RELEASED Ali's Secret Forest Farm Map and Buildings

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    So I'm a really huge fan of Ali's work and these buildings in particular are some of my favourites of hers. I'm picking stardew valley up after several months and ended up throwing together a shed and mill to match these buildings so I could have a full set for my new playthrough. After making them I figured other people might want to use them as well, so I'm sharing them here! Of course, I take zero credit whatsoever for the idea behind these buildings, I just took Ali's original assets and edited the extra buildings to match. If she ever makes her own update to these buildings, or just doesn't want these uploaded then I am more than happy to take them down for her. I just thought some others might be interested to have a matching shed and mill for their overgrown fairy buildings! Hope you guys think I did a good job! (I didn't edit the obelisks or gold clock because I thought they matched the style of these buildings already. I could end up editing them in the future, but for now I like the way everything looks.)

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    • lightlytoasted

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      I made some changes to the mill and re-uploaded it. I also thought I should add some previews of the shed and mill so people can see what they actually look like. :3

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        Hey thank you for this! You did a great job on the sprites. Putting them in my game right now!
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          Edited: I found out it was Seasonal Immersion one I took that out. Is there a way I could keep them both in?

          I'm having trouble getting my house to show. I think the greenhouse worked and I can't really say anything about the other buildings yet but my house still shows as normal after moving the files over. When I ask to construct a building their preview does show fine so that's why I think that the greenhouse might be ok and it's just the house not showing.
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            I modified map a little bit. Now all tiles(except dark green ones at the edge of an upper fence) are buildable and diggable. I also changed some tiles in front of the house (undiggable) and several tiles near the right exit (tried to made it compatible with Extended Minecart, but failed). I also moved flower pots to the upper fence.


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              Any hope for a Beta Version for the new Multi-player? Thanks!
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                I took it upon myself to turn this into an unofficial content patcher mod for the multiplayer beta.
                I enjoy this map too much to not have it.

                The creator of this mod may take this file and upload it on their official page as their own. You may PM me to have the unofficial port removed if that is what you wish.

                This requires Content Patcher just unzip the file and put the folder in your mod folder.

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                  Since I'm currently upping new map jsons for CustomFarms, and I realized I'd need to make [CP] files for the additional tilesheets for the farms, I went ahead and did one for Ali's Fairy Buildings (including the two new buildings lightlytoasted made).

                  Here are the Content Patcher files for the Farm Buildings, and the Doghouse.

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                      Does this work with expanded?

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