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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by King_Balrog, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. King_Balrog

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    The work you have done here is amazing Chucklefish. I was wondering if down the road you folks would make alternate army packs with new commanders to keep the game alive after launch?

    Barbarian/Viking/Bandit based army

    Soldiers: Brigands
    Spearmen: Toll Bandits
    Dogs: Wolves
    Ship: Viking Style

    Commander #1: a barbarian shaman who turns into a werewolf when he attacks (or perhaps his groove ability)


    I think more armies could only increase interest in your product. Maybe even more commander per each existing army.

    Just a suggestion. I hope yall make too much money for this upcoming game and have huge success going forward.
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    • Taphy

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      Knowing it's a chucklefish game, I think it's likely to be moddable. So even if they don't add DLC's and similar. Someone will probably make downloadable content for it.
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      • Axe Garian

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        I really hope the Glitch make it into Wargroove... by Vanilla or Mod... whatever it takes. :pwease:

        Also it'd be cool if we could custom color our Army more towards our fav color... :DD

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