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    Rith freezes, slowly turning to face the guard as she raises her hands into the air.
    She observes the guard trying to assess her situation, while forcing herself not to look in the rest of the groups direction.

    Tennin looks at the guard and shudders, 'Damn it, I need her!, he looks around for a path that he could use to easily get behind the guard.
  2. TechnoCupcake

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    Lauren crosses her arms and only laughs, "You say i'll learn sooner or later as if you know the future. Can you predict when i'll learn?" She says with a laugh, "You really think i'm not gonna survive? Please. I don't need your help to stay alive, even if we're a 'team'" She uses air quotes around 'team.' "I don't need to be all powerful to be capable of survival without assistance. And by the way, don't call me a child. I'm probably older than you." The kitsune doesn't seem all that old from just a glance, maybe mid twenties, but kitsunes tended to have longer lifespans than others, therefore aging differently. That is, unless her life would be cut short. Her behavior certainty didn't make her seem any older or more mature either.
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  3. Roland Weiss

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    Jackdaw looks askance at Lauren, the glow from his pipe illuminating his furrowed brow. "If you don't want to be called a child, stop acting like one."
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    Carn remains expressionless, however inside he is seething. What to do, what to do? "How god damned hard is it to cross a field," he thinks to himself. Nevertheless, an opportunity has been presented. Let Rith get captured and remove a pontential wild card from play? Or intervene and gain trust? Snarling, Carn glides out from around the wall, and with a flick of the wrist, propels his blade towards the chest of the guard.
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    Lauren rolls her eyes and gives Jackdaw the middle finger, "Fuck you. Maybe you should get off your high horse and stop talking as if you're better than me, as if you're just another annoying "adult" with a disapproving look like you know everything!" She says, beginning to get angry. Part of it wasn't Jackdaw's fault. Part of it was simply her childhood, how she was known and seen as a troublemaker around her home village, prompting similar disapproving looks and talking down to her from adults that didn't want her trouble or their children to be involved with her. She didn't realize it, but some of her hidden pent up emotions were coming out.
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  6. Roland Weiss

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    Not that Jackdaw knows anything out Lauren's history, and even if he did, he'd make it clear such details had no place jeopardizing a mission with emotional outbursts. "And now you're throwing a tantrum? You are not helping your case. I'd hate to see you break down when you're actually under pressure, as I've seen so many do when they let their emotions get the better of them."
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    Valtross freezes in place at this, the youth turning deathly pale at this. He glances around in his panic and decides to salute the man. He'd try his best in doing something cool in the event of death.
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    Ian does as advised and follows, purely focused on getting Bill back...

    Bill just hopes if he can't knock them back with the brick that the impact will jump him enough.....so he gets to the wall of the cage and tries to throw and hit the chair hard with it.
  9. KingSalamander

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    "Confused. What?" Jerrall looks behind him to see Jack running with his sword drawn. "Terrified. What in the name of rust are you doing!?" His hands flew in the air steadying only to aim his wand at the beast who will surely appear any second now. "Get ready kid! We're probably gonna die!"
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  10. Jirky-Kake

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    < Nova Violette > < 90 + 31 → 87 > < hit > < 22 > < Pink-Orange WIkkat Guard 54/76 >
    < Fraega > < 78 + 36 → 71 > < hit > < 14 > < Pale Blue Wikkat Guard 79/96 >

    Both Nova and Fraega are both able to hit their mark.
    Nova's attack leaves a cut across the upper chest of the guard with the wooden shield, and another gash across their star branded face, not quite decapitating them yet. The attack was a fairly devastating blow to them, staggering backwards a couple steps which signals that a couple more hits like that will surely be his defeat. He looks back at Nova angrily and charges at them, swinging their dagger once they approached.
    Fraega's estoc jabs into the blue wikkat's chest, even puncturing a few centimeters inside before they quickly hopped back. They briefly clutched their chest where they were stabbed before attempting to strike back, making an overhead swing at the human.
    < Pink-Orange WIkkat Guard > < 93 + 31 → 51 > < hit > < 8 > < Nova Violette 75/83 >
    < Pale Blue Wikkat Guard > < 11 + 28 ← 84 > < miss >

    Fraega is able to avoid the attack. Nova is hit, but didn't receive too much damage.
    Nova receives an incision on her left arm from her assailant, the pinkish-orange guard raising their shield arm up to preemptively prepare himself for any attack that Nova might send his way.
    Fraega is able to easily move out of the way of the slow, inaccurate attack. She probably even has enough time to taunt the wikkat if she felt like it. The guard takes another step back, a bit shorter than the last and prepares to strike again.
    < Carn Anax > < success > < 20(DEX) + 79 → -15(WIS) + 38 >
    Carn was able to stab the guard without alerting them, granting him a free attack.
    < Carn Anax > < 81 + 41 → 50 > < hit > < 24 > < Spear Wielding Guard 72/96 >
    The blade hits the wikkat in the chest, and since they were unaware of Carn's presence, the attack dealt a bit more damage than usual. The guard hunched over from the attack and almost didn't even know what hit them until a few seconds after the blade entered their body. They try moving, but the combination of shock and a hattori impaling their body leaves them in a helpless state; this makes any next move on the guard more than likely a fatal one.
    Tennin doesn't really need to get behind the guard now since Carn already attacked.
    Dirk simply sits on standby, assuming that the situation will be adequately dealt with before he would need to say anything, especially when the guard is practically helpless at the moment.

