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Allow Sniper to reaload and charge Steady Aim during Military Traning

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TheOriginalSINe, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. TheOriginalSINe

    TheOriginalSINe Intergalactic Tourist

    Just what the title says. I think this will give the Sniper a much needed boost without breaking him horribly. I know that it doesn't really make sense for him to be able to aim during a back-flip, but he does it while falling, which makes about as little sense. Also for the style points. Imagine doing a back-flip off of a platform into a fully charged shot to kill a boss.
    • Neapolitan Shark

      Neapolitan Shark Space Spelunker

      I'm somewhat supportive of this idea. But being able to charge steady aim while backflipping sounds kind of illogical and overpowered. I got my own idea on the topic:

      1. You can backflip when charging Steady Aim, but at the cost of a certain percent off of the charge meter (still a net benefit on the charge, but very slight)
      2. You can reload at a slightly slower rate when backflipping
      3. You charge 2x slower when airborne (jump pad, falling, etc.)
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      • aurochmana

        aurochmana Aquatic Astronaut

        While this idea is fairly interesting, I think what the Sniper really needs to make Steady Aim a better crowd control skill is a change to how Spotter works. Steady Aim already works as intended and is situationally worthwhile using over Snipe + kiting with jumping perfect reloads. It's really Spotter that is iffy among the Sniper's arsenal. I'd change it so that Spotter will target the mob that is closest in vicinity to the Sniper within a certain (small) radius; otherwise it will act the same as before and target bosses or elites (meaning mobs with highest HP). With this change, you charge Steady Aim and use Spotter once a mob gets in range, then release Steady Aim and wreck shit. I'd also change Scepter by making it so that the Spotted mob moves at normal speed, but nearby mobs in a small radius get slowed down instead. With this change, Spotter is very useful both up-close and at range. The Spotted mob will move faster than the surrounding mobs and reach the front of your mob conga line, making Steady Aim super powerful. The cooldown is the same as before, 10 seconds for consistent double damage Steady Aim.
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        • gufufu

          gufufu Space Hobo

          if this were a thing, it would be mandatory for a gif to be made of the sniper backflip 360 quickscope providence

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