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An Upcoming Starbound Challenge!

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by CptSuspense, Jan 9, 2016.


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  1. CptSuspense

    CptSuspense Master Chief

    (Not Exactly Where I Was to Post Something Like This! If This Isn't Where It's Suppose to be Then Please Transfer it Moderators.) :p

    Hey there! My name is CptSuspense and I've been getting into the Starbound Mods and found this one called DungeonDirectorsToolSet, which is quite interesting in my own opinion. This Mod lets you easily craft a dungeon with spawning enemies, NPC's, bosses, and various things all wire-based! So I feel like giving a challenge to all of you Starbound Adventurers! As of my own knowledge you can tamper with your universe data in the giraffe_storage folder of the Starbound database. After removing and replacing the universe data I saw that I can transfer different maps from one person to another! Or at least I am 90% sure of it. And feel like this is a great way to give others, you lovely forum dwellers of the Starbound Community, a challenge of dungeons among many different planets if you've gotten a little bored with your universe. I plan on building intricate dungeons for people to do dungeon crawls with your friends. Of course once I finish these dungeons on various planets I'll be providing the universe files to replace your data (WITHOUT DELETING YOUR OWN UNIVERSE DATA) to be able to experience the dungeons and also if you don't spawn in the same area as the dungeons, I'll provide teleporters and coordinates for easier finding. If all goes well I'll respond to this same thread with the downloads for the universe data and the coordinates of each dungeon.

    If you enjoy this idea or have ideas for dungeons or have your own, please share them and such, I'd love to see this be an ongoing thing by multiple people if all goes well with this idea! Feedback on this idea would be wonderful and please, keep posted to this thread for updates on these dungeons! :) And I'll maybe post some screenshots of the dungeons' development.

    Also for more information on this fun lil' mod you can just click this link and it'll send you to the Chucklefish Mods Forums! http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/dungeon-directors-toolset.2864/

    Thanks for reading and hopefully this is something that'll interest you guys and I'll see you guys later! :D

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