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  1. Dextox

    Dextox Space Hobo

    The other day I was mining and I was struck with an idea, What about an expensive item that makes large amounts of ores appear on the surface? Like a newborn planet?
    In a science explanation to make things clearer this item would be to increase the volcanic activity and meteor showers and thus making lava flow and making ores to appear on the surface.
    To make things simpler this would be used on the surface of the planet, in about 10 minutes the planet would become an Inconceivable tier volcanic planet with no atmosphere, few but very difficult enemy's, frequent cinder showers and meteor showers and a lot of ores appear in the surface, but would only contain the Minerals of the original planet An example: a frozen planet with the item would become a level 7 volcanic planet, but the solariun star would not appear.
    the planet could look somewhat similar to this very hot ,an lot of lava and few terrain[​IMG]
    I like to listen to some suggestions or some ideas too. Ps: I'm Brazilian is not so good at writing sooo I used the translator

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