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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Azerty__, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Azerty__

    Azerty__ Space Hobo

    Hello everyone ! I'm a new member here in the forums, but I've been a farmer for long enough (~100 Hours) Just another Stardew Valley player who plays on a Mac Platform. I really hope one of you can relate :nurutease: But, I am in search of help. I am trying to mod my game in order to add more cute clothes and aesthetics. Can anyone help ? Thanks for the attention !
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  2. cyniford

    cyniford Hey, You!

  3. Waffle-Chan

    Waffle-Chan Oxygen Tank

    Welcome to the forums!
  4. Firestorm258

    Firestorm258 Master Astronaut

    Hello! Aaawk~!

    Welcome to the forums, farmer! How are you getting internet in such a remote location?
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  5. Azerty__

    Azerty__ Space Hobo

    I did install SMAPI 2.1 I believe and decided to install a mod called "Get Dressed", it's a mod that adds a Dresser on the Characters House so we can customize our character whenever we please. But every time I run the game with the mod installed, it will always crash. I have no clue why this happens but-- Eh.
  6. Azerty__

    Azerty__ Space Hobo

    Well greetings ! I decided to lurk in the Mayors office and use his Personal Computer in order to ask a few questions here and there to the outside world ! I hope he doesn't catch me being here anytime soon. :nuruninja:
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  7. MistyTheNeko

    MistyTheNeko Sandwich Man

    I'm don't know how to mod, and I haven't played much Stardew Valley, but I hope you have fun and that we can be friends!
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  8. Pangaea

    Pangaea Cosmic Narwhal

    Welcome to the forums!
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  9. Azerty__

    Azerty__ Space Hobo

    I always do enjoy making friends ! :drinkinggentcat:
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  10. Crossfang

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    • Read the forum rules here
    • Avoid Double posting. You can always edit your previous post.
    • You can change your forum name here
    • The Forum Signature is off by default , you can turn it on in your account preferences
    • And lastly , have fun!
    • Also, I do free starbound-related art requests here
    • and Stardew Valley - related art here
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  11. Eagle66

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  12. Azerty__

    Azerty__ Space Hobo

    Good to know we have something in common pal ! :love:
  13. Azerty__

    Azerty__ Space Hobo

    Thanks for the help ! I'll keep those in mind ! :drinkinggentcat:
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  14. MistyTheNeko

    MistyTheNeko Sandwich Man

    Oh, try not to double post friendo!
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