RELEASED AlterOphelie's Character Overhaul - Complete!

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  1. AlterOphelie

    AlterOphelie Aquatic Astronaut

    Hello everyone!

    Here is my complete character overhaul mod. I have redesigned each character in the game to have a more realistic design while also placing emphasis on expression and personality.

    The Bachelors:


    The Bachelorettes:


    The Villagers:



    Full spritesheets:

    Abigail.png Emily.png Haley.png Leah.png Maru.png Maru_Hospital.png Penny.png

    Alex.png Elliott.png Harvey.png Sam.png Sebastian.png Shane.png

    Caroline.png Clint.png Demetrius.png Evelyn.png George.png Governor.png

    Gus.png Henchman.png Jodi.png Jas.png Kent.png Linus.png

    Lewis.png Marnie.png Morris.png Pam.png Pierre.png Robin.png

    Sandy.png Vincent.png Willy.png Wizard.png

    Please let me know if you find anything weird with the portraits, or if you have difficulty installing them. Hope you enjoy!


    I redid a few of the characters in the pack. Alex has been completely redrawn, and a few minor edits were made to some of the other characters. The .zip "AlterOphelie's Character Overhaul" now reflects these changes. However, if you downloaded the previous version and don't want to redownload, I have provided a .zip "AlterOphelie's Character Edits" that just has the updated characters.

    (Always back up your files before installing mods!)

    1. Unzip file
    2. Place Portraits folder in Stardew Valley Content directory. For Steam games this is typically C://Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley/Content
    3. Select "yes" for any overwrite prompts

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    • Verne

      Verne Astral Cartographer

      Oooh, wow, I love your style! I can't wait to see more from you!

      I really love the hair, especially.
      • shamemaker

        shamemaker Guest

        I remember seeing this on tumblr awhile back, glad to see this is still be worked on.
        • blargsnarf

          blargsnarf Pangalactic Porcupine

          Damn, this is some HQ stuff. Looking forward to seeing the rest, especially bestwife (Penny).
          • Little Lea

            Little Lea Big Damn Hero

            These are absolutely charming. Excited for more. c;
            • AlterOphelie

              AlterOphelie Aquatic Astronaut

              Thanks, guys! Glad you like my work! I try to work on these a bit every night if I can.

              Maru is finished, so I've added her. Hospital outfit coming soon!
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              • anothersarah

                anothersarah Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Oh my, I especially like Maru. I'm having decision problems -- there are a couple of high quality portrait mods I'm really waffling about using, but I've tinkered a lot with making ones from a variety of sources "seasonal" with careful editing of hats and scarves and such things from Longevity's DNPCC... and the higher quality a portrait it is, the more ugly and hackish my own efforts to edit it will look, ha !
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                • AlterOphelie

                  AlterOphelie Aquatic Astronaut

                  You know, I've been considering doing seasonal portraits after this series is done. I love the idea of the villagers changing into weather-appropriate clothes throughout the year!
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                  • anothersarah

                    anothersarah Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    Yeah, DNPCC (now dialogue, too) is the main reason I downloaded Longevity, but I usually use so many different sprite/portrait mods that the sight of vanilla (even the very nicely seasonified vanilla!) burned my eyes :p
                    • izzy82

                      izzy82 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                      These are amazing!!!
                      • AlterOphelie

                        AlterOphelie Aquatic Astronaut

                        You guys I'm so close to being done! Probably just a few more weeks and I'll be able to release the complete mod. I'm planning on doing a bit of touch-up to older portraits, as my technique has improved over the past half year of doing this. I'll release the mod when all portraits are done, then I'll probably do sprite edits to match and release a 1.2 version. Thank you for the comments, I love seeing them!
                        • AlterOphelie

                          AlterOphelie Aquatic Astronaut

                          The portraits are all complete! The mod is now available to download. Please give me feedback here if you encounter any issues or weirdness with the mod.
                          • Fyn

                            Fyn Pangalactic Porcupine

                            At first look, I didn't like these. Seeing Alex just threw it all off for me, because to me, he looks a bit off, but I can't place why.

                            Then I actually took the time to look and they're actually pretty amazing. Definitely using this as my new portrait pack.

                            There are issues though, I'd like to know creative decisions about:

                            1. Alex in General. He looks alienish to me. Maybe the eyes are too far to the left? I'm not sure. Does anyone else think Alex looks off, or is it just a me thing?

                            2. Jodi's Lips. There's a rather extreme line going through her lips to part them. Perhaps lightening the color, or smoothing out the line would work better?

                            3. Linus. This is just a minor nitpick.


                            Linus's base sprite is happy. You can see he's smiling under his beard. He's a happy guy living a simple life. Your base sprite for him comes off as him being sad. I'm not a fan of that.

