Building/Ship An Avian colony

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  1. Raindrac

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    I worked on this colony over the course of my Starbound playthrough. It was a pretty quick build, and my first colony.
    Nothing else to it, but I felt like sharing anyway.

    My Home & Warp Point

    Old Workshop

    Because everything else is zoomed out, here are some direct links to the images.

    Village - East

    Village - Centre

    Village - West

    Bonus Compilation
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    Very nice. A tip for posting here: You could add the screenshots inside a spoiler tag like this:

    To do so, use it like this:
    [img] image_url [/img]
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  3. Raindrac

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    And I know how to use spoilers, I just decided against it when I posted the thread. I've put them in a spoiler now.

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