    @Roland Weiss @TechnoCupcake @HunterC1998 (Ian)
    "Hey guys. Can we be a bit more serious right now? People's lives are on the line and we really shouldn't waste time arguing." Max interrupts as he glanced back at Lauren and Jackdaw. "I'm fairly certain that everyone on team Odith are really good at sneaking past guards, and since they're in a team, they're probably doubly effective at it. We can't let them get too far ahead." Max added with some urgency, moving a bit faster as he began to worry they might not make it on time if they didn't

    < Worm > < 44 + 40 → 78 > < hit > < 21 > < Jack 37/58 >
    The motions weren't quite enough... Suddenly, the worm erupts from the ground, almost directly under Jack. Fortunately, it didn't swallow the lizard whole, but it did bite down on his leg, leaving about a dozen or two tiny puncture wounds in his leg before promptly dragging him almost two meters in the air before letting go. Both Jack and the worm crash back down onto the realm's surface, the worm thrashing around at the moment as it tries to find Jack again. This is probably the best time to attack, as the worm is vulnerable outside of the ground like this.

    < Bill Stone > < failed > < -8(DEX) + 71 ← 75(Difficult) >
    Bill's aim was a bit off when he threw the brick, just missing the chair. It does, however, hit the guard's head.
    < Bill Stone > < success > < 10(STR) + 81 → 75(Difficult) >
    And does it hit the guard hard. Hard enough to actually knock the guy out, even though he technically already was. Unfortunately, the guard doesn't fall backwards as the impact of the brick made the guard lurch forwards and then fell sideways out of the chair. To make matters worse, the guard would be just tantalizingly close to Bill if he tried reaching out from the cell. All seemed lost until Alehna slowly stood up and moved next to the cell wall then used her tail that had a longer reach than Bill's arms. Her orca tail gets caught on the wikkat's leather clothing and she slowly tugs the guard close enough to where Bill can now reach. "If I knew that's what you were trying to do, I could've just tipped the chair over myself." She states with a slight chuckle. She's still pretty injured, so she sits back down on the ground once she did her part.
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    Riths composure doesn't faulted as Carn stabs the wakkit and she calmly turns and begins walking towards Tennin.

    Tennin laughs as he watches, his face distorting into a wide grin. He notices Rith already coming back and extends his arm, making exaggerated beckoning motions with it.
  12. Roland Weiss

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    Jackdaw simply grunted in the affirmative, not wanting to continue bickering. He follows after Max, once more keeping a eye out for trouble.
  13. KingSalamander

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    A high pitched screech escaped Jerrall's voice box along with a string of unintelligible curses as the worm erupted from the surface with Jack in tow. His free hand grabbed the brim of his hat, his other shook as it aimed at the now writhing beast, and his legs began a mad dash towards Valtross.
    "!@#%*$. Fire!!" The wand instantly began to warm, and suddenly a long stream of fire erupts from the tip to the beast.
  14. Firebird Zoom

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    Nova lets out another cry of unadulterated joy and then grabs her sword in a horizontal grip-- one hand on the hilt, the other on the end of the blade-- and brings the sword downward in a crushing blow.

    Kora looks disinterested and begins using her gladius to clean her claws.
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  15. HunterC1998

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    Ian just matches pace, keeping quiet and following, looking about and watching events unfold as he just stays quiet and follows..
    Bill just smiles as he reaches and tries to get the keys off the guard.
    "Ehh, no need to strain...you're still hurt...plus this guy ain't likely waking up ...but that still is awful appreciated...now let's get out of here..."
  16. Dragonclaw

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    Jack tries to chop up the worm with his sword. He tries not to panic and keeps telling himself that he wasn't going to die, even if he didn't believe it himself.
  17. BlueShard

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    Carn finds himself mildly irritated by his teams nonchalance. Of course, they have far less tow worry about. Jumping forward, Carn rips his blade out of the chest of the guard and slices it across the creatures throat to finish it off. He claps his hand over the guards mouth as well, to muffle the sound.
  18. Firebird Zoom

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    "Inefficient." Kora mutters, just loud enough to be heard.
  19. themushroomlord

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    Rith says something about how pointless it is to cover the mouth of someone's who vocal cords and wind pipe you've just severed as she takes her place back next to Tennin.
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  20. Arra

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    Fraega smiles at the Wikkat. She tries to feint the pale-blue wikkat, trying to set up a blow where she can slice their leg.

    " Excuse me, would you like to surrender? "

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