                            4. Sam's eyebrows seem way too big for his eye shape. Not to mention a blond guy shouldn't have black eyebrows. :p

                            5. One last technical thing: Sam and Vincent having blue eyes would be rather hard if his dad had brown and his mom purple. Though not impossible. Hence, just a nitpick. :p I Like blue eyed Sam. I still question why maru has red/pink eyes in the base game when Robin and Demetrius have green/brown. Lol.

                            Obviously, you don't need to listen to any of this, but figured it never hurts to talk about it, as sometimes artists had a "Something's not quite right" and couldn't place it, and critiques might help figure it out.

                            And one question if you don't mind: Is there any chance you'd be willing to release a version of Harvey with a full beard and/or clean shaven? (And preferably a "beard" option for all the male candidates?) (I'd probably die and go to heaven if you ever release Sebastian or Shane with Beards <_<)
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                            • AlterOphelie

                              AlterOphelie Aquatic Astronaut

                              Thanks, Fyn, for taking the time to write up such a great critique! I really appreciate the feedback, and you're right, critiques definitely help to pin down issues, especially ones I didn't see (probably from staring at this project for so long...).

                              1. More than any other character, for some reason I have had a really hard time with Alex. He's gone through several revisions and edits, and I'm still not happy with him. I think his face might be too blocky, maybe, and I think he looks older than he's supposed to be. I'll probably redraw him, see if that fixes things. He's a bachelor, so he should look good!

                              2. I had not noticed any issue with Jodi's lips until you pointed it out, but that's a super easy fix.

                              3. I think I always considered Linus to be kind of a sad character. He feels ostracized from the rest of the villagers and has had his tent destroyed several times. But you bring up a good point about him happily living his simple life. He's chosen to live in nature. I'll fiddle with his portrait a bit to make him look a little less "desperate homeless".

                              4. Yep, I definitely need to adjust Sam's eyebrows. They are way too dark.

                              5. I think this is something the designs can get away with. Like you said, several of the characters have totally different eye colors than their parents. And even though it's unlikely, it's still possible for parents with brown/other color eyes to have blue-eyed kids.

                              As for your requests, I can definitely release some alternate Harvey portraits. It seems to be pretty common practice to offer an alternate without the 'stache. And I'll play around with adding beards to the guys ;)
                              • anothersarah

                                anothersarah Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                Oh, awesome, congrats on the release! I don't know why, but for some reason I think Evelyn might be my favorite. There's just something about her that feels like it comes through more here than in the vanilla version, and she looks really sweet.

                                Totally get both points on Linus. For me, he's one of those quiet hints that the valley is not perfect - not through his existence, but the lens he provides. He is ridiculed, has his tent destroyed and rocks thrown at it, and is ashamed to be caught eating out of the garbage. There aren't a lot of people in the area, so who throws rocks at his tent? People you know? He just struck me as a little sad, shy, wary of people, but also content and at peace away from it all, if that makes any sense :)

                                (Really like Sandy, too, that's one of the vanilla portraits I didn't feel as much. Also Willy, he's perfect. And... *rambles off*)
                                • AlterOphelie

                                  AlterOphelie Aquatic Astronaut

                                  Thanks Sarah! I loooved drawing Sandy, she was one of my favorite designs.

                                  I've redrawn Alex, and I think he looks a lot better now. And I think I struck a better balance with Linus. So now the mod should reflect the changes I've made. Again, I really appreciate everyone's feedback!
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                                  • Fyn

                                    Fyn Pangalactic Porcupine

                                    I really like the changes you did. The new Alex looks amazing! :)

                                    There's a really nice balance with Linus now. I can see either happy or sad when I look at him, which is pretty great to pull off in a sprite.
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                                    • Jokerine

                                      Jokerine Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      Oh my gawrd, these are absolutely incredible! I love them - thank you! :)

                                      If I could make a request, I was just wondering... any chance we may get Harvey with a beard? That mustache... ya know...

                                      Anyway, I love these and you're amazing for making them! <3
                                      • Fyn

                                        Fyn Pangalactic Porcupine

                                        Just a small thing: Noticing in game, the blond eyebrows look really out of place on Sam. Perhaps giving him a light brown eyebrow to match Kent would be better? (Just not as dark as his original ones xD)

                                        I'm really loving using this portrait pack, you should feel very proud of what you've made!
                                        • chompraccoon

                                          chompraccoon Void-Bound Voyager

                                          these are so gorgeous and the expressions are so genuine and beautiful! One of my favourite parts of playing romance-able games was earning the "blushing" emote from the girls/boys, and you made them totally worth it! The added gestures where they're brushing their hair or lifting their hand really adds an element of realism to it and makes the reactions super charming. :)

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