking so long.
                              I also decided to make the Meat Wand sprite to include a soft version configuration on the mod on this release.
                              It's not a lot of work, I just need to find time to do it.

                              Follow up:
                              I will probably work on the insemination tool next, since I think barn animals(and rabbits) are not viable right now, if you just relay on the random of the game to raise them for meat. (and rabbits don't reproduce at all)
                              I intend to add a pregnancy time to the animal after insemination, after that amount of days the baby will be born if there is a free slot available. I could make the game "sell" the new born immediately if there is no space available, but it won't be fun, so I just make the pregnancy wait until there is space. I won't change how the game works on pregnancy though, so spontaneous pregnancy will still happen.
                              I don't think the game has a cooldown on pregnancy. So if the same animal can have a baby two days in a row, I'm not changing that behavior, unless it proves really easy to do.
                              Using the tool on an animal will also show if the animal is already pregnant and how many days are left till birth.
                              Any feedback on this idea is appreciated.
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                              • Digus

                                Digus Existential Complex

                                I had more time yesterday, so I made the Meat Wand sprite. It needs some polish, but I think it's all right.
                                It will look like a wood stick with a meat red ruby on top. It has the same size as the meat cleaver and will have the same movement. I thought of coloring the wood stick as "bone white", but I don't know if it will look good.
                                I'm using some spark animations instead of clouds.
                                The "killing" sound will be the same as the return scepter but with some effect on it.
                                I'm still deciding one the sound of "hitting" the animal.
                                I'm also thinking of making animal spin before disappear.
                                The config are also affecting texts, they will say "exchange for" instead of "turn into"
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                                • Digus

                                  Digus Existential Complex

                                  New version released.
                                  Lots of test and bug fixes.
                                  I am excited to start working on the insemination tool, but probably will look into smaller things while doing that. Then, they can be released with the inevitable bug fixes.
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                                  • Chefpief

                                    Chefpief Space Spelunker

                                    just started using this mod, it's pretty great and I feel it's gonna add a good bit to the game as I keep going on. I have a few questions/suggestions though, if I may.

                                    Are there any plans for more recipes? 15 new ones is fantastic, but I feel more could be added to incorporate the lesser used fruits and veges. (If it is something considered, I'd check Allrecipes for ideas)
                                    Are the meat items/recipes giftable?
                                    Any plans to implement 'meal' recipes like the farmers lunch that combines base game recipes with the new meat ones? Something like Plum Pudding and Stuffing combined with Glazed Ham or Winter Duck for an actual 'feast of the winter star'.

                                    As for having the animals teleport, why not use the totem effect? Would make a lot of sense with the magical dimensional travel to have them make the loud noise and then zoom off the screen.

                                    On the animal feeding, I love the idea and have wondered why its not a base game feature for a long while. Being able to feed the horse sugar, or the pigs corn to temporarily increase truffle spawning would be awesome if possible.
                                    • Digus

                                      Digus Existential Complex

                                      Thanks for your replay, any feedback is appreciated.

                                      There are plans for more recipes, but not right now. On the fifteen added, I already tried to use items not used on other recipes.
                                      All meat and and cooking items are giftable, but I didn't change the default configurations. CA had already placed some likes and dislikes for these items. I plan to customize that later.
                                      There are already one recipe that uses other recipes. Cowboy Dinner uses Fried Egg and Bean Hotpot. There are also 2 recipes that uses bacon.

                                      As for the animals teleport, I actually looked into the Return Scepter and the Totems sound and effects. I also thought of making the animal spin before despairing, but all that was not very practical. I liked the return scepter sound better than the Totem one, that is why I chose that one. And it was just simpler to code sparks replacing the clouds than any other effect. When you don't have lots of free time to work on the mod, you end up choosing stuff that are more practical.

                                      Feeding the animals to give some buff are a nice idea, but I don't know if it's possible. I'll keep that in mind when looking into the code.

                                      Again, thanks for the feedback.
                                      • Digus

                                        Digus Existential Complex

                                        Insemination Syring is evolving well.
                                        I already created the new tool class and draw a sketch sprite. It's not perfect, but with some polish it will work.
                                        The animation will be the same as milking, and the sound for now, is the same as "milking the air".
                                        I also implemented the attachment slot you can place truffle, milks and wool.

                                        I was also trying to force a animal birth, and although I'm not completely satisfied with the result, it is working.
                                        But I think the way I did is susceptible to bugs.
                                        Also, the message appears when the screen for the new day is already starting to draw, even the music has already started.
                                        I don't know if I can make SMAPI call my methods before that, though.
                                        I could placed the event on before save and instead of after day start, but I don't want to do that for many reasons.
                                        Maybe I will have to accept it the way it is.
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                                        • Celyia

                                          Celyia Void-Bound Voyager

                                          I just wanted to say how much I love this mod.

                                          And, uh, how much I appreciate the softmode, which I originally thought was a bit insane. Then I butchered my first chicken (Sorry, Molly the Brown Chicken! You will be remembered always!) and felt such a flood of guilt that I now say, bring on the magic wands, meat trees, and beings from a different meaty dimensions. >.> |

                                          Really looking forward to the insemination syringe, too!
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