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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by SureinDragon, Jun 16, 2019.

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    Hello Again, Its Me

    I'm doing my darnedest to make a custom ship pet for my custom race, but its just _not_ taking. I'm pretty good about keeping track of proper naming and files, but I'm worried I've missed something.

    Files I have:
    Inside of monsters > pets
    - mypet (folder)
    -- mypet.monstertype (currently calls the petweasel.animation for the animation variable because its the same anyways, but the other two variables call 'mypet')
    -- parts (folder)
    --- default.frames (from the weasel pet, which I edited to make my pet so it has the same frame setup)
    --- regular.png
    --- regular.monsterpart

    And, inside of objects > ship
    I have edited myracetechstation.object to have the following:
    "shipPetType" : "mypet",

    It seems my call for the petweasel.animation are give me an error in the errorlog. I've tried to find the petweasel.animation file in my unpacked starbound assets, but it does not seem to be anywhere. Would anyone know what folder I could find that in?

    I only have one color for my pet right now. Is that whats causing issues, or and I missing a file or file edit somewhere?
    My pet does not appear upon creating a new character.
    Is there another object or file or something I need to edit to make this work?

    I used Skittle's Advance Race Template, and am trying to replace the fennec pet with the weasel pet, then edit the weasel files to get my pet.
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    Thanks a bunch! I think I got it all figured out with that!

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